Fruit Diet Meal Plan: Lose Weight Quickly in 12 Days

Here is a delicious fruit diet meal plan that may help you lose weight quickly in only 12 days. During the 12-day fruit diet, you will not eat only fruit and vegetables.

Your diet will also include foods such as yogurt, rice, fish, pasta, potatoes, bread and cheese in limited amounts that will keep you from feeling hungry.

Here Is the Fruit Diet Meal Plan

Fruit lovers, here is some good news for you! Those who are overweight will now solve their weight problems with a fruit diet.

However, the more you move, the more successful the result will be. An hour of walking, swimming or cycling a day will help you burn calories.

Now if you are ready for this useful diet, let’s take a look at the meal plan.

12 Day Fruit Diet Meal Plan

The First Three Days: Green Fruit Diet

Follow the instructions below during the first 3 days of the diet.

You need to consume fruit and vegetable group ingredients such as green apple, kiwi, cucumber, pineapple and pear for lunch and dinner and breakfast.

A glass of nonfat yogurt and a cup of unsweetened tea are free for breakfast, along with a green apple. At lunchtime, there is a serving of low-fat or lean-boiled rice.

For the snack, two kiwis or cucumbers with a cup of tea. The alternative fruit, a green apple, also plays the leading role.

For dinner, Steamed fish with lemon and a little olive oil, one boiled potato and two slices of pineapple. Before going to bed, we close the day with a glass of linden tea.

And here’s the good news: You can eat a banana with your snacks for these 3 days. (Only for daytime snacks, not for the night)

Second Three Days: Yellow Fruit Diet

Yellow fruit diet meal plan

Yellow fruits such as apricots, peaches, oranges, and melons will eliminate the sugar cravings you will experience during the diet. As soon as you get up, start the day with a glass of lukewarm water.

A glass of skimmed yogurt is free with two peaches for breakfast. There are only two apricots for snacks. At lunchtime, have a few slices of ham or small slices of cheese with boiled potatoes, sliced tomatoes or a slice of melon.

For a snack, a cup of tea, five apricots, a peach or alternative fruit, medlar as much as you want.

At dinner, Spaghetti with potatoes or a plate of tomato, pasta, peach compote or mixed yellow fruits are free. Baked fish is an option instead of pasta. Before going to bed, you can drink a cup of linden tea.

The Third Three Days: Red Fruit Diet

Red fruit diet meal plan

You have delicious options such as grape, cherry, watermelon, strawberry and plum at all meals. In our opinion, this part is the best part of the fruit diet meal plan.

Start your day with lukewarm water. For breakfast, a bowl of cereal with yogurt, a bunch of grapes, and a cup of tea. A bowl of cherries for snacks.

At lunchtime, a bowl of boiled rice in water or milk. A bowl of green salad or fresh plum and salami, a glass of strawberry milk. For a snack: a large slice of watermelon.

At dinner, one serving of fish with tomato, two boiled potatoes, a bowl of strawberries with lemon juice or mixed seafood and a bowl of cherries with lemon juice.

Before going to bed, another cup of linden tea and two prunes.

Last Three Days: Mixed Fruit Diet

Now we have come to the most fun part. Have a small yogurt and instantly prepare apple, strawberry and peach cocktails with lemon juice.

Do not forget to drink a glass of warm water as soon as you open your eyes, and most importantly, remember that the diet is not a diet prepared for you under the control of an expert.

Information on Fruit Diet Meal Plan

  • Slimming with a fruit diet can give positive results in short-term applications in those who have a few pounds excess. However, because it is difficult to do for a long time and the possibility of problems such as not being able to apply the correct amounts during this period, the continuity of the diet may prevent.
  • It is recommended that this program should not be done for more than 12 days. You can make a 12-day fruit diet every two months for 6 months, and set a healthy diet on other days and lose weight.

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