Printable 1400 Calorie Diet Meal Plans (13 Versions in PDF)

The 1400 calorie meal plan is a healthy diet program recommended for those who want to lose weight but cannot.

Unlike the fast weight loss diet called the shock diet, you can easily lose weight with a 1400 calorie diet.

What is the 1400 Calorie Meal Plan?

1400 calorie meal plan

1400 calorie meal plan – All diets applied with exercise give faster results

Is a 1400 Calorie Deficit Too Much?

It is very important to lose weight over time, especially for people with weight problems related to specific body parts, because rapid weight gain causes the body to deform.

In order not to compromise your health and to lose weight, it will be enough to take in only 1400 calories a day for an average person.

You can have a better idea about your optimum calorie deficiency tolerance by checking your basal metabolic rate.

Make sure to consult your physician before making any sudden changes in your daily calorie intake.

With this diet, you will not feel hungry all the time and you will be able to lose weight without starving.

This diet is beneficial not only for those who need 1400 calories to lose weight but for many people.

Hundreds of people struggling with internal diseases, especially due to their weight, can lead a more comfortable and quality life due to this diet.

Will You Lose Weight on 1400 Calories?

In the diet, a person should only consume 1400 calories a day. This number may be quite low when you first hear it, but you will notice that you are not hungry while applying.

You will see that you have lost at least 2 lbs after 2 weeks of applying the diet.

Although it does not have the same effect on everyone, the promise of the diet in 1 month is 17 lbs of weight loss.

It is known to be 13 lbs for some and 22 lbs for others. You can see that the results of the diet are much better if you follow it with exercises.

List of Printable 1400 Calorie Meal Plans (PDF)

1400 Calorie Meal Plans
1400 Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan
1400 Calorie Vegan Meal Plan
1400 Calorie Meal Plan for Women
1400 Calorie Low Carb Meal Plan
1400 Calorie Meal Plan for Diabetics
1400 Calorie Meal Plan for Type 2 Diabetes
1400 Calorie Meal Plan with High Protein
1400 Calorie Meal Plan on a Budget
1400 Calorie Dash Diet Meal Plan
1400 Calorie Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan
1400 Calorie Paleo Diet Meal Plan
1400 Calorie Keto Diet Meal Plan
1400 Calorie Meal Plan for Men

What are the Prohibited Foods on the 1400 Calorie Meal Plan?

What are the prohibited foods on the 1400 calorie meal plan?

Banned foods are evident in this diet as in almost every diet. On this diet, refined sugar consumption should not be reduced but should be eliminated.

In addition, you should eliminate carbohydrates and stay away from the white bread and pastry groups to lose weight.

Another group particularly highlighted among the banned groups is junk food in general (chips, sugar-free sweets, etc.).

How Long Should a 1400 Calorie Meal Plan Be Followed?

You can continue the diet for certain periods. You can apply for it for a week and then rest for 1 week.

There is no such thing as eating what you want during the resting period, but you can return to your routine without overdoing it.

If you are on a continuous diet, your body will become weak after a while. To prevent this, it is much more effective to show continuity for certain periods.

1400 Calorie Meal Plan Sample List (1)

Breakfast (461 kcal)

1 slice of feta cheese

Tomato cucumber

1 bagel

1 boiled egg

Snack (108 kcal)

In 1/2 glass of whipped yogurt, grate 1 apple and add cinnamon.

Lunch (443 kcal)

A sandwich made with 4-5 slices of skinless turkey baked in the oven, lettuce leaves and whole wheat bread, tomato, and cucumber slices.

Plenty of mustard can be spread on sandwich bread.

A glass of buttermilk

Snack (198 kcal)

Half a glass of milk

25 grams of dark chocolate

Diner (214 kcal)

1 small plate of whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce

Low-fat greens salad

Total Calorie of The Day: 1424

1400 Calorie Meal Plan Sample List (2)

The second sample list of a 1400 calorie meal plan

Breakfast (313 kcal)

1 cup of unsweetened tea or coffee

60 grams of cheddar cheese

One medium-sized cucumber

One medium-size tomato

1 slice of rye bread

Snack (98 kcal)

1 breadstick

Lunch (404 kcal)

150 grams of chicken (cooked lean)

A glass of (200 ml) buttermilk

1 bowl of lean salad

1 slice of bread

Diner (437 kcal)

1 bowl of soup (Do not choose soups that contain potatoes.)

5-6 tablespoons of the vegetable meal (provided that it is not from the water)

A glass of buttermilk

1 bowl of salad

1 slice of rye bread

Snack (169 kcal)

200 ml milk

1 portion of fruit

Total Calorie of The Day: 1421

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