7 Benefits of Targeted Ketogenic Diet

Targeted Ketogenic Diet – Overview

The Targeted Ketogenic diet is quite similar to the standard ketogenic diet with the only difference: how and when you got to take your carbs.

In the case of a standard keto diet, you just got to take care of a minimal carb intake(around 5%), irrespective of its timing.

On the other side, a targeted keto diet requires you to consume your carbs before, during or after a workout session.

If you are someone who is looking towards their weight loss goals, you must consume some extra carbs during those workout days to limit fat consumption.

The targeted keto diet is specially meant for all those fitness enthusiasts who believe in going ahead with high-intensity workout routines.

Thus, if you are a part of the other list (low-intensity workout regime) we would suggest you go with the standard keto diet routine.

Benefits of a targeted Ketogenic diet

1. Helps in weight loss

Targeted Ketogenic Diet

Targeted Ketogenic Diet – Weight loss

It has been observed by numerous medical experts that being on a low-carb diet often makes you prone to certain cardiovascular issues.

This is where a targeted keto diet comes as the perfect option for all your weight loss goals. Not only it makes you consume enough carbs to get through with the energy requirements, but the intake is also planned and doesn’t make you go over the board.

You are only having the carbs on your workout days and this is where the balance will be maintained within its consumption and release.

2. Enhanced appetite control

Targeted Ketogenic Diet

Targeted Ketogenic Diet – Appetite control

Most people complain about the loss of appetite whilst being on a keto diet. This is mainly due to the increased circulation of ghrelin( the hunger hormone) and decreased neuropeptide(a brain factor that triggers appetite).

Once you are on a targeted keto diet, you can make reverse the same situation and experience an improved appetite.

3. Keeping up with the energy requirements

Targeted Ketogenic Diet

Targeted Ketogenic Diet – Energy requirements

This is one of the most positive aspects of a targeted keto diet. Whilst on a standard keto diet, you may get to struggle with your energy requirements due to the lower carb intake, it’s not the same situation here in the targeted keto diet.

Having enough healthy carbs on the workout days will make you feel energetic and going.

4. Lower blood sugar levels and insulin levels

This benefit is quite similar to that of a standard keto diet and the person on a targeted keto diet will also enjoy lower blood sugar levels. Also, the insulin levels will be lowered down in the process.

5. Improved fat burning process

The fat-burning process will also get enhanced as the ketone salts will increase the fat oxidation process with the increased high-intensity workout performance.

6. Glycogen enhancement

A Targeted keto diet will also enhance the glycogen levels in the body which ultimately means that the body is burning less stored glucose in the process.

7. Improved exercise performance

This is one of the biggest health benefits of a targeted keto diet over a standard keto diet.

The person following the latter will experience an improved exercise performance simply due to the increase in carbs intake, which then raises the energy levels.

To get along with this process, you just need to consume fast-absorbing carbs before, during, and after the workout regime.

Not only will you get all the energy required for the intense workout session, but your glycogen stores will also improve in the process. To get the best out of this process, you just need to:

Get through with the fat adaption: a process that happens after several weeks within the keto diet and enables you to get in and out of the ketosis process easily.

Depleted Glycogen: You need to be glycogen depleted to avoid the carbs getting stored in the blood, instead of the muscles, whilst on a targeted keto diet.

All it means is that you won’t be getting the best benefits out of a targeted keto diet if you are not burning through your existing glycogen stores.

And this will only happen when you will be doing some intense workout regularly. Some of the suggested workouts in the targeted keto diet are:

  • Cross Fit
  • High-intensity interval training( HIIT)
  • Marathons and sprinting

Who all must go for a targeted Keto diet?

All those who are into a high-intensity workout regime and don’t feel it easy with the standard keto diet can opt for the targeted keto diet.

Whilst you will be provided with sufficient energy in the form of carbs intake, you won’t be feeling dizzy and low during your workout sessions.

The targeted keto diet is also recommended for people who are experiencing certain cardiovascular issues whilst being on a keto diet.

What all do you need to eat during a targeted keto diet?

Targeted Ketogenic Diet

Targeted Ketogenic Diet – What is all you need to eat during a targeted keto diet?

While a standard keto diet involves 75% fats, 20% proteins, and 5% carbs, a targeted keto diet is quite similar with around 60% fats, 30% proteins, and 10% of carbs( of your total calories intake in a day).

Therefore, if you are on a keto diet already and just switching onto a targeted keto diet, you just got to bring certain minor changes to your diet. This would involve bringing food items like:

  • Olive oils, avocados, palm oil, and nuts
  • Seafood, fish, shellfish
  • Meat, poultry, eggs, cheese
  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Sweet potato, oats, brown rice
  • Berries, butter, and cream
  • Energy drinks like Gatorade and Powerade

Foods to be avoided during a targeted keto diet

  • Alcohol
  • Processed foods
  • Junk foods like Burger, pizza, ham and doughnuts
  • High sugary desserts
  • Dairy products

Precautions to take before getting into a targeted Ketogenic diet

The targeted ketogenic diet is quite perfect for all those who are into high-intensity workouts but there are still certain precautions to be taken in the process.

If you are new to the standard keto diet, you must give around 4-6 weeks to your body to adapt to the usage of fat as a fuel.

During the same period, you may come across the keto flu, dizziness, low energy levels, poor sleep and an exhausting exercise regimen.

This is not when you switch to a targeted keto diet but instead fuel up with certain electrolytes to boost up your energy levels.

You also need to lower down the intensity levels of exercise for a certain period and must consume healthy and nonstarchy veggies. Once you are fat-adapted, you can now slowly switch to the targeted keto diet.

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