1000 calorie meal plan is doable for most of us. Although this is one of the best methods for calorie deficient life style you may need to control your energy consumption throughout the day. 1000 calorie meal plan may not be sustainable for some. So get a medical opinion before committing to it for longer periods.

Losing weights isn’t just about staying in shape but also keeping all the health issues at bay in the process. This is where you got to be really cautious about ‘what you eat’ and ‘how much you eat ‘on a daily basis. So, here we are with the most talked about ‘1000 calorie meal plan’ which can help you out in achieving all those health and fitness goals.

All Variations of 1000 Calorie Meal Plans

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What actually is a ‘1000 calorie meal plan’?

A ‘1000 calorie meal plan ‘ works best, specially for all those women who are ‘ small framed ‘ and doesn’t indulge in physical work out quite often. So, if you are someone who goes through an active lifestyle with lots of physical activities, we would advise to skip this ‘1000 calorie meal plan’ and opt for higher calorie based diet plans instead.

Please note that you are also required to consult a physician and trained doctors before getting along with 1000 calorie diet plan.

Benefits of a ‘1000 calorie meal plan’

  • Helps you in reducing weight in a planned and faster manner
  • You can actually track all the ingredients and food items which your body is been fed with
  • Especially beneficial for ‘ small framed’ women who aren’t involved in an active lifestyle
  • Results in a calorie shortage of around 500-1000 and thus resulting in fat reduction up to 8%

Who must avoid the ‘1000 calorie meal plan’?

  • It is not beneficial for women with a weight of more than 165 pounds
  • This 1000 calorie diet plan is not recommended for women who are not indulged in any kind of physical activity.
  • If you are looking for a long term weight loss plan, this plan may not work for your health and fitness goals.
  • You must not opt for this 1000 calorie diet plan if you are suffering from any kind of physical or mental health disorders.
  • Due to its low limit daily calorie intake requirement please always consult your physician before following 1000 calorie diet


A sample ‘1000 calorie meal plan’ to help you in your weight loss goals

Sample 1000 calorie meal plan 1 (Printable, PDF)

Early Morning 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar along with warm water. 6
Breakfast 2 egg whites(boiled) with a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits 86
Pre-Lunch low-fat yogurt(100g) 154
Lunch Lettuce filled taco with mint yogurt 351
Post-Lunch One bowl of fresh watermelon. 46
Evening Snack 1 cup (100ml) of Green tea and 2 whole wheat biscuits. 142
Dinner Vegetable salad topped with fat free salad dressing. 221

You will be starting your day with a bit of apple cider vinegar with warm water and the same will be acting as a detoxifying drink to start your day up. The menu will be low in carbohydrates and the only sources will be Whole wheat biscuits, taco and vegetables. Total calories for the day: 1008

On the other side, body will feed its protein requirements from eggs and yogurt and the fibers will come from all the fresh vegetables and fruits in the menu. You can keep experimenting with the meal plan and replace some of the items with your favorite ingredients (While keeping a check on the calories ).

Sample 1000 calorie meal plan 2 (Printable, PDF)

Early Morning Half tbsp  Honey and lemon juice, with  warm water 70
Breakfast Half cup of Oatmeal with 2-3 strawberries 101
Pre-Lunch 100 ml Green tea 0
Lunch 100 ml of Cabbage soup with 100g of low-fat yogurt 227
Post-Lunch 1 orange and 1 peach 98
Evening Snack 100 ml Green tea with  2 whole wheat  biscuits 142
Dinner boiled lentils(1 cup) with half cup of French beans( stir fried), 25 grams of capsicum, and peas combined with a  dash of chopped garlic 386

Total calories for the day -1024

Again, your day will kick-start with some detoxifying drink and resumes along with some good proteins and fibers in the process. During the 1000 calorie diet plan, your body will be getting all the required amount of carbs from Lentils, French beans, Oatmeal and Fresh fruits & Vegetables. The proteins for the day will be coming from the Yogurt, French beans and Lentils.

On the other side, the fiber requirements for the day will be accomplished by Strawberries, Capsicum and Strawberries. This meal will be enough to feed in your daily nutritional requirements and you can replace the ingredients with their identical counterparts while keeping a track of their calorific value.


Sample 1000 calorie meal plan 3 (Printable, PDF)

Early Morning A perfectly blended Veggie smoothie made out of 1 tomato, 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, and 100 gm spinach. 98
Breakfast Low fat Soy milk( 100 ml), multigrain bread(1 slice), and boiled egg whites( 2 nos) 157
Pre- Lunch buttermilk (1 glass  of 200 ml) 40
Lunch Chicken soup loaded with veggies 187
Post-Lunch 1 orange and 1 pear 143
Evening Snack 100 ml Green tea and 2 whole wheat  biscuits. 142
Dinner Baked or roasted fish and 100g of low fat  yogurt.           296

Total calories for the day: 1060

Your day here will start on a healthier note while enjoying a perfect vegetable smoothie. If we look at the nutrition in place in all of these food items, the carbohydrates will be supplied by Multigrain bread, Soy milk and Whole wheat biscuits.

The protein requirements, on the other side, will be taken care by food items like Soy milk, Eggs, Chicken soup and fish. Although you can replace the fish and eggs with some cottage cheese or tofu if you are a vegetarian but the protein content in the same may vary accordingly. Talking about the fibers, the veggie smoothie will come into play right from the start and will be carried alongside with fresh veggies included in the chicken soup.


The ‘1000 calorie meal plan’ is not meant for everyone and this is where you have to be extra careful while implementing the same in your daily lifestyle. Consult a doctor or a physician before you get ahead with this diet plan in order to get the best results forward. If you think 100 more calories would make it easier 1100 calorie diet plan may work for you.

Printable 1000 Calorie Meal Daily Plan

  Foods Fats Carbs Protein Calories
Meal 1 56 grams Egg (1 whole) 5 0 6 69
25 grams of Green Bell peppers, chopped (about 1 tablespoon) 0 1 0 4
25 grams of Red Bell peppers, chopped (about 1 tablespoon) 0 0.5 0 2
96 grams of Bagel 1 47 10 241
Total: 6g 48.5g 16g 312
Snack  31 grams of ISOPURE ZERO/LOW CARB (about 1 scoop) 0 0 25 100
75 grams of Strawberry, Frozen (about 3/8 cup) 0 6 0.5 26
350 mL of Water (about 1 & 1/2 cup) 0 0 0 0
Total: 0 6g 25.5g 126
Meal 2 114 grams Salmon Fillet (about 1/2cup) 14 0 23 218
5 grams of Garlic powder (about 1/8 teaspoon) 0 2 0 8
15 mL of Lemon juice (about 1 tablespoon) 0 3 0 12
151 grams of Potatoes, sliced (about 2/3 cup) 0 14 2 64
Total: 14g 19g 25g 302
Meal 3 114 grams Chicken Breast 4 0 35 176
45 grams coconut milk (about 3/4 cup) 5.5 2 0 57
30 grams Lime juice (about 2 tablespoons) 0 2.5 0 10
62 grams of Asparagus, sliced (about 1/2 cup) 0 2 1 12
25 grams of Carrots, cubed (about  1/2 cup) 0 2 0 8
Total 9.5g 8.5g 36g 263
Daily 29.5g 82g 102.5g 1003