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Deliciously healthy: DMP transforms unhealthy food choices into the most wholesome delights.

We are a family of kitchen enthusiasts from Wayne, New Jersey.

At Diets Meal Plan, we’re not just about providing healthier meal options; we’re dedicated to cultivating a conscious, healthy eating culture. We recognize the power of food in shaping health and wellness, and we’re committed to educating our community about the benefits of mindful food choices. Our goal is to inspire a shift towards eating habits that taste good and nurture the body, mind, and environment. Through our comprehensive resources, we strive to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to make informed, health-promoting dietary decisions, fostering a global movement towards a more health-conscious world.

We are All about Recipes and Meal Plans

What sets us apart from other recipe blogs is that our recipes undergo careful study and examination to create healthier versions of well-known and lesser-known dishes. We aim to build the world’s largest healthy recipe bank so everyone can access a healthier version of their favorite dishes. All the recipes our family studies are prepared and recorded here in Wayne, New Jersey, using ingredients sourced from local stores and farms. Please visit our Recipe Channel on YouTube and join our community.


  • Find known and little-known recipes,
  • Investigate all the ingredients of these recipes,
  • Identify and replace the unhealthy ingredients with natural substitutes,
  • Test the taste of recipes we build,
  • Prepare them,
  • Record them,
  • Publish them on our blog and our YouTube channel.


Ask anyone who is overweight. Almost all of them will tell you about the diets they tried to follow but “it didn’t work” for them.

Most eventually quit following a healthy diet because they either get tired of following a specific diet or become vitamin deficient due to one-way nutritional intake.

For instance, following a strict keto diet meal plan in the long term may negatively impact the kidney health of some individuals due to the high amount of protein intake.

Only if they knew about the Vegan Keto diet meal plan! You can find infinite hybrid meal plans online, but you will run out of meal ideas sooner rather than later.

Common sense is the best diet plan you can consistently rely on. The Diets Meal Plan aims to make it easier for people to follow their diets by providing them with tested recipe instructions to replace their favorite dishes without compromising the tastes they enjoy.

We make any meal fit into any diet!

How Do We Test Recipes?

Here is an example of how we tested 400+ recipes:

  • Find a delicious dessert
  • Calculate its nutrition facts
  • Identify the ingredients with sugar and high-calorie content
  • Bring ideas to replace unhealthy ingredients with natural ingredients
  • Prepare the recipe
  • Taste the recipe to make sure the dish tastes very similar to the original dish, if not identical (Yeah! All four of us taste every single recipe before publishing)
  • If the healthy version is highly similar to the original dish, publish the recipe; if not, continue to the next step.
  • Try other natural substitutes (follow these steps as long as it takes to reach a very similar taste to the original recipe)

Here is an example from our Sugar Free Deserts category.

We believe that anyone can follow a healthy diet plan as long as there is no major change in the taste of their daily dishes.

In today’s day and age, we are all overwhelmed with the amount of data we are exposed to. Differentiating the truth from the myth has become increasingly complex, especially when finding what is healthy to consume daily.

What works for one may not work for another and thus, we call the recipe testing process above common sense.

Replace your favorite dishes with our alternatives to dramatically decrease your sugar and calorie intake. 

Our Editorial Policy

We are all about Recipes and Meal Plans. So, how do we produce content for these categories? Our editorial priority revolves around accuracy and authenticity, empowered by the expertise of our valuable writers and subject-matter experts. We ensure that each diet and meal plan is written by or reviewed by a certified nutritionist or a medical practitioner. You can read more about our authors, fact-checking, and credibility standards on the Editorial Policies page.

Who We Are?

Diets Meal Plan is part of Five Buttons, an LLC digital publishing company headquartered in New Jersey, United States, boasting a diverse portfolio of brands spanning the fields of Healthcare, Nutrition, and Technology.

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