1300 Calorie Meal Plan PDF | Printable

1300 Calorie Meal Plan (Printable and PDF)

The 1300 calorie meal plan is specially created for those who want to quickly lose that extra flab on their body.

This low-calorie diet plan works on that fat around your body while boosting your metabolism, lowering your hunger, and also cutting down your calories in the same process.

One of the best parts of this 1300 calorie meal plan is that you can achieve that perfect shape within no time while just keeping a tab on those extra calories.

Still, this diet plan isn’t meant for everyone and you are required to consult your doctor before getting started.

So before getting this printable 1300 calorie meal plan or saving it as a PDF, make sure you understand how important to stick with the calorie limitations it comes with.

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What is a 1300 calorie meal plan?

A 1300 calorie meal plan is a diet plan where you cannot go beyond the 1300 calories daily.

While you do this, you also need to ensure that you are consuming all the right nutrition to facilitate the healthy functioning of your body.

You shouldn’t just proceed towards this 1300 calorie meal without first making up your mind.

Read below first and make sure this calorie-limited diet type is for you before printing a 1300 calorie meal plan.

Don’t expect an overnight miracle.

You can’t go blindly with the 1300 calorie meal plan and must understand that the results may vary according to your weight, age, height, medical history, and lots of other factors in the process.

Don’t panic if you haven’t lost some significant weight within a week, as the whole diet plan may take around 3-4 weeks to deliver some visible results.

Do your homework in advance

While you are following a 1300 calorie meal plan, you must write down all of your goals in advance. Do follow the checklist and ensure that you are keeping up with every rule that has been drawn for your daily diet plan.

This will bring you a clearer picture of the fact whether the 1300 calorie meal plan is working for you or not.


You must work out while following this low-calorie meal plan and ensure exercising for at least 3-5 hours every week. This will not only help you to get your body toned but will also bring lean muscle mass into the picture.

Stay away from unwanted junk.

Avoid foods like burgers, pizza, fries, and doughnuts which may bring more harm than good to your body.

Instead, bring food items like fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and low-fat dairy into your daily dietary regimen.

Drink lots of water

Water helps our body to stay hydrated and healthy for a longer duration and this is why you must also bring that to your 1300 calorie meal plan.

Our body comprises 70 % water, so you can’t stay away from this life-supporting beverage.

While keeping all of these points mentioned above in mind, you can now go ahead with this 1300 calorie meal plan.

Still, let us help you with some sample meal plans for this 1300 diet plan to ease up your efforts in the same regard.

Sample 1300 Calorie Meal Plan 1



  • Green tea (1 cup)
  • Scrambled eggs (2 nos)
  • Multigrain bread (1 slice)
  • 2 almonds

Mid-day snack

  • Sugar-free soy milk (1 cup)


  • Salad made out of Tofu, mushroom, spinach, tomato, and broccoli with light dressing.
  • Buttermilk (1 cup)

Evening snack

  • Fruit salad (1 bowl)


  • Chicken stew (1 cup)

Total calories for the day – 1317

This diet plan will be enough to keep you in line with your daily calorie and nutritional needs.

You will be getting all the right proteins from Scrambled eggs, almonds, tofu, buttermilk, and chicken stew, while the carbohydrates will be coming from multigrain bread, milk, and vegetables.

On the other side, fiber will be supplied to the body by Fruits and vegetables within the diet plan.

Sample 1300 Calorie Meal Plan 2


  • Fenugreek seeds soaked overnight (2 tbsp)
  • Oats mixed with half apple,2 dates, and 3 almonds (1 medium bowl)
  • Black coffee(1/2 cup)

Midday snack

  • Watermelon juice ( 1 cup)


  • Baked salmon (1 cup)
  • Asparagus (6 nos)
  • Broccoli (6 nos)
  • Carrots (8 slices)
  • Low-fat yogurt ( ½ cup)

Evening snack

  • Green tea (1 cup)
  • Multigrain biscuits (2 nos)


  • Cucumber soup (1 medium bowl)
  • Roasted chicken breast (5 oz)

Total calories for the day – 1304

Currently, the proteins will be coming to your body from sources like oatmeal, almonds, salmon, fish, and chicken breast.

Carbs will be supplied to your gut by food items like oatmeal, multigrain biscuit, and broccoli.

Fibers will come to you from all the fresh vegetables and fruits on the daily menu.

Sample 1300 Calorie Meal Plan 3


  • Vegetable quinoa (1 cup)
  • Low-fat milk (1 cup)
  • Almonds (3 nos)

Midday snack

  • Apple juice (1 cup)


  • Salad made out of Kidney beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and basil with some light dressing
  • Roasted salmon (1 cup)

Evening snack

  • Green tea (1 cup)


  • Salad made out of Watermelon, avocado, and tofu (1 medium bowl)
  • Dark chocolate with more than 80 % cocoa (1 pc)

Total calories for the day – 1309

This diet will be enough to keep you up with your daily weight loss goals and you won’t be deprived of any nutrition in the process.

Proteins within this diet will come from Quinoa, almonds, kidney beans, salmon, and tofu, while the carbs will be sourced from Chocolate, quinoa, kidney beans, and avocado.

The fiber needs will be fulfilled with all the fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet, i.e., apples, basil, tomatoes, lettuce, and watermelon.

Printable 1300 Calorie Meal Plan (PDF)

The printable 1300 calorie meal plan table below can also be saved as a PDF.

Meal 184g Whole Grain Bread 3 Slice 3oz22.56114
113g Cottage cheese, 1/2 cup1456
2 egg whites, 61 grams728
15 grams, Olive Oil, 3 tsp.15135
37.5g Mushrooms, 1/2 cup5228
75g Leeks, 1.2 cup cooked5228
Total:15g32.5g31g389 calories
Snack 62 grams of ISOPURE ZERO/LOW CARB (about 2 scoop)50g200
125g Raspberries, 1 cup1040
75g Blueberries, 3/4 cup1040
226g Low-fat milk, 1 cup5128125
5g32g58g405 calories
Meal 23 oz Beef Jerky, 85.05g2184
36 grams Broccoli, 1/2 cup cooked5228
15g Olive oil, 3 tsp.15135
Total:15g5g23g247 calories
Meal 385 grams Herring, 3 oz2184
31g Asparagus 1/4 cup5228
56g Spinach 1/4 cup5228
10g Corn oil, 1 tsp.15135
Total15g10g26g275 calories
Daily Total50g79.5g138g1316 calories

The Bottom line of 1300 Calorie Meal Plan 

This 1300 calorie meal plan follows an approximate number of calories you should be consuming a day. Don’t be obsessed with matching your calories exactly to 1300 every day.

The number can be a bit more or less as long as your daily calorie consumption averages 1300 calories (as close as possible).

The 1300 calorie diet plan doesn’t work the same way for everyone and depends on a lot of factors like age, weight, height, and so on.

Hence, make sure you consult with your doctor before you get started with a 1300 calorie meal plan. Remember to take a look at the various versions of 1300 calorie meal plans

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