Keto Mexican Tortillas Recipe

Can I follow keto and eat tortillas? Good question. We have come up with a recipe that makes the answer a resounding yes. Here are the details.

Amazing Keto Mexican Tortillas Recipe

Here is a low carb and completely keto-friendly recipe! Not only do these tortillas taste great, but they also have dozens of benefits.

In this article, we’ll list the ingredients, then give the step-by-step recipe and then we will talk about how this recipe contributes to our health. Shall we begin?


4 eggs
1 cup of spinach
4 tablespoons of almond flour
1 tablespoon of olive oil
White cheddar cheese, (shredded)
Salt and pepper to taste

Keto Mexican Tortillas Recipe

Step 1

Prepare your food processor.

Break the eggs and put them in the food processor.

Then add some of the olive oil and add your almond flour.

Then put the spinach into the blender with some salt and pepper.

Run it.

Step 2

Preheat a non-stick pan.

Pour a little of the remaining olive oil onto the pan.

Add a ladle of the mixture and start cooking. When the bottom part is cooked, it will come out of the pan by itself. So you can easily turn it over and cook the other side.

Repeat this process until the mixture is done

Step 3

We made these tortillas, so how are we going to eat them? Is that all? Of course not.

Grate white cheddar cheese into a bowl.

Put the shredded cheese on one of the tortillas and fold it in half.

Heat them in a hot pan for 1 minute.

Filling Alternatives

Keto mexican tortillas recipe

Keto Mexican tortillas recipe – Filling alternative

How else can you eat keto-friendly spinach tortillas you’ve cooked? For this, we think that tortilla with white cheddar cheese is the best. Other than that:

  • You can use a filling consisting of minced meat, onions and garlic.
  • You can spread organic peanut butter with strawberries or peanuts on it.
  • An egg fried in butter can become a delicious filling.
  • You can use baked chicken pieces by mixing them with baby corn.

Keto Mexican Tortillas Benefits

We mentioned above that these tortillas are not only delicious but also bring many benefits for your health. Now it’s time to elaborate this a little more. What are the benefits of spinach tortillas?

These tortillas contain no flour, sugar, sweeteners or dairy products. Therefore, they are low in calories.

They are harmless for diabetics. And ingredients such as olive oil, eggs, and spinach make them even better.

  • They contain plenty of C, E and B vitamins, magnesium, iron and calcium. Therefore, their nutritional value is high.
  • Due to the spinach, it contains, it slows down coagulation, which is an important risk for health and provides protection against heart and vascular diseases.
  • They lower high blood pressure.
  • The ketogenic diet can sometimes cause mild constipation. But these spinach tortillas prevent constipation with their rich fiber content.
  • It has a protective effect against Alzheimer’s disease. With the help of beta carotene and folic acid, it strengthens memory and reduces the likelihood of Alzheimer’s.
  • It is rich in nutrients. Especially thanks to the almond flour in it, it is rich in vitamin E, a fat-soluble compound that acts as an antioxidant in our body. It prevents damage from harmful molecules called free radicals, which accelerate aging and increase your risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • Rich in vitamin E, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and calcium, almonds provide the energy you need throughout the day. For this reason, it will be beneficial to place almond flour at the center of your life.
  • The liver is responsible for cleansing our entire body. Tortillas also clean the liver thanks to the olive oil they contain. It cleans the toxins entering our body with liver secretions. Olive oil also helps increase liver function.
  • They speed up metabolism.
  • It contains eggs, which are effective against many diseases. This is a nutrient that is also very beneficial for the skin.
  • It tightens the skin, prevents aging, removes excess oil from the skin, helps to shrink pores, dissolves oil-accumulated pores, brightens the skin, is good for acne problems, prevents acne formation.
  • It contributes to bone development. Thanks to the vitamin K found in spinach, it reduces the possibility of osteoporosis after menopause.


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