6 of the Best 500 Calorie Breakfast Ideas

For those who are tired of thinking about what to eat every morning, we bring you five 500 calorie breakfast ideas.

Best 500 Calorie Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many of us are too busy to sit down and eat it. In the rest of the article, 6 breakfast ideas are easy to make and taste great.

If you want to keep your energy high until the middle of the day while still keeping your morning calories under 500, these recipes are perfect for you.

500 Calorie Breakfast List

1. Complete Protein: Steak with Egg

500 calorie breakfast

500 calorie breakfast – Steak with egg recipe

Nutritional Facts

Calories: 404

Net Carb: 1g

Total Fat: 72g

Protein: 63g

Doesn’t that sound like a great breakfast? You must try it first to decide. This recipe, which is a complete protein bomb, contains 404 calories and 63 grams of protein.


1 beefsteak

1 teaspoon salt/pepper

1 egg

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 sprig of scallion


Start by marinating both sides of the steak with salt and pepper. Start preheating the pan. Then add the olive oil to the pan and start cooking your steak.

Make sure both sides are getting even heat to continue cooking. After cooking, put the meat on a plate. Start frying eggs in another pan. Put the fried egg and sautéed scallions on the steak. Voila!

2. Classic Breakfast Menu

You won’t need to do anything special to prepare this breakfast. You can prepare a classic 500-calorie breakfast with a few simple ingredients found in every home.

2 eggs fried in 1 tablespoon olive oil

6 cherry tomatoes

1 cucumber

1 tablespoon of cream cheese

3 slices of whole wheat bread

3. Muffin

1 muffin is 424 calories. If you consume it with 1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, the total calories of your breakfast will be 534.

4. Yogurt, Oats, Chia, Fruits

500 calorie breakfast

Yogurt, Oats, Chia, Fruits

Watch 500 Calorie Breakfast Bowl Recipe Video


Nutritional Facts

Calories: 410

Net Carb: 56g

Total Fat: 15g

Protein: 18g

Let’s face it, the indispensables of fast, healthy and filling breakfasts are often yogurt and oats. In addition, since they can be used in a variety of ways, we do not get bored with them. Let’s list the ingredients for this recipe.


2 tablespoons of chia seeds

5 medium strawberries

4 blueberries

3 raspberries

1 banana

6 tablespoons of Greek yogurt

10 raw almonds

4 tablespoons of oats

Start by soaking the chia seeds in lukewarm water. The seeds will take on a gel consistency when they swell.

Strain the water and put it in a deep bowl.

Add oats to it.

Add the yogurt.

Cut the strawberries and bananas into cubes and add them to the mixture.

Add the blueberries, too.

Break the raw almonds in half.

After putting them all together, mix them gently without crushing the fruits.

Here is your 410 calorie energy bomb breakfast ready!

5. Protein – Carb Duo: 500 calorie

Those who exercise know how important carbohydrates and protein are. Here are the ingredients for a recipe incorporating both.

Half of an apple

2 whole-wheat mini bagels

1 boiled eggs

2 teaspoons whipped cream cheese

6. Mango Smoothie: 478 calorie

500 calorie breakfast

Mango smoothie

Nutritional Facts

Calories: 478

Net Carb: 93g

Total Fat: 8g

Protein: 17g


1 cup of mango

¼ cup almond milk

6 dates

1 teaspoon of honey

3 hazelnuts

Handful of blueberries

1 cup of yogurt


Put all the ingredients into your smoothie maker and mix.

To Sum Up

You can change some routines with different options by trying the breakfast ideas we have listed for you above.

Skipping breakfast will leave you hungry. You may inadvertently increase the amount of food you eat at the next meal, which can cause you to gain weight, remain unhealthy, and even store unnecessary fat.

This is why the content of breakfast is important. High protein breakfasts can reduce your appetite and lead you to eat less food at your next meal.

Apart from all that, your body, which is hungry all night, deserves a good breakfast. You ask why? Because a period of approximately 12 hours passes between dinner and morning.

During this time, the body uses a lot of nutrients. Breakfast should be eaten no later than two hours after getting up.

An adequate and balanced breakfast will help you start the day with enthusiasm and help you remain alert and active throughout the day.

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