Low Calorie Paleo Desserts

Have you ever heard of low-calorie paleo desserts that satisfy your sweet tooth without denting your weight loss goals?

Yes, we are not kidding, and you can make that happen by choosing the right ingredients and preparation methods.

We all know that desserts are synonymous with high calories and lots of sugar. Still, with these low-calorie paleo desserts, you can think of something that is gluten-free and doesn’t include added sugars.

Moreover, you will be consuming fewer calories, fewer carbs, and a whole lot of nutrition in the form of mouthwatering dessert recipes. Doesn’t that sound too tempting?

What are low-calorie paleo desserts?

Stay logical with these low calorie paleo dessert recipes while keeping an eye on the ingredients list and the number of calories. As you are already aware of the kind of foods permitted or not permitted in the paleo diet, you must keep it simple.

Hence, you cannot include any whole grains or grain-based ingredients, processed or packaged food items, condiments, added sugars, or any other preservatives to prepare these paleo desserts.

Recommended list of low calorie paleo desserts

1. Paleo chocolate cake donuts

Chocolate cake donuts

Low calorie Paleo desserts – Chocolate cake donuts

This recipe is undoubtedly gold for all those donut lovers following the paleo diet. And yes, don’t worry about all those extra calories, as this low calorie paleo dessert is made without including any wheat flour or deep-frying process.

Talking about the ingredients, you need some almond flour, organic cocoa powder, chia seeds, honey, and a bit of vanilla extract. Moreover, you can change the ingredients according to your taste and preference.

2. Paleo cherry milkshake

Cherry milkshake

Cherry milkshake

This one indeed comes as the perfect way to start your summer mornings. Moreover, it’s a super treat for people who love cherries. The remaining ingredients include almond milk, chia seeds, banana, vanilla extract, and honey for sweetening.

To start the preparation, mix all the ingredients in a blender. Pulse all of the ingredients for around 30 seconds and add honey afterward. Don’t overdo the blending part, as you may not get the thick and creamy texture that way.

3. Paleo chocolate brownies

Low calorie Paleo desserts

Chocolate brownies

Who doesn’t like brownies? Well, there are no ‘brownie points’ to answer this question, as almost everyone loves this tempting dessert. Still, this recipe is quite different from the traditional chocolate brownies recipes and there are no fancy ingredients and flavors included.

All you need is some cocoa powder, dates, walnuts, vanilla extract, maple syrup, and honey to prepare this fantastic low calorie paleo dessert recipe. Well, you can experiment with the ingredients according to your taste and preference.

4. Paleo pecan ice cream

Pecan ice cream

Now, this is some low calorie paleo dessert recipe that will make you go crazy right on the first go. Also, the preparation is quite simple and we bet it will make you get lost in its heavenly taste and texture.

Just add some coconut milk, almond milk, coconut sugar, maple syrup, coconut cream, and pecans to the mix and let the whole solution boil for some time. Keep stirring the mix to bring the right smoothness and consistency.

Turn off the heat after 10 minutes and let the mix come to room temperature. Now, put the whole mix into an ice cream maker and freeze until it gets firm. Your Paleo pecan ice cream is ready to be served.

5. Paleo ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches

From ice cream to ice cream sandwiches, this flavourful journey is getting to a whole different level. Talking about this recipe, it is simply for those people who cannot control their sweet cravings even while following the paleo diet.

Just prepare the mix in a cookie dough form and include all the ingredients like coconut flour, cashew butter, vanilla extract, honey, sea salt, and cinnamon. You can also add dark choco chips to bring that nuttiness to the ice cream sandwich.

Prepare the cookie dough and ice cream mix in a different bowl, and once done, gently place the layers of both mixes in sandwich form. To enhance the flavors, you can add some organic peanut butter to the cookie dough mix.

The bottom line for low calorie Paleo desserts

There is no better way to diet than indulging in an ocean of flavorsome desserts. With these recipes in your paleo diet schedule, you never go monotonous with your diet and eating patterns. Moreover, stay connected for more flavorful yet healthy recipes to satisfy your taste buds.

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