6 Best Vegan Protein Sources

While there is a lot of misconception going around in terms of the lack of enough plant-based protein sources, the truth is otherwise.

With all the proper research and study, you can see there are more vegan protein sources available around than you can ever imagine.

Vegan protein sources are quite significant for people that are following a vegan diet- a diet that is solely based on plant-based food sources.

We all know that proteins help our body in building those muscles and tissues. Besides that, it supports the weight loss process by cutting down our cravings and making us feel filled for longer hours.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the most famous Vegan protein sources that can help you with your daily nutritional requirement during a vegan diet.

Recommended List of best Vegan Protein Sources

1. Beans

Vegan protein sources

Vegan protein sources – Beans

On top of the list, we have this age-old variety of legumes that are loaded with all the good proteins and fibers. Even though you got to spend some time while cooking this best vegan protein source, the derived output is quite delicious and worth the effort.

Still, if you are busy and cannot spend much time cooking, you can opt for canned beans instead. Speaking of the nutritional value, a cup(200gm) of beans carries 20gms of high-quality protein.

2. Chickpeas

Vegan protein sources

Vegan protein sources – Chickpeas

Just like beans, even chickpeas brings along some high-quality proteins, carbs and fibers on your platter. While carrying a mild flavor and mealy texture, chickpeas have been considered a staple food for most of the people in the middle east, Asia and Mediterranean region.

100gm chickpeas carry around 16gms of proteins, and you can have it in cooked or boiled form. Consume it as a main course meal or use it in salads as per your taste and preference. Besides protein, chickpeas are good sources of fibers too.

3. Lentils

Vegan protein sources

Vegan protein sources – Lentils

You can find a wide range of lentils available around any part of the globe. Besides coming in a variety of colors, they also carry different tastes & textures. On the other side, cooking them is easy and convenient.

A cup of lentils (200gm) carries around 36 grams of high-quality protein and carbohydrates, and you can easily count on it to fulfill a part of your daily protein requirements.

Talking about their consumption, you can cook or boil them while making them a part of your soups, salads or stews.

4. Soybeans

Vegan protein sources

Vegan protein sources – Soybeans

Here we are talking about a vegan protein source that comes along with the highest amount of proteins than any other food source on our list. Also, they contain all the nine essential amino acids profile to fulfill your daily protein requirements.

One cup of Soybeans(100 gm) contains a whopping 45-50gms of high-quality proteins. Additionally, they come over as a good source of healthy carbs and fibers for your daily diet.

Soybeans are also being consumed in the form of Soy milk, Tofu, Tempeh and Oil and vegans are considered as a perfect alternative for chicken and other non-vegetarian protein sources.

5. Peas

Vegan protein sources

Vegan protein sources – Peas

Peas also come over as an excellent vegan protein source, and most of the vegans prefer it in the powdered ‘Pea Protein’ form. Moreover, it is majorly used in cooking across various parts of Asia, Europe and the middle east.

Speaking of its nutritional value, one cup(100gm) of raw/cooked or boiled peas brings around 8gms of proteins on your meal platter.

So, if you are looking for a vegan protein source that is healthy, yet delicious, peas can be your top choice in the same regard.

6. Edamame

Vegan protein sources

Vegan protein sources – Edamame

Edamame is an immature form of the same soybeans that we already mentioned in our list of best vegan protein sources. The small green beans come in pods and can be enjoyed in boiled or cooked form.

Talking about their nutritional value, a small cup (75gm) of Edamame will bring 10gm of good quality protein to your diet. Besides protein, they carry reasonable amounts of fibers, calcium, iron and zinc.

Hence, if your search is regarding a vegan protein source that works wonders in terms of all the other micro-nutrients, Edamame is the right choice to go with.

Summing it up

Staying vegan can help you to cut off all those harmful chemical-based food products that were otherwise being doing all the harm to your body. So, for all those who talk about the lack of good vegan protein sources, the list mentioned above can prove to be really helpful.

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