100 Calorie Smoothie

100 Calorie Smoothie – Overview

A 100 calorie smoothie is undoubtedly the right and healthiest way to proceed with your daily breakfast or snack meals.

Now, even though these smoothies are super-healthy, they don’t make you compromise on the taste aspect by any means.

Recommended list of 100 calorie smoothie recipes

1. Iron Rich green smoothie (75 calories)

Green smoothie

Green smoothie

This Spinach smoothie is a perfect mineral-packed smoothie that supplies the correct dosage of iron to your body. Besides iron, it is a rich source of magnesium and Calcium.

The notable health benefits of the leafy green smoothie make it good enough for improved bone strength, regulation of blood pressure, and prevention of diabetes. 

Again, this smoothie is highly effective in improving heart health, boosting the immune system, and your eye health.

Overall, you will require spinach, pineapple, parsley, a small lemon, and water to get ahead with its preparation. 

Just dice the pineapple and put it into the blender, along with water. Once done with the same, juice the lemon while adding the water.

Afterward, add the remaining ingredients to a blender and start blending. You can top it up with sliced pineapple or your favorite choice of fruit.

2. Kale smoothie (95 calories)

Kale smoothie

100 calorie smoothie – Kale smoothie

Kale is a nutrient-dense food and an excellent source of vitamin K and Vitamin A. Besides, it is rich in Vitamin C, manganese, and copper.

The antioxidant-rich smoothie is perfect for lowering blood pressure while boosting cardiovascular health. 

It will also offer anti-inflammatory properties for giving exceptional strength to your bones.

You only need kale, almond oil, banana, and apple; you can prepare this recipe while blending all the ingredients. 

3. Tropical green smoothie (70 calories)

Tropical green smoothie

100 calorie smoothie – Tropical green smoothie

There is hardly a person on this planet who doesn’t love mangoes. And yes, how good would it be if you mixed it in your favorite smoothie blend?

The tropical fruit becomes a refreshing treat once you mix in the nutritional powerhouse of kale and spinach.

 Overall, this smoothie’s antioxidants become an excellent source for protecting the body from the harmful effects of various infections and bacteria.

Besides, the ingredients contain fiber, vitamin A, Vitamin C, and iron.

The requirements for making this smoothie are mangoes, kale, spinach, almond oil, and a medium-sized Banana.

To go ahead with the process, you first need to put almond milk into the blender and then add all the remaining ingredients after that.

Once done, sprinkle some cinnamon and chopped almonds on the mix.

4. Spinach and grape smoothie (86 calories)

Spinach and grape smoothie

Spinach and grape smoothie

This grape spinach smoothie is excellent for enhancing your metabolism.

Besides, it will also provide a boost of vitamins C and K, copper, riboflavin, potassium, and Vitamin B6, which will work as a perfect solution for protecting you from various heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. 

There are also certain compounds like quercetin and resveratrol that can work amazingly to improve cardiovascular health. 

Overall, this smoothie is a perfect recipe for boosting your immune system. To start its preparation, add spinach, green grapes, a medium-sized banana, and water. 

Then, just put half or a full cup of the ice cubes to bring that icy crunch into the smoothie.

You can also adjust the consistency of the smoothie according to your preference. 

5. Green apple smoothie (96 calories)

Green apple smoothie

100 calorie smoothie – Green apple smoothie

The green apple smoothie comes with all the super qualities to become a nutrition-packed drink for you.

Besides being high in fiber, it also helps lower blood cholesterol levels and the reduction of risk of any health-related disease.

Green apple is also a good source of antioxidants that are responsible for the improvement of neurological health.

Moreover, the antioxidant compounds will help in the strengthening of bone density. 

Coming to its preparation, add spinach, water, Apple, banana, and flax seeds to the mix. Once done with the practice, add a pinch of cinnamon to enhance its taste.

The bottom line for 100 calorie smoothie recipes

If you want to shed some quick weight without compromising the nutritional aspect, these 100 calorie smoothie recipes are just the right way to start your day.

Besides carrying all the nutrition, these smoothies bring minimal calories to your gut.

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