6 of the Best Paleo Breakfast Shake

Paleo Breakfast Shake

There’s something extraordinary about paleo breakfast shake recipes- they are easy to prepare, highly nutritious, and filling simultaneously.

Moreover, unlike any other shake recipe, these don’t contain too much sugar and dairy products.

Now, before you jump on to the paleo breakfast shake recipes, you must understand the basic concept behind the Paleo diet.

The Paleo diet revolves around the eating pattern of humans during the Paleolithic era.

That was when our ancestors used to fish and hunt to fulfill their diet needs. Also, they had no access to farming or other related techniques.

Hence, while getting ahead with the Paleo breakfast shake recipes, you are prohibited from using any grains, dairy, or processed food items.

That said, let’s move ahead with our handpicked list of the best Paleo shake recipes.

Recommended list of Paleo breakfast shake recipes

1. Paleo green shake

Green shake

Paleo breakfast shake – Green shake

There couldn’t be a better and more refreshing start to your mornings than having this tempting green shake right at the start of your day. With this Paleo green shake, you can detoxify your body within minutes.

Moreover, it carries the perfect combination of kale, banana, avocado, leafy greens, and vegetable juice, so you need not worry about nutrition.

Conversely, if you are not a big fan of green shakes, you can cut down the kale from the ingredient list while including an additional banana. 

To go ahead with its preparation, gently blend all the ingredients and top your shake with some freshly sliced blueberries.

2. Paleo coconut avocado shake

Coconut avocado shake

While the last recipe was more about greens, this one brings some tangy and tacky flavor of fresh avocadoes.

Besides, it will also get the goodness of fresh coconut milk and shredded coconut pieces to add that creamy texture to your Paleo breakfast shake.

On the other side, if you want this shake recipe to be a bit sweeter side, add your choice of fruit into the mix along with some honey.

3. Paleo avocado banana shake

Avocado banana shake

Avocado banana shake

Usually, you would see a lot of milk involved in the preparation of shakes. Still, as this shake is a part of the paleo diet, we will include a better alternative, like coconut or almond milk.

The recipe is simple as it only includes a handful of ingredients ( with some intense flavors), like spinach, avocado, banana, and coconut milk.

For toppings, you can use some shredded coconut or a few slices of your favorite fruit.

4. Paleo shamrock shake

Paleo breakfast shake

Paleo shamrock shake

No, we aren’t talking about those age-old shamrock shakes that used to come loaded with all the lime and lemony flavor and tons of sugar.

This one is perfectly customized to suit your health and fitness goals during the Paleo diet.

All you need is avocadoes, coconut milk, organic vanilla extract, honey, and fresh mint.

The texture will be similar to the legendary shake, but you still get fewer calories (along with good nutrition) in your body.

5. Paleo cream and strawberry milkshake

Cream and strawberry milkshake

Who doesn’t love a refreshing kick of strawberries right at the start of the day? Everyone does, we reckon. So, here we are with a dairy- and sugar-free Paleo breakfast shake.

Also, the ingredient list is quite simple, with items like bananas, strawberries, pure vanilla extract, and coconut milk on the menu.

Carefully blend the whole mix with crushed ice and top it up with chopped walnuts.

6. Paleo banana kiwi shake

Banana kiwi shake

Well, here comes a shake that carries the correct dosage of Vitamin C with some fresh kiwis in the mix.

For all those who don’t know much about the nutritional properties of kiwi, the fruit comes highly loaded with antioxidants and other essential Vitamins & minerals.

Besides kiwis, you must include regular ingredients like banana, spinach, avocado, coconut milk, and hemp seeds.

While banana and avocado will provide a smooth and creamy texture to this recipe, kiwi will bring a tangy taste to the mix.

The bottom line for Paleo breakfast shake recipes

No matter what ingredients you choose for your Paleo breakfast shake, always keep the rules and guidelines of a Paleo diet in mind.

Unlike regular shake recipes, you cannot add any dairy products to the mix.

Also, leave your comments and questions regarding this recipe in the comments section below, and keep following this space for some unique diet plans and recipes.

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