1 Day Detox Meal Plan | Cleanse in one Day

How to Make a 1 Day Detox?

You haven’t been able to save time for yourself for a while and think your body accumulates more and more edema daily?

Sometimes, the first thing we forget in the busy pace of life is ourselves. As such, we think of a way to reach the places we need to go faster, or we look for a way to get out of the house quickly when there are events we need to join.

As a result, we don’t even look back, consuming the fastest thing we can find.

If you still think you are at this pace and have a minimal time to make up for it, this article is for you. Now, we will learn how to apply 1-day detox.

You are invited to the continuation of the article for all the tricks and a one-day meal plan.

What Should You Pay Attention to?

  • Start your day feeling ready for the detox and remember that you dedicate this day entirely to it.
  • Stop the application immediately if you experience serious dizziness or severe nausea during the day.
  • Do not do a 1-day detox if you have a chronic illness.
  • Do exercises for 1 hour at a time or intermittently on the detox day. For example, start your day with a few yoga poses you can do in bed. Then go for a walk in the afternoon. In the evening, complete 1 hour by doing exercises at home. Suppose you don’t have time for all these, complete 1 hour by doing light exercises that you can do at the office.
  • Do not stay in the same position for long. If you’re an office worker, get up and take a few steps every 20 minutes.
  • Remember that each diet should be tailored to the individual. Consult a nutritionist before making any major changes to your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Do not add extra salt to what you eat or drink.

1 Day Detox Meal Plan

When you wake up:

Start your day with yoga. Then, drink a few drops of lemon juice to lukewarm water.


Have breakfast with a nutritious smoothie. A pink smoothie with beetroot, orange, carrot, ginger, lemon, apple, and lactose-free milk would be a great option. You will spend the day mostly with fluids.

Try to complete part of the 1-hour exercise half an hour after breakfast.

In general, coffee is not a good friend with edema. Therefore, it is not recommended in detox diets. But 1 cup of coffee is free for this 1-day diet. It would be a much better option if you could put green tea instead.

But those who think that they cannot do without coffee can consume 1 cup or 2 small cups of unsweetened and milk-free coffee.


Lunch is the only non-liquid meal you can eat today. Choose a food that is high in nutrients but low in calories. We can list these options as follows:

  1. Green lentils + yogurt
  2. Green salad with grilled beef
  3. Green salad with grilled chicken breast
  4. Scrambled eggs (4 egg whites+1 yolk) + Plenty of tomatoes
  5. Vegetable stew + yogurt
  6. Tomato soup + tuna salad
  7. Grilled fish + Green salad

Make sure your portions are not too large. Exercise at least half an hour and no more than 2 hours after lunch.

What about snacks?

Since this is a one-day application, there is no room for snacks on the list, but if you feel that you are struggling, you can get support from a few leaves of lettuce or vegetables such as carrots.


We left behind the only non-liquid meal of the day. You can choose a bowl of tomato soup for dinner if you wish. Those who want to get 1 large glass of smoothie instead of the soup can consume it.

To Sum Up

The list we shared with you above is a 1-day detox meal plan. You can replace breakfast and other meals. But do not forget that the 2 most essential points you cannot change are drinking plenty of water and exercising for 1 hour.

You can lose up to 4 lbs by the end of the process. Those who will try the diet for 2 days can lose more. If you decide on the first day that it is a diet that does not force you, follow it for a maximum of 1 more day.

At the end of the process, there is usually 80% edema and 20% fat loss. However, this rate is unclear as it may differ according to each metabolism.

If you experience an extra swelling in your body that you have not experienced before and for which you cannot find a clear reason, consult a doctor before following such diets.

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