What is Certo Detox? Does It Actually Work?

Certo Detox – Overview

Are you looking for different ways to pass a drug test?  The most common term you come across is Certo detox or Certo drug test detox. In this article, we are going to discuss Certo detox in detail.

If you are wondering about the possibility of passing a drug test when you have only a few hours or a day to prepare, we are here to give you an answer. It entirely depends on how often you take this substance and the sort of user you are determines everything.

Marijuana is generally detectable in your bloodstream for one or two days. If you frequently consume this, it can take more than two days to remove the substance from your system.

What is Certo?

Certo is a trendy brand that is generally famous for its fruit pectin. Fruit pectin is a necessary ingredient that is used in making fruit jams. Certo is also most popular for Sure gel. They both are different products from the same brand and with the same purpose.

When fruit pectin is heated, it releases liquid. It expands and becomes a gel because it is a soluble fiber. This gel works like an excellent thickener for jellies and jams. You can buy Certo from any online platform as well as a nearby grocery store.

What is Certo Detox?

Certo was generally famous for its fruit pectin to make jams and jellies initially. Eventually, cannabis users discovered its ability to detox the human body from drug toxins. Consuming them orally can give you a negative result in a drug test.

Sure, gel or fruit pectin is only effective for drugs like marijuana or fat metabolites like THC. This does not work in water-soluble substances or toxins because pectin can combine with the fat cells to remove the toxins from the system through the intestine.

Certo Detox Method: Does It Really Work?

According to different surveys and studies, Certo detox only works for fat-soluble substances like marijuana or opiates. Heavy smokers will never receive any benefits from Certo detoxification in any way.

Certo is capable of passing a drug test, although it fully relies on the user’s age, weight, size, metabolism rate, and consumption level of the user. It does not guarantee you a negative result all the time.

Certo generally absorbs the metabolites and breaks them into smaller molecules. These metabolites are released in the form of fecal matter at that time. This phase can last for at least a few hours.

If you have consumed alcohol before but you want to pass a drug test, you can consider suing Certo. The gel-like substance in the Certo can mimic the components of your urine and eliminate all traces of drugs from the urine. Certo can work for almost three to five hours in your system and help you pass a urine test.

How Does Your Body Process Drugs Like Marijuana?

Marijuana is processed in your body in five steps. Marijuana or THC is generally absorbed into your blood in the stomach or lungs after consumption. It can get into the liver with blood flow eventually.

THC splits into the metabolites in your liver. Next, it moves into your bladder and intestine. 70 percent THC is excreted with the feces and the rest is reabsorbed in your blood from the intestine and ends up in your urine.

How Does Certo Work in Your System?

TCH is generally mixed with the bile in your intestine and Certo can absorb that mixture of THC and bile. The final mixture of THC, bile, and Certo prevents THC from being reabsorbed in the blood and the drug toxin gets excreted from the system.

The effect of Certo is limited to your body and it does not give any guarantee that it will work for sure. If the substance level in your system is too high, then the Certo may not work very well and eliminate the trace of the toxin from your urine.

Why Is the Certo Method Not Reliable?

There are a few drawbacks to the Certo Detox method, which make it less reliable. Certo does not contain all the ingredients that are required in your body.

Urine is also checked for the creatinine level sometimes and Certo does not have anything which can restore the creatinine level in the urine.

Also, it does not have any effect on the metabolism of THC in your liver. So even if you can block the reabsorption of THC in your blood from the intestine, your blood still may have some trace of THC from your liver, which can excrete in the urine and prevent you from passing the test.

How to Improve the Certo Detox Method and Make It More Reliable?

If you want to restore the creatinine level in your urine, you need to take around 10 grams of creatine ethyl ester at least three hours before the drug test. It is always necessary to use ethyl ester to increase the creatinine level rapidly.

If you have enough time before the drug test, you can also use creatine monohydrate. It takes multiple hours to start working. Enzyme inhibitors can help you to prevent the metabolism of THC in your liver.

The most popular and effective enzyme inhibitor is St. John Wort. You can take it as recommended by the company for the best result.


Certo detox can be beneficial for people who want to pass a drug test on short notice. Though there is evidence that it can help you pass the test, it is unreliable. There is a chance that it can give you a positive result sometimes.

People who need a drug test should always be prepared and take a home test before the final one, just to confirm the results if possible.

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