Do Vegans Look Younger?

Removing dairy and eating more fruits and vegetables can improve your skin. According to the studies, the worst food culprit for skin issues — acne in particular — is dairy.

Do Vegans Look Younger? Studies Say Yes!

“Studies have shown that removing dairy from patients’ diets improves their acne,” Sarkar said. “This relationship is solid with dairy and lower-fat milk. In my experience, I’ve found that if patients go off dairy for a month, a significant number of them with mild to moderate acne see improvement.”

Beyond just helping with stubborn pimples, going vegan can also improve your complexion, said Sarkar.

Because a Vegan diet typically requires that you eat vegetables and fruits rather than dairy, meat, and (most) processed snacks, the natural antioxidants can impact your skin, she said.

I do find that patients who follow a primarily plant-based diet report brighter complexions and less bloating of the face,” she said.

Bhanusali agreed, noting that several of his patients also self-reported brighter skin and better texture after switching to veganism.

It does show up on your skin!

Both Bhanusali and Sarkar also note that usually, many of those who choose to go vegan live healthier lifestyles because of it — which inevitably shows up on their skin.

“In some cases, I find that when patients decide to go vegan, they are overhauling their well-being practices,” she said. “In those cases, I see a difference.

More exercise, better skin hygiene, and better diet all go towards healthier, more glowing skin.”

Bhanusali stated that a healthy plant-based diet would positively impact your skin. “The better you eat, the stronger and better your body looks overall,” he said.

So there are some risks involved when it comes to going vegan, but those can be resolved by ensuring you get all the nutrients you need. But if you’re still unsure about giving up burgers forever, you can change your diet to improve your skin.

“Cut out the skim milk and processed foods,” Bhanusali said. Sarkar also said to ensure that any dairy and meat you eat is hormone-free and does not irritate your skin.

It’s not just about what you eat.

Veganism is not solely associated with how you eat; it’s an entire philosophy that reveals new layers daily.

Eating vegan will make you happier because you will energize your body through the food you eat, making this world a better place to live in.

Behind all that wisdom, you will find the practical fact that being happier inevitably makes you look younger.

Vegans are not associated with kindness and compassion by chance; they are being the change they want to see! Not to generalize, but Jared Leto would like you much better if he saw you eating a vegan meal in a restaurant.

Enough said, right? Ultimately, changing your diet is a very personal decision and it shouldn’t be made just because of your skin, Bhanusali said.

He noted that more work is still needed on this topic.