Vegan Turkish Coffee Brownie Recipe | Refined Sugar Free

The vegan Turkish coffee brownie recipe is one of the most intensely flavored brownies. Let’s find out how this is made…

What is the Turkish Coffee Brownie Recipe?

How about a brownie with an intense flavor? It will take its dominant taste from the coffee. But we will not use ordinary coffee. For this, we will use Turkish coffee with a soft powder structure.

With its soft texture and intense taste, it will add an incredible flavor to the brownie. So much so that you will want to make this brownie every day.

This recipe, which is prepared quickly and baked immediately, is also suitable for a vegan diet. It does not contain refined sugar and has a very low-fat content. The oil rate it has comes from coconut oil and hazelnut, which have hundreds of benefits.

So don’t worry while you’re eating this dessert; it’s pretty innocent. One slice contains only 156 calories and can meet your sugar cravings even with one slice. Now let’s take a look at how this beauty is made.

How To Make Turkish Coffee Brownie?

This is one of the easiest desserts to prepare. You need a few simple ingredients. Maybe just a Turkish coffee may not be a product you know very well. You can see it by clicking the link given below and finding out what it is.

Once you have all these ingredients, all you have to do is mix all the ingredients and bake them in the oven. This coffee brownie, which bakes in half an hour, is suitable for all members of the home and is one of the best accompaniments for tea times. Read on to learn the step-by-step recipe.

Coffee Brownie Recipe

Turkish Coffee Brownie Recipe

Yield: 10

Vegan Coffee Brownie Recipe

Coffee Brownie Recipe

You'll learn an extra easy-to-make vegan Turkish coffee brownie recipe that anyone can make without the need for a lot of tricks, a lot of time, and being a chef.

Also, feel free to stay out of the original recipe. It is a very convenient recipe for you to try new things. You can add some berries to the dough before putting it in the oven. Or topping the brownie with chopped nuts.

For extra wetness, you can boil 1 1/2 tbsp of Turkish coffee with 6 fl oz of water and pour it over the brownie while it is still hot.

Share your opinion with us in the comments to let us know about the new versions you apply for this recipe, where you can try all the innovations that suit your taste.

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes


  • Banana (3 ripe, medium)
  • Turkish coffee (1 tsp)
  • Oat (1 1/2 cups)
  • Almond milk (6.7 fl oz)
  • Coconut oil (3 tbsp)
  • Agave syrup (4 tbsp)
  • Cocoa (1 tbsp)
  • Vanilla powder (1/4 tsp)
  • Baking powder (2 tsp)
  • Hazelnut (2 tbsp)


Step 1

Peel the ripe bananas. Mash them with a fork. Melt the coconut oil in a double boiler. Then add melted coconut oil to the mashed bananas. Add the almond milk and agave syrup. Whisk well with a wire whisk. Put the oatmeal in the food processor and mix until it turns into flour.

Step 2

Add the oat flour to the banana mixture. Add baking soda, Turkish coffee powder, vanilla powder, and cocoa to the mixture.

Step 3

Preheat the oven.

Oven Temperature: 180°C / 356°F

Step 4

Finally, crush the hazelnuts and add them to the mixture; mix well one last time. Get a small square glass baking tray. Lay parchment paper on the tray.

Step 5

Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes. Remove from oven, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then slice it.


  • Instead of turning the oatmeal into flour, you can also use oat flour if you wish.
  • Add baking soda, Turkish coffee, vanilla powder, and cocoa by sifting them through a strainer.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 156Total Fat 6gNet Carbohydrates 21gProtein 3g
Bon Appétit!

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