Crispy Fried Mushroom Recipe | Vegetarian Nuggets

We brought you a crispy fried mushroom recipe and, in other words, vegetarian nuggets. You will love these wonderful golden brown bites.

How to Make Crispy Fried Mushroom Recipe?

We came up with a great option for vegetarians and those who eat mainly vegetables. Whether we are vegetarian or not, mushrooms are one of the most preferred vegetables in meals.

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So why? Because they are delicious and filling, they have great support for metabolism and the digestive system and are successful in fighting infection.

We use mushrooms quite often in sautees or stews. These are one of the most delicious, satisfying, and classic recipes. But let’s do something unusual with them today.

Let’s take them and make crispy, nuggets-like tiny bites out of them. After cleaning it well, we will dip it in eggs and several types of flour and deep-fried it.

But don’t let the word deep-fried intimidate you here, because we’re going to give you great tips to ensure it never absorbs oil.

Now go to the step-by-step recipe below and make them as a snack or as a main meal for any meal you want, but be sure to try it.

Crispy Fried Mushroom Recipe (2 Servings)

Crispy Fried Mushroom Recipe

Step by Step Crispy Fried Mushroom Recipe

Per Serving

Calories: 316

Net Carb: 15g

Total Fat: 25g

Protein: 7g


Mushrooms (15 pcs.)

Egg (1, medium)

Breadcrumbs (3 tbsp)

Flour (2 tbsp, all-purpose)

Salt and paper to taste

Paprika (1/2 tsp)

Oil to fry (1/2 cup)

Recipe – 10min prep / 10min cooking time

Wipe the mushrooms with a damp cloth.

Peel off the thin membranes with a knife.

Then preheat a frying pan.

Put the oil in the heated pan and heat the oil.

Put all-purpose flour in a medium bowl.

Add salt, pepper, and paprika to the flour and mix.

Put the egg in a second bowl and whisk.

Put breadcrumbs in the third bowl.

Do not chop the mushrooms, but insert a toothpick into them.

Holding this toothpick, dip the mushrooms one by one into the flour first.

Then dip in egg and finally breadcrumbs.

Finally, fry the mushrooms in the well-heated oil until they turn golden brown.

Tip: Like every flour and egg deep-fried recipe, be careful not to touch it often after putting it in the oil.

Now you know the amazingly delicious crispy fried mushroom recipe,

Bon Appétit!

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Wash Mushrooms

Crispy Fried Mushroom Recipe

Crispy Fried Mushroom Recipe – How to Clean Mushrooms

This information will be useful in the crispy fried mushroom recipe or any other mushroom recipe. Here’s an awesome tip on how to clean mushrooms.

Let me say this unequivocally: You should never wash mushrooms. We may prefer the washing method for many dirty vegetables, but this is not the case with mushrooms.

So why? They are like sponges! If you let them come into contact with water, they will absorb and trap the dirt on them. In this case, what cleaning method should you use for dirty mushrooms?

In fact, the process starts the moment you buy them. When buying mushrooms, take care to buy the cleanest ones. Then peel the thin membrane on them with a knife. All the dirt will probably have accumulated there anyway.

As another method, if you are still not comfortable with cleaning, wipe them thoroughly with a damp cloth and peel the thin membrane on them with a knife.

Bottom Line

This is the delicious vegetarian mushroom nugget recipe you’ve got. It will take exactly 20 minutes or less, will be crispy in a short time, and you can enjoy them with the whole family. You can make this recipe for more people. All you have to do is increase the ingredients at the same rate.

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