8 Differences Between Smoothie and Shake

Difference between smoothie and shake – The two confusing yet refreshing drinks that you often come across.

Though their names may differ, they look similar. With this article, we would like to share the key differences between a smoothie and a shake.

Further, both of the drinks differ based on several factors that are taken into consideration. 

Difference Between Smoothie and Shake – A Brief Overview

A short introduction about smoothies and shakes and what they are mostly made up of. 

What is a Smoothie?

A smoothie is a refreshing drink mostly made from fruits and vegetables. To make this drink, you will not require milk or other products such as yogurt or ice cream. 

Just take a blender and mix up all the ingredients. Here, the ingredients that form the part of the smoothie can be strawberry, pineapple, and green vegetables.

Meanwhile, if you order a smoothie at the restaurant, you might get it made from different ingredients, which is sometimes unhealthy. 

Smoothies are recommended for people going to the gym or for a pre-workout session. Secondly, many people take smoothies as a nutritional or meal supplement. 

Example of a smoothie: 2000 Calorie Smoothie

What is a Shake?

Shake is another refreshment drink made fully from milk, often called a milkshake. As the shake is made using milk, it contains many calories and fats. Many people love drinking shakes by adding whipped cream or different toppings. 

When making a shake, you can use bananas, mangoes, or any other fruit with a mix of milk. Further, the milkshakes or shakes are taken as a dessert. 

Example of a shake: 2000 Calorie Shake

Difference between Smoothie and Shake - Find the Difference

Difference between Smoothie and Shake – Learn to Differentiate!

How Do Smoothies and Shakes Differ?

Well, there is not one such point that we can share here about the differences between both drinks. Smoothies differ from shakes in many factors and are based on nutrition, popularity, and composition. 

Here are the 8 Differences Between Smoothies and Shake

1. Popularity of Drinks 

Talking about the smoothies, they are not an old refreshment drink but have come into existence recently. But, the smoothie has taken over the world by storm and people find it a popular drink. 

Meanwhile, shakes or milkshakes date back to the existence of more than 100 years. 

2. The Addition of Toppings 

To give the drink a difference, the addition of toppings makes sense. Smoothies often have toppings of mint leaves, sometimes adding fruit slices and much more. 

Whereas milkshakes or shakes have toppings of whipped cream, fruits, as well as chocolate candies. 

3. Nutritional Values They Carry

Talking about smoothies, they are liked by the gym people as it contains fewer calories and fats and is low on carbs too. Nutrition-wise, smoothies are healthier drinks as compared to shakes. They are made from a mix of fruits and vegetables and don’t contain milk products. 

In contrast to the smoothie, shakes are heavily packed with fats, calories, and calcium, as they have milk content. Further, sugar is added to give the perfect taste; meanwhile, protein is in good quantity. 

4. When Do You Consume Them?

You often drink smoothies in the morning time as recommended as a pre-workout session drink. At the same time, shakes are consumed by people either in noontime or evening as dessert. 

5. The Extra Protein 

When it comes to smoothies, they don’t contain any protein content. However, it is rare to see that some people add protein to the drink. Meanwhile, the shakes, as they are made using milk products, do contain protein as well as protein powder. 

6. Composed of Smoothie vs Shake

You know that smoothies are made from a mix of fruits and vegetables without milk products. On the other hand, shakes are made from milk products, with a touch of whipped cream, ice cream, and chocolate. Some people do like adding different flavors to the shakes. 

7. The Color Makes a Difference

Talking about smoothies, they look bright in color and can appear red, yellow, or green. It depends on the mixture of fruits and vegetables.

However, shakes are mostly white as they have a touch of milk in them. Other colors can be pink or brown, maybe mixed with color additives. 

8. The Texture

Smoothies are thick and rich in consistency, whereas shakes are less thick with more fluid content in them.

Shakes can sometimes be thicker and frothy. However, some restaurants do have different recipes for both drinks. It makes their texture confusing between smoothies and shakes. 

Are You Ready to Drink a Smoothie or a Shake?

Based on your liking and taste, you can opt for a smoothie or a shake. Some of the common drinks that people are crazy about are banana smoothies, orange smoothies, chocolate smoothies, etc.

Meanwhile, for the shakes, people opt for a banana shake, mango shake, chocolate shake, or vanilla shake. 

Difference between Smoothie and Shake - Learn More!

Difference between Smoothie and Shake – The Real Difference

Wrapping it Up

There you are. So, if you are fond of a thick blended beverage, opt for the smoothie or enjoy a milk-based shake. It is your call as both drinks serve different nutrition and energy. Summer is coming.

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