2000 Calorie Vegan Smoothie

2000 Calorie Vegan Smoothie – Overview

2000 calorie vegan smoothie – When it comes to drinking whole foods, the smoothie allows you to do so. Secondly, you would tend to consume enough food faster, as you don’t have to chew it.

Talking about the smoothie, it is a drink that includes fruits or vegetables. It may consist of a liquid base using dairy products; however, the topic of interest is all about a vegan smoothie.

Well, it is all about restricting your diet; still, you enjoy them. Moreover, the thing is finding a way to rely on plant-based meals instead of dairy products.

However, to make a satisfying smoothie, you can use the ingredients that add to the flavor.

Benefits of Vegan Smoothie

Talking about the 2000 calorie smoothie, you are going to get high fat and carb. It is not recommended for every other person who needs a high-calorie intake. However, if you are looking to maintain lean muscles, then this smoothie is for you.

Meanwhile, if you are the skinnier person on a strength training program, you gain lean bulk in a controlled manner.

A 2000 calorie vegan smoothie will ensure your muscles grow faster. Besides this, if you don’t regularly maintain your body, then you need to ignore this smoothie.

Take a look at the benefits of plant-based protein or vegan smoothies.

Manage your weight

As the vegan smoothie is a plant-based drink, you get rich in fiber intake. Meanwhile, you tend to maintain your weight. High-calorie intake gives the benefit of weight gain, too, specifically for skinnier people.

Further, fiber-rich smoothie helps in keeping you satisfied for a longer duration.

  • Reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases

When it comes to plant-based protein intake, it is beneficial for heart health compared to animal protein. It is because plant-based proteins have lower saturated fats.

  • Lowers risk of developing cancer

A vegan diet helps in lowering the risks of developing certain types of cancer.

  • Digest friendly

As compared to animal protein, plant-based protein is easy to digest. Further, it is light on your stomach and doesn’t cause discomfort or issues. Whereas, vegan diet helps in enhancing digestion.

  • Get nutrition in just minutes

The vegan diet intake includes fruits and vegetables from which the smoothie is made. You don’t need to take much of the time to prepare it. The smoothie takes a couple of minutes, and you can get high nutrition without delays.

2000 Calorie Vegan Smoothie

2000 Calorie Vegan Smoothie – Add This to You Diet

2000 Calorie Vegan Smoothie – The Recipe

Here we will share some ingredients that go into the preparation for the vegan smoothie. However, once it is prepared, don’t try to drink it at one go.

Take your time and enjoy the drink so that you don’t end up in issues. Skinnier people are going to grow their muscles faster with this recipe.

Take a look at the ingredients and directions for preparing the smoothie recipe. It will taste a lot like a banana shake.

List of ingredients required for a vegan smoothie:

  • Bananas (5 nos)
  • Dates (12-14 nos of dried dates)
  • Almond milk (2 cups)
  • Protein powder (2 scoops)
  • Chia seeds (1 tbsp)
  • Walnut (5 nos of the whole walnut cut into pieces)
  • Peanut butter (4 tbsp)

Nutritional Values

Protein: 80g
Net Carb: 253g
Total Fat: 57g
Calories: 2000

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Directions for Preparing a Vegan Smoothie

2000 Calorie Smoothie Vegan

2000 Calorie Smoothie Vegan – That’s How You Make it

  • Take the peanut butter, which has fats included. However, it is not as heavy as compared to cream. Further, by using this, you will consume less food but get more calories.
  • Now add 2 cups of almond milk. Once it is added to the protein mixture, it will provide you with better nutrients. Your muscles need it, and so are the higher calories.
  • You have got a mix of peanut butter and almond milk. Now add the bananas after slicing them into pieces. Now using a blender, make sure you blend the mixture well, but don’t overdo it. Secondly, ensure that the bananas are ripe enough as they will give you the most sweetness.
  • Then, add the protein powder, which will give your smoothie a creamy texture. Two scoops of protein powder will help you in gaining muscle strength. Further, it helps in maintaining your body with enough calories too. You can use protein powder with a flavor of your choice – e.g. A chocolate-flavored one will be the best combination.
  • Now, it is time to add the dried dates to the blended mixture. However, before mixing the dates, ensure you have soaked them up in the water for 2 to 3 hours. It will help in blending the mixture further in a better way. Besides, your blender should be powerful enough. You can cut down on the number of dates if you don’t want a too sweet taste for the smoothie.
  • Blend all the things to come to a final mixture. Pour into the glass and enjoy the same.

Wrap it up

There you are. Your vegan smoothie is ready to give you the power of 2000 calories. It was quick and easy to prepare the same. Rest, you can add or reduce the ingredients as per your choice to enhance the taste. Healthy drinks are here for you always.

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