5 Super Easy Keto Meals

Super Easy Keto Meals

No one wants to stay put in this ever-evolving world, and that’s where you need some easy keto meals in your schedule, to keep up with your health and weight loss goals.

Besides being quick and easy to prepare, these easy keto meals tick all boxes regarding your daily nutritional requirements.

All of these meals can be prepared within 20 minutes. Also, you can include your favorite fruits, vegetables, meat, and fats into the ingredient list, while keeping up with the rules and guidelines of the keto diet.

Recommended list of Easy Keto Meals

1. Smoked salmon with avocado

Easy keto meals

Easy keto meals – Smoked salmon with avocado

While bringing some smoked salmon (for proteins) and avocados ( for healthy fats), you got your nutritional requirements sorted with this easy keto meal.

Put a touch of mayonnaise to the whole mix, and you can easily cover up your lunch or dinner on a keto diet.

Just cut the avocado into small bite-sized pieces while removing the pit.

Now place the roasted salmon with mayo dip on the platter, along with the avocado pieces.

Sprinkle some grounded black pepper and rock salt as per taste and stay ready to dig into the nice and easy keto meal.

2. Antipasto salad

Easy keto meals

Easy keto meals – Antipasto salad

No matter how disciplined and determined you are with your keto diet plans, there’s always that hidden craving to try something new and innovative.

This Antipasto salad is surely the healthiest answer to all such cravings in your mind.

Even though the recipe is easy to prepare, it still lives up to your expectations of witnessing a perfect taste and texture alongside.

Chop down the lettuce and other vegetables in smaller pieces and spread it nicely on a platter.

Now add some parsley and the mix of antipasto ingredients on top of the mix.

Take a small bowl separately to prepare the ingredients for the dressing purpose.

Add some chopped chili, basil, and salt to the mix and sprinkle it gently over the salad along with some olive oil.

3. Roasted chicken with cabbage salad

Easy keto meals

Easy keto meals – Roasted chicken with cabbage salad

Now, this is what we must call a perfect keto meal on your platter. You require some roasted chicken ( or leftover chicken from the previous day), nicely chopped cabbages, onion slices, and some mayo dip for the sides.

Chop the cabbage into fine pieces and place it nicely on the plate. Now add some thinly cut onion slices to the platter along with the mayo dip on the sides.

Place the roasted chicken alongside and sprinkle some salt and pepper on top according to your taste. Your easy keto meal is ready to be served.

4. Keto mushroom omelet

Easy keto meals

Easy keto meals – Mushroom omelet

Omelets are super easy to prepare, and that is why we have included this mushroom omelet recipe in our list of easy keto meals.

Besides being super quick, this recipe is all gold for your health and weight loss goals.

Just break two eggs into a bowl and whisk it nicely while adding a pinch of salt and pepper.

Take a pan, put it on medium heat, and melt a teaspoon of butter on the same.

Add some onions and mushrooms on top and stir fry until the mix gets tender.

Now pour the egg mix on the top and cook it until the mix gets firm.

Afterward, add some grated cheese on top and let it cook for the next few minutes.

Once you see the omelet turning golden brown, flip it to let it cook from the other side as well.

Your easy keto meal is ready, and you can now enjoy it with your preferred sauce or dip.

5. Lamb chops with herb lemon butter

Easy keto meals

Easy keto meals – Lamb chops with herb lemon butter

If you are looking to add some traditional flavors to your ‘not so flavorful keto meal plan’, this recipe is the one to go for.

From carrying the right flavors to keeping it up with the nutritional aspect, this easy keto meal is no lesser than a gem.

The recipe is quick and easy, and you just need to grill or roast the lamb chops before placing them on the platter.

Once done, serve it along with some lemon wedges and herb butter on the sides.

The bottom line for Easy keto meals

Nothing comes easy in this world, but here we have an exception to the fact with some super easy keto meals on our list.

Try it out and let us know about your feedback and experiences in the comments section.

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