Optavia Diet Food List (with 3 Plans)

Optavia Diet Food List – Overview

The Optavia low calorie diet is different from the traditional diet plans available. With optavia, you can consume a combination of pre-packaged processed meals that require minimal preparation time.

These meals are also known as fueling and homemade lean and green foods. While this diet allows you to shed off extra pounds, maintaining it can be quite intimidating. 

While on the optavia diet you will not need to count your calorie intake. Instead, you will simply mix your powdered food with water or consume one bar out of your pack of portion-regulated daily meals.

There are over 50 optavia diet food options to select from including biscuits, shakes, puddings, and soups.

According to the inventors of the optavia diet, it contains a probiotic and added protein. The company provides teachings from coaches to help you understand their branded “Habits of Health”.

The Optavia diet plan also recommends doing moderate-intensity exercises for thirty minutes every day.

After meeting your weight loss goals you can graduate to the company’s secondary weight loss maintenance plan.

The Optavia diet is available in various types as we shall see below.

5&1 Plan

Optavia Diet Food List

Optavia Diet Food List

In this plan, participants consume one meal from Lean and Green and five from Optimal Health Fuelings. 

4&2&1 Plan

This optavia weight loss diet is ideal for people who require flexible food options and some extra calories.

Here, participants will consume two meals from Lean and Green, four meals from Optimal Health Fuelings, and one snack daily.

3&3 Plan

This plan is ideal for people interested in maintaining their weight loss. It comes with three meals from Lean and Green and three from Optimal Health Fuelings.

Once you have followed the 5&1 plan for one and a half months, you can consume the following foods. 

  • Low-fat dairy products
  • All fresh fruits
  • Soybeans, lentils, beans, and peas
  • High fiber whole grains
  • Sweet potatoes. Irish potatoes, corn, and yams

You can also consume antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries and strawberries.

Remember, berries contain low-calorie levels and you can consume them as you transition from a traditional diet plan to the optavia diet, and on the 3&3 plan.

Foods to Include in Your Optavia Diet Food

If you are just beginning you will need to follow a good quality meal plan. Before developing your plan you must know what you can consume.

Here are some of the groceries you will need to purchase in preparation for your optavia diet journey. 

Shellfish and fish like salmon, trout, lobster, halibut, crab, shrimp, and scallops.

Meat including chicken, turkey, lamp, lean beef, pork chops, game meat, and ground meat which should be up to 85% lean

Soy should only be tofu


Healthy fats like almonds, olives, avocado, walnuts, and pistachios

Vegetable oils like walnut flaxseed, canola, and olive oil

Sugar-free snacks like mints, gums, popsicles, and gelatins

Low calorie vegetables like celery, collard greens, spinach, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, almonds, olives, avocado, walnuts, and pistachios jicama, zucchini, and squash

Condiments and seasonings like dried herbs, spices, lemon juice, sea salt, lime juice, yellow mustard, ketchup, sugar-free zero calorie sweeteners and syrup, cocktail sauce, and barbecue sauce. 


Optavia Diet Food List

Optavia Diet Food List

Purchase your beverages based on the Optavia diet guidelines. The diet advocates for plain water always but you can infuse it with your preferred flavors such as lemon or lime wedges and ice.

Your beverages should be calorie-free like unsweetened coffee, tea, diet soda, sodium-free seltzer, or sparkling water.

The optavia diet discourages the use of alcohol, especially for people living with diabetes.

Remember, alcohol leaves you dehydrated and adds empty calories to your body.

Further, alcohol will lower your self-consciousness, reducing your ability to resist the temptations of consuming unhealthy meals.

Optavia Fueling

Based on the Optavia diet food plan you choose, you will consume between five and two prepackaged meal replacements from the company per day.

You will also include between three to one low-calorie meals from your kitchen.

Usually, these low calorie meals are non-starchy veggies and lean protein. A big percentage of the food you consume on the optavia diet comes as prepackaged fuelings.

According to the Optavia diet company, each fueling contains the same nutritional value as portion-controlled meals.

As a result, you can consume them interchangeably, meaning you get the same nutrients whether you eat vegetable chili and red beans or a granola bar from optavia.

Some of the fueling you can choose include

  • Soups
  • Shakes
  • Bars
  • Cookies and brownies
  • Pretzels

Lean Protein Food Options

Optavia Diet Food List

Optavia Diet Food List

Your lean and green meals should comprise a five to seven-ounce part of homemade lean protein. Optavia differentiates between leanest, leaner, and lean protein sources based on these examples. 

  • Leanest: egg whites, shrimp, and cod
  • Leaner: chicken breast or swordfish
  • Lean: Pork chops, lamp, or salmon

Non-Starchy Veggie Options

Optavia Diet Food List

Optavia Diet Food List

The optavia 5 & 1 program allows you to combine non-starchy veggies with a protein option in your green and lean meal. These vegetables are categorized into higher, moderate, and lower carbohydrate sections as seen below.

  • Higher carb veggies: peppers or broccoli
  • Moderate carb veggies: summer squash or cauliflower
  • Lower carb veggies: salad greens

Healthy Fat Options

Apart from non-starchy veggies and lean protein, you can add approximately two healthy fat servings to your lean and green meal. Some healthy fat options include:

  • Flaxseed oil
  • Canola oil

Low-Calorie Condiment Options

Optavia Diet Food List

Optavia Diet Food List

Apart from the condiments we’ve mentioned above, you can choose:

  • Vinegar
  • Salsa

Whole Grain, Fresh Fruit, and Low-Fat Dairy Options

According to Optavia experts, you can add grain, dairy, and fruit servings to your food list once you reach your preferred weight. Some good options would be:

  • Greek yogurt
  • High fiber cereal, whole wheat English muffin, and whole-grain bread
  • Cottage cheese
  • Bananas, apples, and berries

Foods to Eliminate from Your Optavia Diet 

Optavia Diet Food List

Optavia Diet Food List

No food is prohibited on the Optavia diet but experts discourage various items like sweets. Other foods you should avoid include: 

All types of fried foods except the ones included in the fuelings

Coconut oil and butter

Any type of alcohol

All products made using refined cereals like white bread, biscuits, white rice, and pancakes. 

Cheese, yogurt, milk, and any other dairy fat product

Sweetened beverages like soda, fruit juice, energy, or sports drinks

High-Calorie Additions to Avoid

  • Mayonnaise
  • Butter
  • Sugary BBQ sauce

Desserts to Should Avoid

Optavia Diet Food List

Optavia Diet Food List – Desserts to Should Avoid

Optavia discourages the consumption of sweets. However, once you achieve your weight loss goals you can eat low-calorie sweets like flavored yogurt or fresh fruit.

Other desserts you should avoid include:

  • Cookies
  • Cake
  • Ice cream

The Optavia Diet also discourages the use of alcoholic and sugar-sweetened beverages like: 

  • Sweetened coffee
  • Soda
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Spirits


The Optavia diet is a weight loss program that helps users lose fat and weight. It recommends reducing calories by consuming portion-controlled snacks and meals.

It’s divided into three plans which you can follow without having to spend long hours in the kitchen cooking. 

The 5&1 plan can be restrictive while the 3&3 plan allows users to sample a wide range of foods and less processed snacks. 

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