Dukan Diet Attack Phase Meal Plan

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Meal Plan – Overview

The Dukan diet is highly famous for its numerous health benefits. Over the years, it has helped everyone, from high-end celebrities like Kate Middleton to middle-class people, achieve their specific health goals.

The diet mainly includes an increase in the consumption of low carbs and high protein in a regular diet.

For those new to this diet, the attack phase is the first phase of the Dukan diet and has strict rules for what you can eat and cannot.

The attack phase mainly focuses on increasing high-protein meals without any carbohydrates and is among the most critical parts of the Dukan diet plan.

The attack phase lasts a maximum of two to five days, benefiting those looking to maintain good health and lose weight.

Dukan Attack Phase Meal Plan – Why Carbs Are Not Important?

During its attack phase, one of the primary goals of the Dukan diet is removing carbs.

It might be an issue with those consuming starchy foods, a necessary part of everyday meals.

Carbs raise the calories in the diet, increasing the calories multifold.

Consuming fewer carbs leads to Ketosis, which reduces hunger and helps the body burn extra fat instead of carbs. It will ultimately lead to better weight loss.

In short, the weight you will lose during this Dukan diet phase depends on how much you can resist carbs.

Although the Dukan diet is high-protein, high protein consumption is essential to the Attack phase.

However, remember that switching to a protein-only diet would not help with weight loss either.

Are Carbs the Only Culprit When It Comes to Losing Weight?

Although minimizing the consumption of carbs and eating lean protein will certainly help in weight loss, some factors might hamper your progress.

Let us find out which factors can cause a hindrance to your goal of effective weight management.

1. Retaining water weight will slow the weight loss process. Water retention can happen for many reasons, including dehydration, medications, inactivity, or hormonal changes. Moreover, it is more common among women.

2. The Dukan attack phase meal plan might suffer a setback if your body resists dieting. Many factors can cause the body to become resistant to dieting, including stress, medications, aging, insensitivity, and sleep deprivation.

3. Lastly, basal weight also plays a vital role in helping you lose weight. It depends on how much weight a person can lose, which will be more likely in men with more weight than those with less weight.

The Dukan Attack Phase Meal Plan Foods List

Given below is the complete breakdown of the diet you need to consume with the Dukan attack phase meal

1. Animal-Based Proteins

  • The best thing about the Attack Phase of the Dukan diet is the person can consume animal protein such as lean beef, shellfish, fish, and poultry without any limits.
  • You can also have processed lean meat, including bacon, ham, sausages, and meat options, including rabbit, buffalo, ostrich, veal, and chicken.
  • However, you should avoid the skinny parts of all meat products due to high fat. It also applies during the cooking process.

2. Low-Fat Dairy and Eggs

Dukan Attack Phase Meal Plan

Low Fat Dairy Products

  • The Dukan diet is more about consuming protein, as you can have unlimited egg whites daily.
  • You can also consume chicken, as it offers more protein.
  • Concerning dairy products, one can consume cheese, milk, and Greek yogurt with a fat-free variation.
  • On the contrary, complex cheese options, such as cheddar cheese, are never allowed during this Dukan diet phase.

In short, you must be cautious about getting the maximum benefits from the Dukan diet plan.

3. Plant-Based Proteins

  • During the Dukan diet Attack phase, vegetables are your primary source of fiber. However, take due care when consuming carb content during this phase.
  • At the same time, you can consume plant-based protein, including soy, tofu, tempeh, and seitan. These are useful for making sandwiches and burgers.

4. Seasoning and Condiments

Dukan Attack Phase Meal Plan

Dukan Attack Phase Meal Plan – Seasoning and Condiments

  • The attack phase of the Dukan diet is the ideal option to start an overall fitness schedule with utmost diligence and dedication. It will ensure you get the best results.
  • However, it does not mean you need to eat food without added flavor, as you can add some flavors within a limit.
  • Here, you can choose salt, pepper, lemon, herbs, and spices to flavor the Dukan attack phase meal plan.
  • You can also choose some condiments, including vinegar, soy sauce, and mustard, but make sure they do not add unnecessary carbs.

5. Oat bran and permitted fluids

Oat bran is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of your Dukan diet attack phase and even though you are not allowed to have any starchy meals or celebration meals, this comes as one of the only carb sources in your Dukan diet attack phase.

As health experts worldwide have expressed concerns about keeping your gut healthy during the Dukan diet, oat bran offers the support it requires with its fiber-rich properties.

You can have 1 ½ tablespoon of oat bran daily, which must be supported by consuming lots of fluids.

Still, the fluid section must include only calorie-free drinks like water, coffee, tea or zero-calorie soda.

You can add specific amounts of added sweeteners, but sugar usage is highly prohibited in the attack phase.


Ultimately, the Dukan attack phase meal plan will work only when you are consuming food as per the set guidelines. It will help you achieve the weight loss goal and provide an overall boost of energy.

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