Dukan Diet Stabilization Phase (With Food List)

The Dukan diet stabilization phase is a crucial and challenging phase of the Dukan diet. No diet program can promise you will never gain weight again, and you must make an effort.

When you return to your old bad eating habits, it will be inevitable to gain weight again. This article will discuss how to avoid that through the Dukan diet stabilization phase.

Here is the Dukan Diet Stabilization Phase With the Food List

Dukan diet stabilization phase

All about the Dukan diet stabilization phase

To maintain your ideal life weight, avoid refined sugar, white flour, bad carbohydrates, and processed market products.

It would be good to switch to a diet based on vegetables, fruits, protein, beneficial carbohydrates, grains and nuts. The points to be considered in the protection phase are as follows:

  • You should moderately reintroduce various foods 6 days a week while still prioritizing the recommended food groups for weight maintenance.
  • Follow the slimming program closely, and apply what you have learned.
  • Set 1 day of the week as a protein day (see more on the Dukan diet attack phase food list).
  • Even proteins allowed in unlimited quantities in earlier phases should be consumed with discretion on the day of the stabilization phase when they are pure protein.

So, what are these foods?

What Not to Eat During the Dukan Diet Stabilization Phase?

Food list for Dukan diet stabilization phase

  1. Fatter portions of beef, such as tenderloin or steak: If you need to eat red meat, you can cook the leanest portions of beef and veal in the form of a grill, and you can eat veal-beef chops on other days of the week. Fillet is one of the leanest cuts of meat and can be consumed, but it’s important to note that some cuts, like certain steaks, may have more fat. You can eat them usually, but avoid them during these special protein days. But you should eat these meats by separating their fats and cooking them healthy and lean.
  2. While fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and sardines are generally allowed, opting for leaner white fish on protein-focused days is advisable for optimal diet adherence. For example, you can consume fish such as turbot, red mullet, catfish, grouper, and sea bream. Of course, by cooking with healthy cooking methods. Avoid eating seafood such as crab, shrimp and mussels these days if you know little about their oils.
  3. When consuming poultry, avoid the skin and fattier parts like wings and drumsticks, opting for leaner portions instead. You eat these parts the other days. On the other hand, Turkey is one of the least fatty types of poultry, and you can consume as much as you want. Rabbit, quail and pigeon can also be consumed on special protein days. But do not use oil while cooking them.
  4. Egg whites are a source of pure protein, whereas egg yolks also contain fats, making egg whites a preferred choice on protein-focused days. Again, choose only the egg whites for these days. But cook them without oil.
  5. Opt for yogurt and nonfat cheeses among dairy products, being mindful of the lactose content, especially on protein-focused days. In a regimen to be applied for weeks, this lactose does not alleviate the effect of a pure protein diet, so you can consume these non-fat milk products unlimitedly or at 700-800 grams daily. However, attention should be paid to the choice of food to limit the lactose intake in these special pure protein days, which should be made once a week. For example, if we compare low-fat yogurt with low-fat feta cheese, cheese contains more protein and less lactose, even though it brings the same amount of calories. However, consuming non-fat feta cheese instead of yogurt on this pure protein day is more advantageous. You can consume yogurt for the remaining 6 days of the week.
Dukan diet stabilization phase

Adopt an active lifestyle, such as taking the stairs instead of elevators, as a long-term health practice.

Also, don’t forget to live as if there were no elevators. Incorporate 3 tablespoons of oat bran into your daily diet as a consistent nutritional practice.

If you miss one of these measures, your weight control will be compromised. If you let them all down, sooner or later, you’ll regain all the weight you’ve lost.

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