What is Vegan Dukan Diet (Food List)

Ever heard of a vegan dukan diet that can make you reach your weight loss goals, without letting your compromise on your food choices? Yes, it is quite a possibility to practice a Dukan diet, the Vegan way.

We all know that a vegan diet prohibits any kinds of animal-based products within your meals. Well, we also do understand that a Dukan diet majorly focuses on food items that are high in proteins and low in fats.

So, is it possible to make a perfect combination of the two diet plans without disturbing their overall mechanism and effectiveness? Let’s find out.

What is a Vegan Dukan diet?

The rules are simple and straightforward- you have to go by all the three phases of the Dukan diet while including the plant-based food sources only.

To make it easier to understand, we must look into all the required macronutrients that we need to consume during the Vegan Dukan diet.

Key macro-nutrients to focus on during the Vegan Dukan diet

1. Proteins

Vegan dukan diet - Proteins

Vegan Dukan diet – Proteins

The phase 1 of the Vegan Dukan diet requires you to consume all the lean proteins and fewer portions of non-starchy vegetables. Now, as you cannot go for other protein options like meat, eggs, fish, etc on a vegan diet, you have to find the next best alternatives.

According to Dr. Dukan, the famous Dukan diet creator, the weight loss process can be based on Protein for two reasons. Firstly, our body takes more time to digest this protein, and hence, almost 25 % of energy derived from these foods gets spent on the digestion process only.

That further means that the body has consumed less energy than required during the day, and it now needs to use the fat content to make up the deficit.

The second reason, on the other side, is more physiological than physical. No matter what diet you are following, you may have to give up on your favorite sugary and junk food options.

So, while you are pushed to eat all those high-on protein food items in the Vegan Dukan diet, you may not prefer to go for larger portions or serving sizes. Eventually, you will consume fewer calories, and your body would then use the fat reserves to fulfill its energy requirements.

Now, here comes the big task. As you are now aware of the concept and mechanism around the Vegan Dukan diet, you now need to find the best vegan protein sources.

Well, to make it easier for yourself, you can refer to the below list of Vegan protein food options.

  • Soy milk, tofu, tempeh, and other soy-based foods
  • All of the seitan based foods like seitan strips
  • Low fat nut-milk options with no sugar ( almond milk or coconut milk)
  • Pea-protein based foods

Besides all the vegan protein options mentioned above, you can include protein powders that are made from plant-based food options like pea or soy. This way, you can easily cover up the daily protein requirements during the vegan Dukan diet.

2. Fibers

Vegan dukan diet - fibers

Vegan Dukan diet – fibers

Your body requires Fibers to keep its digestive system in shape. Hence, you got to consume the right amount of fibers to boost your metabolism during the Vegan Dukan diet.

Now, Dukan galette is one of the most commonly used daily fiber supplements around the world. Still, as it contains egg whites and yogurt, you cannot make it a part of your vegan Dukan diet.

Therefore, it’s always wise to go with the non-starchy vegetables like kale and spinach to fulfill the same fiber requirements

Again, once the attack phase is over, you can add a certain amount of starchy veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, or sweet potatoes as per your choice and preference.

3. Healthy fats

Vegan dukan diet - fats

Vegan Dukan diet – fats

Although many people don’t find any sense in including fats in a weight loss diet, the logic is otherwise. Like every other macronutrient, healthy fats have their significance in a few essential body functions.

So, while you are going ahead with a Vegan Dukan diet, try to opt for healthier fat options like nut butter, sugar-free dark chocolates, avocadoes, or olive oil.

Bottom Line for Vegan Dukan Diet

Its all about finding the right food options, and you can easily shed some good weight with this Vegan Dukan diet. Also, do consult with your doctor or physician before getting started.

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