Clean Your Body and Intestines: Kefir Diet for Weight Loss

What is the kefir diet for weight loss, and how is it applied? We will discuss this in this article, but first, let us say that it is very important to follow the kefir diet regularly.

People who consistently stick to the diet have lost up to 44 lbs in 4 months.

All About Kefir Diet for Weight Loss

It is possible to summarize kefir as a sour drink that results from the ferment of cow, goat or sheep milk with kefir yeast.

Especially due to the probiotics it contains, kefir, which strengthens the digestive system and intestines, has also helped those who try to lose weight because it provides faster and healthier digestion.

With fewer calories than milk (only 105 calories in a glass), kefir is at the center of the kefir diet, which helps eliminate extra weight by cleansing the intestines, hence the body.

How is The Kefir Diet Applied to Lose Weight?

Kefir diet for weight loss

Kefir diet for weight loss – How is the Kefir diet applied to lose weight?

The kefir diet is a type of diet that starts by drinking two glasses of kefir every morning on an empty stomach and allows you to choose all kinds of food according to your taste, except banned foods.

However, we also have a severe warning for those considering applying this diet. Since kefir stimulates the intestines, you may have diarrhea, especially in the first days.

Therefore, before following the diet, you should consult your doctor!

The kefir diet for weight loss includes banned foods and a two-week program. You should alternate this two-week program.

For the kefir diet that provides slow but healthy weight loss to work, you should follow it consistently, support it with exercise and drinking plenty of water, and keep your portions small.

Banned Foods on the Kefir Diet for Weight Loss

When you are on the kefir diet, you must avoid the following foods:








Bakery foods,



Kefir Diet for Weight Loss Sample Meal Plan

Kefir diet for weight loss sample meal plan

Week 1

  • When you wake up in the morning, you should consume 2 glasses of kefir on an empty stomach.
  • You can consume everything except prohibited foods in moderation at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should be careful to have protein at dinner. You can eat chicken one day, red meat one day, and fish one day a week.
  • You should never consume carbonated drinks.
  • After 08:00 p.m., you should not eat anything.

Week 2

  • When you wake up in the morning, you should start the day by consuming 2 glasses of kefir on an empty stomach.
  • You can eat anything except forbidden foods for breakfast, but again in moderation.
  • Unlike the first week, you should drink 1 glass of kefir half an hour before lunch and dinner.
  • In the evenings, you should choose meat or chicken with a salad and supplement the kefir diet with protein.

By the way, you can buy ready-made kefir or make it yourself at home. Even if it is a bit laborious and requires a lot of effort, homemade kefir will be more beneficial to your diet.

Let’s share the recipe for those who want to make kefir at home:

Homemade Kefir Recipe

Kefir diet for weight loss

Homemade kefir recipe


67.63 fl oz (2 liters) of milk
100 grams of kefir seeds (yeast)

Tips for Homemade Kefir Recipe

  • Take care not to touch any metal material on your kefir. Choose your spoon as a wooden spoon and your strainer as a plastic strainer.
  • Kefir grains can also be sold as kefir seeds or kefir yeast. You can also obtain it in natural products shops in this way.
  • The kefir you keep in a glass bottle will not last long because it is a natural beverage. So try to consume as fast as you can.


  1. Heat your milk. It should be lukewarm a little.
  2. If the cream has formed on it when it gets lukewarm at room temperature, take it with a wooden spoon, and be careful not to touch anything metal.
  3. Add kefir grains to the cooled milk. Mix it with the help of a wooden spoon.
  4. Then transfer it into a glass jar. Cover loosely with a cloth. Let it rest for about 24 hours at room temperature.
  5. When you remove the cloth, you will see clotting in your milk. When you see these, close the lid of the jar and let it rest in your refrigerator overnight.
  6. At the end of this 2-day process, pass your kefir through a plastic filter to purify it from clots. Transfer it into a glass bottle.
  7. You can consume it in the refrigerator by keeping it in a glass bottle.

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