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You’ve found the right article for a gluten free cornbread recipe. Now, we will share its recipe with you and you will find all the recipes you can make with that delicious bread.

All About Gluten Free Cornbread Recipe

Gluten free cornbread recipe

Gluten free cornbread recipe

Cornmeal, which is used to make many different dishes, is one of the most important nutritional sources that has been evaluated for centuries.

The benefits it provides can be astonishing, especially for those who will hear it for the first time. So what are these benefits?

Cornmeal Benefits

  • Natural cornmeal has a very effective potential, especially in skincare. Many people use it to prevent acne problems as it contains different vitamins and minerals.
  • This flour, which can also help reduce darkening on the skin, can prevent aging and support cell repair.
  • It is an important food source for those who want to stay away from gluten. Many recipes can be created with it and it is quite tasty.
  • It is very rich in terms of protein sources. So much so that 1 cup of cornflour contains more than 8g of proteins.
  • It provides a strong antioxidant effect and strengthens the immune system.
  • Also protects against many external pests such as bacteria and viruses.

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Can You Consume It As Much As You Want?

Corn flour is a natural flour. For this reason, it does not cause any harm to you in general. However, as with any food source, using this flour intensively can cause some problems.

In other words, you cannot use it as much as you want, like any food, it is beneficial to consume it in a controlled manner.

Diabetic patients may need to be a little more cautious about this flour, especially since it raises blood sugar. Apart from that, we recommend controlled consumption for those who have chronic intestinal disorders.

Because cornmeal can trigger gas problems in the intestines. Since it is also high in fiber, using it too much can cause some stomach problems.

Now you have all the information about cornmeal. Let’s see how to make gluten free bread from this flour.

We bring you a step-by-step recipe. Is that all? No, we also have brought many recipes that you can make with this bread. Here is the gluten free cornbread recipe with all the details…

Gluten Free Cornbread Recipe (1 Medium Bread)

Gluten free cornbread recipe

Step-by-step gluten free cornbread recipe

You will love this recipe, which you can prepare with the ingredients found in almost every home, and you will want to prepare it every week. Consume it with a cup of tea for breakfast or with Greek yogurt as a snack.

Per Serving

Calories: 490

Net Carb: 50g

Total Fat: 20g

Protein: 20g


Corn flour (0.4 cups)

Olive oil (2 tbsp)

Plain Greek yogurt (2 tbsp)

Egg (2, medium)

Baking soda (1 tsp)

Salt to taste

Recipe – 5min prep / 20min cooking time

Take the eggs in a bowl and whisk them.

Add the yogurt and olive oil.

Add the cornmeal and baking powder.

Blend with a hand blender.

After the mixture becomes completely homogeneous, add salt.

Pour the mixture into a non-stick pan, preferably 20 cm in diameter.

Recommendation: If you don’t have a non-stick pan, you may need to grease the bottom of the pan. Use olive oil for that.

Close the lid and cook on low heat for 8-10 minutes in a controlled manner.

Open the lid when the top part dries up and tiny pores form.

Carefully turn over and cook for another 5-7 minutes.

Then remove from the stove and slice and serve hot.

Tip: You can keep it in the freezer for up to 1 month. You can also consume it cold.

What Kinds of Recipes Can Be Made With Gluten-Free Cornbread?

1. Cornbread Yogurt

You can prepare a healthy snack for yourself with cornbread. Even if you want to have a light dinner, you can have it.

Mix as much plain Greek yogurt as you want with as much cornbread as you want. Season with a little salt and mix. You will love this porridge.

2. Salad 

Prepare a lemony salad consisting of small diced tomatoes, yellow onions, green peppers, cucumbers.

Top your salad with crumbled cornbread.

3. Milky Cornbread

Fill a cup of milk with crumbled cornbread.

But if you are going to use it with milk, don’t add salt while cooking the cornbread.

4. Vegetable Cornbread

Fry your favorite vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, peppers, potatoes.

Mix 1 clove of garlic with Plain Greek yogurt.

Arrange the vegetables on the bottom of the plate, pour the garlic yogurt on it.

Fill the top layer with crumbled cornbread.

Bonus Recipe: Gluten-Free Cornflour Cake Recipe (12 Slices)

Gluten free cornbread recipe

Gluten free cornbread recipe – Bonus recipe: Corn Flour Cake

Per Serving

Calories: 180

Net Carb: 28g

Total Fat: 6g

Protein: 4g


Cornmeal (2.5 cups)

Eggs (3 eggs)

Granulated sugar (0.5 cups)

Butter (2 tbsp, kept at room temperature)

Olive oil (2 tbsp)

Milk (0.5 cups)

Baking soda (1 tsp)

Lemon juice (0.5 lemons)

Lemon zest (1 lemon, grated)

Orange peel (1 orange, grated)

Butter (1 tsp, to grease the mold)

Recipe – 10min prep / 40min baking time

Put the eggs in a mixing bowl.

Add the granulated sugar and mix with a hand mixer until the sugar grains dissolve.

Add the butter and olive oil that you have kept at room temperature.

Keep mixing.

Add the milk, grated lemon zest, and orange peel to the cake batter and continue whisking.

Add the cornmeal and baking powder to the cake batter.

Mix all the ingredients with the help of a mixer until it becomes thick.

Grease the mold you will use with butter.

Transfer the cake batter to the mold.

Smooth the top with a spatula so that it rises evenly.

Bake in a preheated 180 C degree oven for 40 minutes.

After baking, rest for a short time.

Tip: For the cake to rise better, add the baking powder to the cake batter after mixing it with lemon juice.

2nd Version: For a second version of the cake: Instead of granulated sugar, grated orange, and lemon peel, add 2 tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt and as much curd cheese as you desire in addition to all the ingredients.


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