5 Powerful Paleo Smoothie Recipes

Paleo Smoothie Recipes

Practicing a paleo diet often gets monotonous with the same old recipes on the list.

Hence, bringing paleo smoothie recipes into the mix can help you make your health journey more flavorsome.

Now, while trying these recipes into your paleo meal plan, you must stay cautious about the choice of ingredients in the same respect.

The paleo diet brings the purest of plant-based and animal-based food sources to your platter.

Therefore, you cannot include all those artificial flavors and sweeteners.

So, once you are sorted with the ingredients, you can experiment with your Paleo smoothie recipes.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the handpicked Paleo smoothie recipes to back your weight loss efforts.

Recommended list of Paleo smoothie recipes

1. Paleo blueberry pie smoothie

Blueberry pie smoothie

The name ‘Blueberry pie’ may sound like a dessert on the first go. Still, the reality is otherwise, and this smoothie is as healthy as any other Paleo meal in your schedule.

There are no added sugars or added phosphate to this smoothie, so that you can enjoy it without any doubts and questions in your mind.

Overall, it is a boost of Blueberry fruit that makes the whole blend fresh and flavourful.

The recipe requires a combination of frozen blueberries, medium-sized bananas (cut into slices), and non-fat yogurt.

You can also use a tablespoon of old-fashioned rolled oats and almond butter for great taste. To give it an extra punch, you can top the mix with some sliced strawberries.

2. Avocado berry smoothie

This smoothie is a powerful boost with the combination of antioxidants that start from adding the berries and hold the creamy fat texture.

Besides, it is perfect due to avocado, which has enough antioxidants to power-pack your meals.

You can include this recipe in your breakfast, lunch, or snack, and it can easily replace your bland meals during the day.

Moreover, it will work as a nutritional, power-packed, super creamy, and satisfying smoothie for your taste buds.

What else? The smoothie comes without the addition of any artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Besides, including spinach, milk, and maple syrup gives this paleo smoothie a rich taste and texture.

3. Strawberries and cream smoothie

Paleo smoothie

Paleo smoothie – Strawberries and cream smoothie

Are you looking for a Paleo smoothie that tastes heavenly and gives you all the nutritional benefits? If yes, then you are surely going to fall in love with this dessert-like smoothie on the first go.

Besides all the other vital ingredients, this recipe includes coconut sugar for sweetening.

Also, including coconut milk will add that required creamy and smooth texture to the mix.

Now, once you are done with its preparation, top it up with some shredded coconut for that crunchy twist.

4. Strawberry Kiwi smoothie

This one is a rich Paleo smoothie packed with the goodness of kiwi and goes quite perfectly for those hot and humid summer mornings.

To make it more flavourful, you can add freshly squeezed lime juice and cane syrup.

Add them in peeled and sliced forms along with strawberries and you can expect that punch right with the first sip.

You can also include one banana to bring that thick, creamy texture to the smoothie.

While kiwis and strawberries will remain the base ingredients, you can experiment with the other according to your taste and preference.

5. Watermelon smoothie

This light and refreshing smoothie is perfect for beating the harshness of hot and humid summers.

Every ingredient in this mix is ideal for hydrating your body for long hours on those sunny days.

Besides, they also have anti-inflammatory as well as energy-boosting properties.

While watermelon and strawberries are the base ingredients of this smoothie, you can also add mint or apple to the mix according to your preferences.

Bottom-line for Paleo smoothie

The paleo diet takes us back to the Paleolithic age when early humans used to hunt and fish to go by their dietary requirements.

Hence, while you get ahead with these Paleo smoothie recipes, use only the permitted ingredients in the mix.

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