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2000 Calorie Smoothie – Overview

A 2000 calorie smoothie is no joke and only recommended to people on a dirty bulk- a bulk with no rules and limitations.

If you are super skinny and looking forward to getting some big gains like a ‘Hulk’, this 2000 calorie smoothie (shake) is undoubtedly the perfect recipe for your weight gain goals.

Your smoothie blender matters to preserve nutrients while preparing your smoothie. So make sure you have a decent smoothie blender.

This 2000 calorie smoothie will bring your fat to carb ratio higher so if you are already in shape you desire and you don’t regularly exercise to maintain your body just skip this smoothie. What is a 2000 calorie smoothie?

The smoothie is loaded with some big fat calories (2000 calories) that must be aimed to provide all the bulk energy and gains to your body. Not all 2000 calorie smoothies and meals are the same just because they have the same calorie counts.

Selecting the right ingredients for your smoothie will let you get the maximum benefit from every single of these 2000 calories. If you aren’t crazy about milk, you may want to try these vegan protein smoothie recipes

Now, while you know much about this 2000 calorie smoothie, let us take you through some of its key benefits in the process.

What makes this 2000 calorie smoothie the best?


You don’t need to spend all the time cooking and preparing your meals, and this smoothie would take just a few minutes of your day. The preparation is quite easy, so no matter if you are an office goer or a student, you can have this smoothie on the go.

Nutritional value

Although we are not focusing on the dietary aspects here, this smoothie still brings on some key healthy ingredients like protein powder, oats, and milk.

More energy in a quick time

The recipe for this smoothie is super quick, so you don’t need to spend minutes and hours digesting it like your meals. It’s also super efficient for people who want a quick energy dose after a long and hectic day in the office or in general.


Good health doesn’t cost you a fortune, and the same goes true with this 2000 calorie smoothie. All the ingredients used (protein, oats, ice cream, milk, banana) are quite inexpensive compared to those big fat chicken and steak meals.

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Guidelines to follow during the preparation of 2000 calorie smoothie

  • You cannot gulp the whole smoothie in one go so take your time and go easy about it
  • Don’t try to bring too many low-calorie ingredients as it is a dirty bulk smoothie
  • This smoothie is strictly for people looking to get some big gains over a specific time
  • Adjust your meals for the day after consuming the smoothie, as per your weight gain goals
  • Don’t compromise on the taste part else you will not be able to enjoy this smoothie to the core

List of ingredients required to prepare this 2000 calorie smoothie

2000 calorie smoothie

2000 calorie smoothie – Banana protein smoothie

  • Banana (2 nos)
  • Full-fat milk (2 cups)
  • Protein powder (2 scoops)
  • Vanilla ice cream (1 cup)
  • Olive oil/ Coconut oil (2 tbsp)
  • Steel-cut oats (½ cup)
  • Peanut butter (4tbsp)

Nutritional Values

Protein: 107g
Net Carb: 171g
Total Fat: 119g
Calories: 2000

Directions for preparing 2000 calorie smoothie

  • Before going any further, blend the oats in a grinder to avoid chunks forming in the smoothie. You can also soak them overnight if the grinder is not available.
  • Please don’t add the peanut butter or protein powder into the blender as the first ingredient, or else it will trigger the formation of those unwanted clumps in the mix. Doing this can also make it stick at the bottom and not mix well with the whole blend.
  • Try to keep the protein powder and ice cream from the same flavors or else you may find the taste a bit awful.
  • Put all the ingredients into the blender and top it up with water as per your taste requirements.
  • Place the blender on ‘high’ mode for 30 seconds.
  • Put the blend into 2-3 shakers or glasses to consume as per your needs and preferences.

Summing it up

A 2000 calorie smoothie can load you up with some quick energy within no time. Just be careful about the ingredients if you have any digestion issues.

Consult your physician if you aim to consume this smoothie regularly as you may need to adjust your fiber intake accordingly.

You can also replace the existing ingredients within this 2000 calorie shake recipe with your favorite ones to further enhance its taste and texture as per your requirements.

Furthermore, keep checking this space for some super-delicious healthy meals and recipes.

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