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Keto Meal Plan On A Budget – Overview

People often go by the misconception that the Keto diet is quite expensive and only high-end celebs can afford it. With keto on a budget meal plan by your side, you can always do the unthinkable.

The first thing you must understand in the same context is that your primary focus must be lowering the carb intake while increasing the protein and fat intake.

And yes, this is how you can achieve those weight loss goals on a keto diet without spending much.

Handy tips for going ‘Keto on a budget

  • Always keep your meals as simple as possible and you don’t need to experiment t a lot by including expensive food items.
  • Go for the seasonal fruits and vegetables that are less expensive than the other lot.
  • Try to buy chicken, meat, and poultry in bulk as that way, you can earn some good discounts and the items can then be adjusted in your weekly meals.
  • Check out the deals and offers on all the nearby grocery stores on food items that are a part of your ‘Keto on a budget list.
  • Opt for frozen food items instead of fresh, as that would cost you less than their fresh counterparts.
  • Plan your meals before heading to the grocery store, as that way, you can avoid buying stuff that is not necessary for your diet plan.
  • Go for cheaper protein options like eggs and chicken thighs to fulfill your daily protein requirements during Keto on a budget.
  • Surf through all the available online grocery stores that offer attractive discounts and offers every time of the year.

Grocery list for ‘Keto on a budget

  • Proteins-Eggs, Chicken thighs, canned tuna, pork chops, cottage cheese, whole chicken
  • Low-starchy vegetables-broccoli, cauliflower, celery, asparagus, green beans, cabbage, cucumber, eggplant, mushrooms
  • Low carb fruits-Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums, clementines, kiwi or cherries
  • Healthy fats– Shredded coconut(bulk), almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pecans, hemp hearts, chia seeds, flax seeds, Olive oils, and Avocado

Now, once you are prepared with your grocery list while keeping the above tips in mind, it’s time to plan your weekly meals for ‘Keto on a budget.

Weekly sample meals for Keto on budget

Day 1.

Keto on a budget

Keto on a budget – Egg salad

Breakfast- 1 serving of Scrambled eggs with spinach and cottage cheese with 2 cups of strawberries

Lunch- 1 serving of Caprese salad with an apple with almond butter

Dinner- 1 serving of cucumbers and egg salad with 2 servings of roasted broccoli

Day 2.

Keto on a budget

Keto on a budget – Fire roasted tomatoes with cheese

Breakfast- 1 serving of Garlic egg omelet with 1 apple

Lunch- 4 cups of strawberry flavored water with 2 servings of Caprese salad

Dinner- 1 serving of Fire roasted tomatoes with cheese with garlic roasted Brussell sprouts

Day 3.

Keto on a budget

Keto on a budget – Chicken kebabs

Breakfast- 4 servings of over-easy eggs with 2 cups of strawberries

Lunch- Almonds (2 oz)

Dinner- 1 serving of Chicken kebabs with 1 serving of sautéed spinach with onions

Day 4.

Keto on a budget

Keto on a budget-Almonds

Breakfast- 1 serving of sausage, eggs and cheese scramble with 1 apple

Lunch- Almonds (2 oz)

Dinner- 2  servings of Detox broccoli soup

Day 5.

Keto on a budget

Keto on a budget – Strawberry flavored water

Breakfast-  2 servings of Mushroom and pepper egg white omelet with 1 orange

Lunch- 4 cups of strawberry flavored water with 1 avocado

Dinner- 1 serving of shake and bake chicken strips with 6 spears of roasted asparagus

Day 6.

Keto on a budget

Keto on a budget – Cheese slices

Breakfast- 2 servings of Cream cheese omelet with 2 strips of bacon

Lunch- 2 servings of arugula salad with 2 servings of cheese slices

Dinner- 2 servings of warm bacon keto broccoli salad with 2 servings of easy-boiled eggs

Day 7.

Keto on a budget

Keto on a budget – Steamed broccoli

Breakfast- 1 serving of spinach scrambled eggs

Lunch- 4 cups of strawberry-flavored water with 1 avocado

Dinner- 1 serving of egg drop soup with 2 servings of steamed broccoli

Summing it up

Preparing your meals at the start of the week is always advisable so you don’t need to waste all the time and effort during the weekdays.

While the above-mentioned ‘ Keto on a budget meal plan does not carry any side effects, you must consult your doctor or physician before getting on board.

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