Keto Diet For Women (Benefits and Side Effects)

Keto Diet For Women – Overview

There are lots of questions and myths that surround the effectiveness of the Keto diet for women.

Firstly, people think that this diet plan is only made for men who want to build muscle and is not suitable for the health and well-being of women.

The keto diet is suitable for women, and many are following it to help them meet their fitness and weight loss goals.

As a woman, the keto diet can help you build lean muscle and sculpt your body. Good muscles aren’t for “getting ripped,” but it’s also for building elegant curves.

What is a Keto Diet for Women?

The rules and guidelines of this diet remain the same for women. You need to practice a diet that involves low carbs (5%), moderate proteins (20%), and Higher healthy fats (75%).

You also need to keep track of your daily calorie intake, as that is the only way to reach your desired weight loss goals.

A recent study on a group of women showed that the women who followed the keto diet lost more weight ( around 18%) than those who did not.

While the keto diet for women drastically reduces your daily carb intake, it is a highly beneficial diet plan for women with high blood sugars and even type 2 diabetes.

On the other side, a medical study conducted on 50 women ascertained that following a keto diet for women can help them avoid certain types of cancers.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the best benefits you can expect while practicing a keto diet for women

What are the Benefits of the Keto Diet for Women

1. Weight loss

Keto diet for women

Keto diet for women – Weight loss

After looking at the studies and observations mentioned above, it is quite evident that a keto diet can make you lose some significant weight within a short timeframe.

All you need to do is stay disciplined and determined with your food choices and routines.

If we talk about the numbers, you can easily cut down 10-15% of your body fat just within 12 weeks.

2. Helps in controlling blood sugar levels

Blood sugar

In 2019, a case study was conducted on a 65 year old woman by a group of doctors.

The study demonstrated that even after being a patient with type 2 diabetes and depression for 25 years, the woman has been able to drop her HbA1c out of the diabetic range.

It was not just about the diet, and she supported the routine with some high-intensity exercise and psychotherapy treatment alongside

3. Helps in avoiding the risk of cancer

Keto diet for women


The keto diet for women has shown exemplary results, not only in preventing the risk of certain types of cancers but also in its effectiveness as a complementary treatment of the same medical condition.

According to a medical study conducted on a group of 40 women with ovarian or endometrial cancer symptoms, the keto diet has been effective in stopping the IGF-1 hormone’s growth.

The hormone triggers the spread of cancer cells in the human body.

The researchers have also quoted a significant drop in the blood sugar levels within the same group that eventually hampered cancer cells’ growth and progression.

Although the keto diet is highly beneficial for women’s overall health and well-being, it also carries certain side effects.

Side Effects or Risks Associated with the Keto Diet for Women

There have been evidence and observations that confirmed that the Keto diet for women might increase the risk of certain heart-related issues. The keto diet may increase LDL( bad) cholesterol levels.

Although the studies and observations are yet to be verified in detail, you must stay cautious while practicing this diet plan.

Also, push for healthy (unsaturated fats) instead of unhealthy ( saturated) ones.

Besides all the abovementioned health risks, a Keto diet isn’t recommended for women who are :

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Diagnosed with certain liver or kidney-related health issues
  • Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
  • Diagnosed with pancreatitis
  • Having certain disorders that affect fat metabolism
  • Having certain deficiencies like carnitine deficiency

Bottom Line for Keto Diet for Women

Although the Keto diet for women has benefits and risks, it is highly advisable to practice it under a qualified doctor or physician’s supervision.

You must also monitor your daily calorie intake and food choices to reach your desired weight loss goals within the specified time.

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