Is Watermelon Keto Friendly?

Is Watermelon Keto Friendly – Overview

Watermelon is mostly everyone’s favorite fruit because of its juicy and sugary properties. Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, but some fruits are unsuitable when you follow a diet plan just because of their sugar content.

Watermelon is the most confusing name among fruits when it comes to the keto diet. Is watermelon keto friendly? Let’s find out the answer!

Watermelon tastes good and is highly recommended because It’s full of nutrients and easy to digest. But can you have it while following the keto diet? Watermelon has natural sugar content and other nutrients that keep your body fit and hydrated.

A ketogenic diet is all about cutting down on carbs intake. You can have foods full of fat and a moderate amount of protein, but you can’t take carbs. Since watermelon has natural sugar, people have questions about having it during the ketogenic diet period.

Well, Watermelon is a good choice for you even if you follow a ketogenic diet. Why watermelon is keto friendly? Here’s the answer!

Why Watermelon is Keto Friendly?

Watermelon has low calories and low carbs. It’s a perfect fruit to have during the breakfast period and it is good for everyone.

Is Watermelon Keto Friendly

Why Watermelon is Keto Friendly

It has 92% of water content which helps boost your digestion system. It improves your energy level and maintains your body’s water level.

Besides this, Watermelon has several other nutrients that help keep your body fit and healthy. It has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium. Watermelon is considered the perfect fruit for the skin.

It also has natural antioxidants that improve your immune system and boosts your metabolism. The reason why people who follow the keto diet should add this fruit to their diet is it is low in carbs.

Carbohydrates in Watermelon

Watermelon comes in different shapes and sizes. Here, we have prepared a table that describes how many carbs there are in different quantities of watermelon.

100 grams of watermelon7.55
1 cup watermelon diced11.5
1 cup watermelon balls11.6
1 wedge of watermelon21.6

Watermelon Nutrition Facts

The nutritional breakdown per 100 grams of watermelon is as below:

NutrientNutritional Value
Calories30 grams
Fat0.2 grams
Protein0.6 grams
Carbs8 grams
Dietary fiber0.4 grams
Cholesterol0 mg
Potassium112 mg
Sodium1 mg

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is not just good for your health but also fulfills your cravings for tasty food. The reason why most fitness freaks add watermelon to their daily diet is its health benefits. Here, we have prepared a list of the health benefits of watermelon.

1. Prevents Diseases

Watermelon has diseases-fighting antioxidants that prevent your body from attracting diseases. One of the antioxidants found in watermelon fights against cancer cells. It also protects your heart by maintaining the flow of blood.

2. Keeps You Hydrated

As noted above, watermelon contains 92% of water, which makes it the best food to keep you hydrated. When your body’s water weight drops, the electrolyte counts decrease. Watermelon balances the level of water in our body and also maintains the count of electrolytes.

3. Reduces Weight

If you have gained some extra pounds around your body and want to cut off that fat, then watermelon is there to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Watermelon’s high water content and low carb count keep your body full of energy.

4. Regulates Blood Pressure

Watermelon is considered the best food for regular blood pressure. Studies have seen that it is good for elderly people suffering from blood pressure. The antioxidants present in watermelon widen arteries that regulate blood pressure.

5. Reduces Inflammation

Watermelon reduces chronic inflammation. With the help of antioxidants, it reduces the risk of attracting diseases. If you take anti-inflammatory food in your diet, you will be free from diseases as anti-inflammatory foods defend against illness.

Are there any risks associated with Watermelon during Keto-diet?

There is no risk associated with watermelon. However, if you are diabetic, then there are some risks due to its high sugar level. Watermelon is a sugary juicy fruit that is not recommended for those suffering from diabetes.

Moreover, watermelon is high in fructose, which is yet another type of sugar and can be harmful. Fructose increases fat in your liver and also increases uric acid.

Watermelon has a low amount of dietary fiber, which can invite constipation and other digestion problems while following a ketogenic diet.

Take Away!

Watermelon is indeed a keto-friendly fruit, but you have to take it with precautions. If you are suffering from any type of disease, then you should consult with your doctor first before adding it to your diet, as it is full of sugar.

Those following the keto diet should take it in the morning. One can even prepare different types of recipes with watermelon as one of the ingredients to suit their taste buds while following their diet plan.

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