What is Dukan Diet Attack Phase Anyway?

If you are interested in dieting, you have probably heard a lot about the Dukan diet, and its phases formulated to help you lose and keep weight off.

Many Dukan dieters use Duchess Kate Middleton as a role model for achieving fantastic results.

However, we all know that dieting outcomes are different for everyone, and even the Dukan phases promise diverse amounts of weight loss.

So, when you start the beginning Attack Phase, how much weight can you expect to lose? Well, there are many aspects to consider, and it begins with how well you follow the rules of the Attack Phase.

Before you continue check out the Dukan diet’s side effects in case you have any health condition that may stop you from following this plan.

Make Sure You Don’t Break the Attack Phase’s Rules

In general, the Attack Phase consists of all protein days that require eating unlimited amounts of lean meat.

Additionally, you drink plenty of water, include 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran, and walk or perform light cardio for twenty minutes every day.

That’s it for the Attack Phase. You don’t count your calories; you can eat until you are full! Don’t skip meals since your nutrient consumption is limited for this phase.

Most importantly, stay hydrated to avoid experiencing adverse effects like headaches and possibly constipation.

When you deviate from the regime, you break the developing ketogenic process that is firing up your weight loss. During this phase, it is essential to stay away from carbs!

The Point of Eliminating Carbs

Dukan diet attack phase

Dukan diet attack phase

A substantial goal in the Attack Phase is to eliminate carbs from your diet. Dieters may have trouble with this because starchy foods are often stable components of meals.

However, there are reasons why Dukan’s phase wants you to avoid carbs altogether. First, limiting the carbs consumed creates ketosis.

Ketosis reduces feelings of hunger and promotes your body to burn fat instead of carbs; which leads to improved weight loss.

Second, carbs raise your diet’s calorific value; meaning, your calories begin to quickly multiple. So, the amount of weight you lose during the Attack Phase also depends on how well you stay away from carbs.

Even though high protein diets like Dukan’s Attack Phase implement fast weight loss, switching to all-protein alone, and eliminating carbs, won’t guarantee optimal weight loss results.

Several Influences that Affect Your Weight Loss During Dukan’s Attack Phase

As much as lean protein and a low-carb diet will help promote weight loss, there are additional influences that may affect your progress.

  1. Basal Weight. Your basal weight will play a role in how much weight you lose. Mainly, a person with more weight is likely to drop a higher number of pounds than a thinner person.
  2. Water Retention. Retaining water weight can slow the overall weight loss process. Some reasons why people keep water weight include dehydration, inactivity, medication, and hormonal fluctuation that is more common in women.
  3. Diet Resistance. Unfortunately, our bodies can sometimes resist dieting efforts. Numerous elements that cause diet resistance include sleep deprivation, stress, medication or medical conditions, age, and insensitivity derived from habitual eating.

Despite some obstacles, a vital component of weight loss during Dukan’s Attack Phase is how long you follow the phase.

Your Potential Weight Loss Based on How Long You Follow the Attack Phase

Often, determining how long you follow the Attack Phase depends on how much weight you want to lose. For example:

  • The most common Attack Phase length is 5 days and targets a drop of 4 to 10 pounds if you’re going to lose approximately 20 to 45 pounds on the Dukan diet.
  • People desiring to lose less than 15 pounds total can use just 1 day for the attack Phase to shed about 2 pounds.
  • Alternatively, allowing 3 days of the attack Phase for faster phase transition generally supports a loss of 2 to 6 pounds.
  • You can lose at least 10 pounds if following the Attack Phase for 10 days, with permission from your doctor.

In general, you can expect an approximate amount of weight loss depending on how long you decide to follow the Attack Phase.

Making the Most out of the Dukan Attack Phase

The Dukan Attack Phase guarantees weight loss, no matter what. However, many factors influence the number of pounds you can drop.

Although sticking to the phase’s rule of eating unlimited amounts of lean protein is a terrific start, you also need to consider influences outside of following the rules; like water retention and diet resistance.

Don’t be surprised if your weight fluctuates both in and out of the Dukan Attack Phase. Fluctuations in weight do not represent your true weight loss progress.

Finally, choose how long you want the Attack Phase to last so you can compare your progress with the expected weight loss, to determine if you may need to extend the phase period for optimal results.

Like with any changes in your diet, consult your physician to ensure you can follow the phase length without unintentionally causing adverse effects!