Dukan diet plan

From calorie counting to low-carb diets, dieters are trying various methods to lose excess weight. One popular diet taking the world by storm is the Dukan Diet.

Millions of people globally are switching to the Dukan Diet because of the fast, incredible results it promises. Do you want to lose weight? If you do, read why you should follow the Dukan Diet below!

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A Snapshot of the Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is the creation of a French doctor, Dr. Dukan, who has three decades worth of specializing in eating habits. It took approximately two decades’ worth of research for Dr. Dukan to perfect his diet regime. The diet breaks into four phases:

  • Attack phase
  • Cruise phase
  • Consolidation phase
  • Stabilization phase

Each phase has different restrictions or requirements, but the overall concept is all protein days in the beginning, and then only needing one protein day a week in the end for weight management.

You start strong with the strictest requirements and enjoy fewer restrictions as you progress through the diet. All phases have the commonality of unlimited amounts of lean protein.

Why Should You Try a High Protein Diet Like the Dukan Diet?

Dukan diet plan

Dukan diet plan – High protein

High protein diets concentrating on consuming lean protein are not just a crazy fad. Research supports that protein positively affects weight loss. For example, protein intake:

  • Burns more calories than carbs as your body digests and metabolizes protein-enriched foods.
  • Increases hormones that reduce appetite and decrease hunger hormone levels.
  • Decreases your calories consumed and increases the calories burned.
  • Boosts your metabolism, which increases the amount of daily burned calories.
  • Reduces cravings and urges to snack.

Although you should still be conscious of nutrient intake, high protein diets offer immense benefits geared towards weight loss!

Is the Dukan Diet Doable?

Many people don’t try diets because they feel that dieting is impossible or extremely difficult. Although you will face challenges in any diet, the Dukan Diet plan is both manageable and achievable. Some examples of why this diet is doable include:

  • Celebration meals and starchy foods are available weekly in the third phase, so you don’t feel deprived or binge from completely denying yourself of tempting food.
  • You can eat unlimited amounts of diet-approved foods so you don’t go hungry, unlike how you may feel in other diets such as calorie counting.
  • Even though sugary foods, both natural and processed, are restricted, you can still use artificial sweeteners to enhance the flavors of your recipes.
  • There are plenty of recipes available that are easy to follow and offer a variety of methods to cook the foods.
  • The stabilization phase is a long period that allows you to enjoy less restricted meals and manage your weight.

Overall, the most complicated part of the Dukan Diet is ensuring you are using the right foods during the appropriate phases, which isn’t too hard when you reference the official Dukan Diet website for guidance.

What Should You Keep in Mind?

Like any form of dieting or significant eating habit changes, you should consult your primary care physician to determine if the diet can promote any risks for you. Similar to the Atkins Diet, another high protein and low carb diet, there are praises and criticism for the Dukan Diet.


  • Weight loss results are fast, and most of the weight loss does not come back.
  • The diet still allows for cheat days and favorite treats when you reach the last two phases, so you are not deprived of comfort and enjoyable foods.
  • Most Dukan Diet recipes are easy to follow, use common ingredients, and don’t require complicated or expensive utensils to cook the dishes.
  • Exercise is still necessary for the diet to promote health and the minimum exercise requirement is easy to accomplish every day.
  • The official Dukan Diet website provides everything you need to know and informational resources to help you.


  • It’s possible to gain some weight back because the stabilization phase is not as extreme as the attack phase.
  • Vegetarians will have difficulty with the attack phase because of the limitations with available protein-approved foods.
  • The attack phase may increase cholesterol levels due to high protein and egg intake.
  • Reduced fruit and vegetable consumption for the first two phases can cause issues from lack of nutrients; such as missing necessary fiber intake for bowel movements.

Test the Dukan Diet for Yourself

Dieting doesn’t have to be impossible, and the Dukan Diet is designed to be achievable and manageable.

The foundation of protein consumption has support from research for benefiting weight loss. Hundreds of materials and resources are available, and the weight loss system is entirely doable.

Try the Dukan Diet for the week and watch the pounds melt away!

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