Dukan diet rules are the least understood and most undervalued when it comes to shredding weight effortlessly.

Like other popular diets, the Dukan diet also assists in losing extra weight. But, there is no hunger and starvation included in the entire scenario.

Dukan diet is a high protein – low-carbs – a low-fat diet plan that guarantees rapid weight loss.

Not only the popular diet helps in weight loss but keeps it permanently stable to avoid gaining all the weight back.

Well, it depends on how well you follow the guidelines and rules to stay in shape.

Dukan Diet: An Overview of World-famous Weight Loss Diet

This popular diet is more of a theory than a balanced meal plan to shed some weight.

The diet allows only protein-rich foods while limiting carbs, fats, and all other resources. When following the Dukan diet plan, the body starts gaining energy from the stored fat in the body.

Protein-rich diets are easy to digest and contain fewer calories as compared to fat-rich or carb foods.

Dukan diet promises about 8-10 pounds weight loss in the first one or two weeks, while 2-3 pounds a week after that.

You can continue with the diet plan until the weight-loss goal is reached.

But, following appropriate Dukan diet rules is necessary to achieve that True Weight, which is a balanced weight that you get and keep for life.

The True Weight is calculated according to the weight-loss goal, weight-loss history, gender, age, and many more factors.

Dukan diet is mainly a High-protein diet, in which most percentages of daily calories come from protein.     

Dukan Diet Rules: Do’s & Don’ts for Rapid Weight Loss

Dukan diet comes with a myriad of rules. And, you need to follow all of them to lose weight and do not gain it back.

When on the Dukan diet, you need to stop old-eating habits and follow the guidelines to lose weight.

Now, allow us to explain some rules to make the weight-loss process easier.

Here we go!

  • Only Proteins During the Attack Phase

Dukan diet rules

Dukan diet rules – Proteins

Too bad? Yes! You cannot eat anything except proteins during the attack phase.

It is the first stage of the Dukan diet that claims at least 8-10 pounds of weight loss in not more than 10 days.

Dukan diet includes a list of approved 100 foods to eat during the entire process.

Of these foods, 68 are animal-based (low in fat & carbs), and 32 are plant-based (non-starchy vegetables).

Dieters can consume only the approved 100 foods and not carb-heavy or fat-rich diets.

  • Starchy Veggies During the Second Phase

The second phase, also recognized as the Cruise Phase, helps accomplish True Weight by shredding 2-3 pounds every week after the attack phase.

During this phase, you cannot eat starchy veggies, and only the approved 28 from the list.

However, the Cruise Phase adds 32 more veggies to the list with 68 protein-rich foods.

There are Only Protein and Protein + Veggies days in the second phase. These can also be taken on alternate days.

The Dieters stay in this phase until the “Goal Weight” or “True Weight” is reached.

  • Exercise is an Absolute Must

Dukan diet rules

Dukan diet rules – Exercise

During all the phases, spending time exercising and doing physical activities is extremely necessary.

One should indulge in exercise for at least 30-45 minutes a day, without skipping.

With a lot of physical activities, it would be great to walk for about 20-30 minutes to maintain body shape.

You can choose stairs instead of the lift, whenever possible, to balance the exercise routine.

  • Never Skip Oat Bran

Oat bran is the only source of carbs during this strict dieting.

Never skip oat bran from the daily diet and consume at least 2-3 tablespoons each day to maintain glucose and sugar levels.

The risks of malnourishment are more when one only eats proteins and no other carbs and fats. Oat bran will fill up these gaps.

Dieters can still go for Pure Protein day once a week for fast & better results. Pure Protein day works better in the Attack Phase.


  • No Alcohol at All

Alcohol produces bad results when dieting. It enhances the sugar levels in the body and also contains fat.

Alcohol is completely banned during all the phases of the Dukan diet or until you reach the final phase.

To maintain the new slim body for the rest of your life, avoid alcohol until the Consolidation or Stabilization Phase.

  • Consume Approved Foods Only

Dukan diet rules

Dukan diet rules – Oat

Be it protein, carbs, fats, or any other energy resource, dieters can only consume approved foods.

Dukan diet promises rapid weight loss within the first two phases. And, overlooking the specific guidelines would not result in weight loss but gaining.

It is a low-carb low-fat meal plan, which transfers the body to the fat-burning stage. So, consuming anything out of the approved 100 foods might result negatively.

Dukan Diet in a Nutshell

All in all, taking expert advice before going for the Dukan diet plan would help positively.

Following the above discussed Dukan diet rules is a safe and effective, tried and tested technique to lose weight and get in shape.

Happy Dieting!   

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