Today, you decided to give the Dukan diet plan a chance. You are sick of having difficulties losing weight, continually facing restrictions, and you want to have a path to your true weight that is both doable and manageable. The Dukan Diet may be perfect for you because the diet focuses on specific eating habits to target fat burning at the beginning, and conveniently enjoy the maintenance portion of the diet. However, if you feel unconfident about committing to the plan, take a moment to keep reading. Below are techniques to help you achieve the Dukan Diet!

1. Consult with Your Doctor or Nutritionist

Before starting your Dukan Diet schedule, or whenever you make significant changes to your diet, consult your physician or nutritionists. Although the maintenance portion of the diet is easy to maintain, other parts of the diet – especially the beginning – are tightly restricted. Diet restrictions may or may not cause problems like:

  • Malnourishment
  • Overworked organs
  • Excessive sweating
  • Mood swings

The Dukan Diet emphasizes large consumptions of lean meat. Like other high protein diets or diets in general, there can be risks for people with preexisting conditions. Communicating with your healthcare team will help determine if you are susceptible to risk when you start the diet and what you can do to eliminate those risks.

2. Make Sure to Keep Track of Your Water Intake

When you are eating unlimited lean protein, it’s essential to drink lots of water. High-protein diets can cause risks of dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, toxins cannot flush from your body. Additionally, your kidneys can become overworked; even fail in severe cases. Therefore, the Dukan Diet requires you to drink plenty of water! Otherwise, you will have a difficult time or be unable to complete the diet!

3. Have A few Dukan Menus Readily Available

Next, to help you be successful with your Dukan Diet, you should have Dukan approved menus for you to reference. It’s easy to follow a diet when you know what to eat, and parts of the Dukan diet may or may not be hard to follow without assistance. For example, the attack phase is protein-based and fueled mainly by lean meats. For vegetarians, this phase can be challenging to accomplish the required protein intake without having menus available for meal plans. Additionally, some days, where you feel busy or too tired, will create temptations to break from the diet, and food menus that are easy to access will help keep you on track. Some recipes you will want to have in your kitchen include:

  • Seasoned lean meat dishes
  • Flavorful low carb vegetables
  • Oat bran easy-to-make creations
  • Fruity staples
  • Reduced calorie dinners
  • Fat-free recipes

4. Visit the Official Dukan Diet Website

The possibly most insightful technique you can use for success is directly visiting the Dukan Diet website here. The official website is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about following the diet. There is a ton of information and resources available on the site that is not limited to:


  • Online coaching
  • A detailed explanation of the four phases
  • Tips from Dr. Dukan (the creator of the Dukan Diet)
  • Monthly menus and recipes
  • Featured superfoods
  • Lists of accepted foods
  • Informational articles
  • Engaging forum
  • Testimonies


Further information about the diet is important because personalization is beneficial. What you eat during the phases depends on how much weight you want to lose or other things; at least, when you want the quickest and best results possible. Even if you don’t regularly rely on guidance from the website, the content does give good-to-know information and tips!

5. Create A Support System

Finally, it is essential to set yourself up for success by creating a support system. Have a trusted person you can go to when you feel frustrated or tempted to quit the diet. Even better, see if you can have a friend or family try the diet with you! Additionally, keep a journal to write in to help you stay focused and vent your dieting aggravations. Toss out all the junk and non-approved Dukan Diet foods. That way, you won’t have an increased risk of eating bad foods on days where you feel weak. If you need to, purchase books that will help educated and inspire you to stick with the diet.

Keep the Techniques Up Your Sleeve

Are you ready to start your Dukan Diet now? If you still have doubts, think about Kate Middleton – if she can do it, so can you! Consult with your health practitioners to ensure you are safely dieting. Browsing the official Dukan Diet website and having valuable menus ready to use will help you stay on the right path. Most importantly, drink water. Water is essential when you consume large or unlimited amounts of protein. Having these handy techniques in mind will assist you with success for your Dukan Diet!