Spring Detox Diet | 7 Pounds in One Week

The spring detox diet that helps you lose 7 lbs in 1 week will also cleanse your body. So what exactly is this detox diet and how is it applied?

The answer to all your questions and a sample meal plan can be found below!

Let’s Find Out the Spring Detox Diet to Lose Weight While Cleansing the Body

With the arrival of spring, almost everyone starts to think about the extra pounds gained in winter. Immediately we wonder, “How can I get rid of these pounds?”

With the addition of our need for nutrients that support our health, spring has become a complete cleansing season for our bodies.

Let’s learn together what spring detox is, and it is possible to lose 7 lbs in 1 week. Then let’s take a closer look at this diet with a sample spring detox diet list.

What is The Spring Detox Diet?

A detox is a special nutritional program that is applied for a short time.

The spring detox is used to purify the body from harmful substances in the spring, get rid of the seasonal weight gain in winter, and prepare for the summer.

Although the detox can be applied at any time, it is best for spring because most of the fresh vegetables recommended in this diet are in season in spring.

As with all other detox programs, the main purpose of the spring detox is not to lose weight. It is to ensure that the body gets rid of toxins, that is, foreign substances.

However, due to the foods and drinks that we support in the process of purifying our body from these harmful substances, positive developments such as fat burning and edema are also experienced, and the detox can also help to lose weight.

One of the benefits of the detox is that it is good for that mental and physical fatigue, known as “springtime fatigue”, experienced during seasonal changes.

Let’s not go without saying this and learn how to make a spring detox that will save you from extra pounds and spring fatigue while cleansing your body.

How to Apply a Spring Detox Diet

Let’s warn you at the beginning: Detox programs can cause different results from person to person, so the best thing for everyone would be to create a detox nutrition program suitable for their body and lifestyle by getting support from nutritionists and dieticians.

The sample spring detox list below will give you a general idea:

Before breakfast:

In a large jug, put fresh lemon slices, a small piece of shredded or cut into small pieces of fresh ginger and fresh mint leaves and mix well.

Drink 1 glass of water from this mixture in the jug sip. If you have trouble drinking, you can add a small amount of honey.


4 tablespoons of curd cheese or 1 boiled egg,

black cumin (to be sprinkled on the cheese or egg),

a large bowl of greens (Fresh dill, parsley, mint, arugula, etc.),

1 tomato,

1 cucumber,

1 piece of red pepper.

As a drink, you can choose herbal teas or freshly pressed fruit juices.

However, it is not recommended to consume black tea during the detox period.


1 bowl of yogurt or 1 glass of kefir, 2-3 strawberries


1 plate boiled vegetable dish (artichoke, fresh broad beans, purslane), 4 tablespoons of cooked bulgur, 1 bowl of yogurt or buttermilk


3-4 pieces of walnuts or almonds,

1 glass of strawberry-mint detox water (You can prepare this water one evening in advance.

Add 5-6 pieces of fresh strawberries and a few sprigs of fresh mint into 1 jug and let it soak.

If you get hungry, you can also consume 1 bowl of low-fat yogurt as a snack.


1 bowl of soup (such as low-fat zucchini, lentil, or cabbage soup), a vegetable dish that you bake or steam (low fat), a large bowl of salad


2-3 medium-sized strawberries, 1 cup of green tea

Consume the ginger and strawberry detox juices you prepare in jugs during the day as they get thirsty and if possible finish them all within 1 day.

Prepare it fresh again for the next day. You can prepare both the night before.

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