Lemon Cayenne Maple Syrup (Recipe and Side Effects)

If you have found yourself with extra pounds around your belly, then there are many weight loss diets available for you to lose those extra pounds naturally.

Besides losing weight, such diets help to detoxify your body.  Today, we are up with lemon cayenne maple syrup, the primary diet plan for losing bodyweight quickly and for the detoxification of your body.

The Lemon Cayenne Maple Syrup is the best solution to lose weight while cleansing your internal organs. It’s a 10-day cleansing diet that is perfect for all types of users.

This 10-day cleansing diet is known as the lemonade diet. The best thing about this syrup it is easy to prepare as it doesn’t require any type of special ingredients.

If you are eager to know more about this syrup, then hang in here with us. We have provided all the information about this syrup here. We have also included the full recipe that will help you to prepare this syrup at your home.

Lemon Cayenne Maple Syrup Recipe

This 10-day cleansing diet is the perfect solution for detoxification. It’s a great diet for losing weight naturally and in a short period. Use fresh ingredients to get the best results from this 10-day diet.

Note: The following recipe is for a single-serve. You can prepare it as per your requirements by following the same steps. Just add the required ingredients accordingly.


  • ½ large lemon juice approx 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of real maple syrup
  • 1/10 ground cayenne pepper
  • Filtered water


Take a glass and fill it in with filtered water. Add fresh lemon juice, real maple syrup, and cayenne pepper as per the requirements. Mix up these ingredients well and leave them overnight inside the refrigerator.

Lemon is the primary source of Vitamin C and is known as the best antioxidant. Lemon juice promotes weight loss by boosting your digestive system. It also improves your immune system by removing toxins from the organs.

Natural maple syrup also has antioxidant properties that boost your immune system and keep your body healthy. The cayenne pepper’s detoxification properties detoxify your body’s organs quickly.

To get the best results from this syrup, you should have it early in the morning. If your goal is to detoxify your body, then follow the above-listed ingredients to prepare the syrup.

If you want to lose body weight with this diet, then add only 1 tablespoon of maple syrup.

A healthy adult should take up to 6 glasses of this lemon cayenne maple syrup for 10 days as it’s a 10-day cleansing diet.

Lemon Cayenne Maple Syrup Diet Plan

The master cleanses diet or the lemon cayenne maple syrup diet has three different phases. You have to follow these phases if you want to see quick results from them.

Phase 1: Stop taking unhealthy foods such as junk foods, fried items, desserts, sugary items, etc.  You can take a single piece of toast in the morning during breakfast time.

Phase 2: This phase is quite important and the toughest one as it lasts longer i.e. throughout the diet period. In this phase, you have to consume lemonade detox water throughout the day. Take up to 6 glasses of detox water.

Phase 3: After completing the 10 days of detox water, you can start adding a cup of yogurt and some dry fruits. You can gradually increase the intake of other food items.

Benefits of Lemon Cayenne Maple Syrup

The primary benefit of this syrup is it reduces body weight faster. It also cleans your body’s internal organs by removing toxins naturally.

The ingredients used to prepare this syrup that carries antioxidant properties that boost your metabolism system.

After taking this syrup in the morning, you will feel bloated and avoid food intake naturally. Less food intake leads to burning more calories from your body ultimately reducing body weight.

Moreover, lemon juice provides natural Vitamin C to your body which improves your skin quality. You will gain back your natural shiny and glowing skin.

And of course, the syrup is used to remove toxins from your body so that the internal organs can work properly.

Are there any side effects of this syrup?

A lot of users get confused when it comes to the side effects of a particular diet. As per recent studies, over 30% of the users who follow weight-loss diets end up getting unwanted diseases.

This diet or syrup doesn’t involve any type of bad effects in the long term. Fatigue in body parts, nausea, and dizziness are the most common side effects that you will experience.

Since this syrup reduces your body weight faster, you will end up losing your body mass or muscles. If you have a busy schedule, then you should not have this syrup.

The syrup starts showing its effects in just a few hours. You better take it in your free time and not during working hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: I’m on medications. Should I stop taking medicines to follow this diet?

No, you should not stop taking your prescribed medicines during this diet period of lemon cayenne maple syrup. Consult your family physician before taking this syrup.

Question 2: Do I have to avoid my daily meals?

If you want to reduce your body weight quickly, then you should not take your meals. Take fruits and raw vegetables to keep your system going.

Question 3: What things should I avoid?

You should avoid junk foods, fried food items, cold drinks, desserts, etc for up to 15 days to get the best results from this syrup.

Final Words:

Lemon Cayenne Maple Syrup is perfect for weight loss and detoxification of your body naturally. You are advised to consult with your physician before you start following this diet.

It is not for the kids and the elderly. It should also be ignored by those who are on medications.

By following this body-cleansing diet for up to 15 days, your body will lose the required vitamins and minerals. For that reason, it is not a good choice for unhealthy people. For best results, you should follow this diet for at least 10 days.

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