The 6 Best Detox Drinks For Weight Loss

Are you looking for a list of the best detox drinks for weight loss?

If you’re new to detox, you’ve come to the right place. We believe in the practice along with its amazing effects. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, people who underwent a simple detox reported feeling more energetic both during and after the regimen. Not only that, but it also led to drastic weight loss!

Change your life and get started today by trying one of our top picks below! So without further due, here is our list of 6 detox drinks for weight loss. Trust me, these work!

Best Detox Drinks for Weight Loss

  1. Red Tea Detox
  2. Fit Life Teatox
  3. Kou Tea
  4. Yogi
  5. Dr. Rosemary’s
  6. Hey Girl

1. Red Tea Detox

And first on our list is…The Red Tea Detox. This program is both extremely comprehensive and effective (when followed completely). Liz Swann Miller has created a great program that approaches detoxification in a completely different manner.

I always recommend this to clients that are looking to lose weight and have no previous experience with full-body detox methods.

Her method is aimed at improving your holistic mind, body, and spirit. The total offering is a great deal and you can read about the details here about red tea detox.

2. Fit Life Organic Teatox

Fit Life is emerging as one of the better tea detox manufacturers for body cleansing and weight loss.

If you’re looking for detox drinks for weight loss, this product is fantastic!

We like their 1-month Bestie Teatox package.

Their products contain organic ingredients like cinnamon, Echinacea, chamomile, papaya, hibiscus, and ginger. Together, these increase energy levels reduce stress, remove toxins and burn calories.

3. Kou Tea – Weight Loss Tea

Third, on our list is KouTea. This is one of the new, “up and coming” brands on the market. It’s quite popular due to its high quality and amazing results.

The drink consists of powerful natural ingredients such as cinnamon, black pepper, ginger root, green and black tea. These ingredients are highly effective when it comes to promoting weight loss.

This product has a great lemon taste and it is recommended for daily use; once in the morning and once at night before going to sleep. You will start noticing results within 14 days (2 weeks ) of use.

4. Yogi Berry Detox Tea

Another great choice. Especially when you are looking to shed weight fast.

This caffeine-free tea consists of ingredients such as burdock, dandelion, ginger, and juniper berry. Together they support liver function and purify the kidneys. Once the liver is cleansed, it will only take a few days before you will start shedding fat.

Yogi is a well-known tea brand that has been in existence for over 40 years. This is why its weight loss properties and health benefits have never been in doubt. It has a strong, spicy apple taste that will always leave you yearning for more.

5. Dr. Rosemary’s Weight Loss Detox Tea Therapy

5th on our list is Dr. Rosemary’s weight loss detox tea. This tea was created to combat weight gain.

It consists of 100% natural and organic herbs. Including ginger, senna, chamomile, cardamon, rooibos, milk thistle, and fennel. This tea works as an appetite suppressant and helps you overcome food addiction.

The benefits of this herbal tea therapy do not stop there. Apart from cleansing the body, this detox tea contains herbs that are good for relaxation. It also has an orange, cinnamon, and peppermint taste.

6. HEY GIRL Cleanse Detox Tea

Good news for all girls that want a slim body and are looking for an effective body cleanser. The HEY GIRL cleanses detox tea works wonders when it comes to giving the body a whole cleanse.

It contains 100% natural (it is purely made of organic substances) ingredients such as senna, milk thistle, and grapefruit peel.

Taking this tea prevents bloating and kick-starts the metabolism. Although this product has a feminine name, it can be used by men as well.

Detox Teas

You have probably heard terms like body cleansing. However, for the sake of our beloved newbies, let me give a quick breakdown of this term.

Full body detox is the act of flushing body toxins acquired from pollutants and processed foods. The process can either occur naturally or by using detox products.

The human body can naturally detox. However, detox products such as pills, detox drinks, diet plans, juices and programs.

The advantages of a full-body cleanse cannot be understated. For example, a liver detox alone can be incredibly beneficial (see illustration).

Total Body Cleanse

Undergoing a detox not only cleanses your system but also improves your general well-being. There is no greater joy than having a clean inner body, that is free from diseases and excess fat deposits.

This write-up highlights the best detox teas for effective slimming, weight loss, and a total body cleanse. It also includes the overall benefits of drinking detox teas and how to achieve optimum results.

Also, check out our article here if you’re strictly looking for the best weight loss teas. Alternatively, we have some advice on what to take if you need to pass a drug test.

So, What is a Detox Drink?

A Detox drink or detox tea is a special beverage with tea leaves and natural herbs. In essence, this type of tea consists of herbs that help remove toxins from your body. In return, this raises energy levels, reduces stress and burns calories.

Drinking this tea helps promote natural weight loss and slimming without causing negative side effects. It achieves this by aiding the digestive system and cleansing the body.

Detox Teas

The use of detox tea as a weight loss and body-cleansing agent has gained popularity in recent years. Many people opt for this form of detox.

This is because detox teas are not only natural but are also highly effective in getting rid of harmful toxins. You can replace your normal tea with detox tea for breakfast. By doing so, you gain all-day fat-burning benefits.

Do Detox Drinks Work?

Detox drinks contain a high dose of natural ingredients. They effectively increase the rate of your metabolism and suppress your appetite. We know this is essential in any weight loss program.

Detox Water

There are also detox smoothies and even detox water recipes. For example, mint detox water is a popular beverage. I’ve created this drink using mint leaves, fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper. For an added punch. You can even add apple cider vinegar for additional benefits.

If the liver is overworked, it can lead to the build-up of body fats and toxins. This leads to obesity. That is why a full body cleanse using detox tea is recommended to flush out toxins. Many health experts generally agree with this opinion.

Benefits of Using Detox Teas

  • Cleanses the digestive tract
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improves mental sharpness
  • Provides liver support

The benefits of using detox tea are numerous. Firstly, taking detox tea has minimal to zero side effects. Rare side effects such as nausea, headache and bloating are only common in brands that contain caffeine.

Also, these effects often subdue when the body adjusts to the new regime. The benefits are just amazing and you will notice incredible fast results in as short as 2 weeks. Finally, detox teas are not only affordable but also widely available.

The following are some more benefits of using detox teas for weight loss and body cleansing:

1. Cleanses the digestive tract

Drinking detox tea not only cleanses the body but also cleans up the digestive tract. If you are feeling bloated, then a few sips of Detox tea could be just what the doctor ordered.

These herbal beverages help deal with digestive issues such as the toxic gut, and irritable bowel syndrome, among many others.

Research shows that several common diseases often emanate from the digestive system due to the types of foods that we eat.  You can therefore reduce your chances of acquiring diseases by taking detox tea as a preventive regimen.

2. Boosts the immune system

Any detox product that removes toxins from the body certainly improves the immune system. Detox drinks boost the immune system by getting rid of disease-causing toxins. One study found that the long-term consumption of green detox tea prevented coronary disease and type 2 diabetes.

A body detox also helps the lymphatic system, which is essential in fighting diseases.

3. Improves mental sharpness

It is a fact that the consumption of detox tea improves mental health. Most detox teas contain caffeine which is known to booth boost alertness and boost metabolic function.

Detox drinks rejuvenate the body by eliminating toxins. This means toxins are flushed from all organs, including the brain. Drinking detox tea also enhances mental clarity and improves memory.

4. Provides liver support

The function of the liver is to cleanse the body naturally. However, the presence of potent toxins might overwhelm the functions of the liver.

The only viable way to cleanse your body in such situations is by using detox products. Detox tea is one of the best options that you could use. It contains natural ingredients such as ginger and dandelion, essential in improving liver function.

Clinical studies have shown that detox diets can flush the liver and eliminate organic pollutants.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea drinkers enjoy many of the benefits above. However, there are additional positive side effects and uses of green tea specifically. Our friends at Groom and Style have put together a complete list of Green Tea Effects and Uses here.

Conclusion: Is it Worth Trying?

If you are looking for detox drinks that work, try one of the above products. It will be the best choice you ever make. As mentioned, the benefits of drinking herbal tea are just incredible. Detox tea not only helps in burning extra calories but also cleanses the body and improves overall health.

Side Effects

Also, the products above do not have any significant side effects. At most, you may have a slight headache or nausea during the first few days of consumption.

What is more amazing about most detox drinks is that you can skip the gym. It is perhaps the only drink that can help you lose weight naturally without focusing on exercising alone.

However, if you want to lose weight faster, there are quicker methods. For instance, you can combine detox tea with a suitable exercise regime e.g., yoga.

For extreme results, consider trying our master cleanse recipe.

Anyone can undergo a detox cleanse. However, as a safety measure, you should first seek medical advice. Tell your doctor about any conditions ( e.g., pregnant women or breastfeeding ).

Nonetheless, detox tea doesn’t cause harmful side effects, and it produces great results within a short period. Start your regimen today!