Do Brazilian Diet Pill Really Work?

Does the Brazilian diet pill work?

The Brazilian diet pill market is booming these days. People go for this dieting method to lose weight.

From a myriad of weight loss solutions available in the market, Brazilian pills are probably the ones but do Brazilian diet pills really work?

These pills guarantee weight loss, or at least some help to make the procedure easier. When combined with other alternative methods, there might be some astonishing results.

Be it creating the feeling of fullness, reducing the appetite, or making you burn more calories, weight loss can be a part of natural supplements.

Brazilian Diet Pill – Are These Pills Safe for Weight Loss?

The Brazilian diet pills are popularly known on the internet as natural weight loss supplements. But, these pills contain potentially addictive components that may produce harmful effects in the future.

Do Brazilian diet pill really work

Do Brazilian diet pills really work – Brazilian diet pills

Those who are in favor of Brazilian diet pills promise quick and safe weight loss results. But, it seems that the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) is not in favor of the same.

The FDA has warned consumers to avoid such, so-called natural pills marketed under the name Emagrece Sim and Herbathin (Herbaslim).

These pills might be acknowledged as a natural dietary supplement for weight loss, but researchers have found traces of potentially active and addictive ingredients in these drugs.

The pills are known as natural supplements but contain:

Chlordiazepoxide Hydrochloride (HCL)

This ingredient is also present in the anti-anxiety medication Librium. It is only given on prescription, and taking it without professional recommendations can be dangerous.

Many people have stated that the pills resulted in anxiety, suicidal feelings, mood swings, depressed behavior, panic attacks, and more.

The controlled substances found in these pills can lead to severe effects, injuries, and much more.

Fluoxetine HCL

This ingredient is also present in Prozac, which treats depression. The specific substance is only available on prescription and given only to the people with medical reports.

The ingredients could lead to dangerous results when taken without precise supervision. It is taken only under the medical professional direction to avoid health risks.

People claimed to experience panic attacks, mood swings, gloominess, anxiety, and more side effects after taking such ingredients without expert instructions.

Brazilian Diet Pill- Do They Really Work?

Brazilian diet pills are available online, or you can easily get these pills over the counter, which makes people believe that these are safe for weight loss and contain natural substances.

But, according to the FDA, such dietary supplements contain pharmaceutical compounds that may produce instant weight loss results but are dangerous later.

Unfortunately, there are millions of such products available at the stores, sold under the category of natural dietary supplements, but are not reliable at all.

These nonprescription drugs are highly addictive, and one goes dependent on these pills.

Many people experience severe mood swings, panic attacks, chest aches, headaches, and anxiety while taking these pills.

Still, the pills are getting sold briskly in the market, online or over the counter, as these are hyped to produce incredible weight loss results.

Despite being labeled as NATURAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS, the Brazilian diet pills – Emagrece Sim and Herbaslim – contain non-natural compounds, which are antidepressants and stimulants.

And, yes, these prescription ingredients or controlled substances are not suggested as a natural technique for weight control or weight loss.

Whether these pills help to lose some pounds of weight or not, the FDA has clearly warned not to consume these unapproved Brazilian drugs.

These pills might produce some instant weight loss results due to active ingredients, but the presence of chemical compounds gives it a clear red flag.

Are Brazilian Diet Pills the Only Method for Weight Loss?

NO! We all know that, when it comes to losing some pounds, healthy eating, regular exercising, and dieting are the only real methods.

Everybody knows the fact that weight loss asks for a lot of patience, hard work, and of course, you need to skip some daily meals.

So, there is no logic to go for miracle-based natural dietary supplements promising rapid weight loss.

Going for chemical-based dieting pills is a way you make health risks a part of your life.

Undoubtedly, some people have desperate to lose unwanted weight in any way possible. And, that’s how they call for troubles on their own.

Brazilian diet pills also contain a controlled substance – Fenproporex. This substance, when taken without an expert prescription, can produce an amphetamine effect.

The effect increases heart rate and can result in severe life-threatening troubles too. Such chemicals produce profound effects on the body, including

  • dizziness
  • mood swings
  • blurred vision
  • suicidal behavior
  • sleeplessness (insomnia)
  • kidney issues
  • liver problems
  • Blood pressure issues, and many more

All these factors, when combined make Brazilian diet pills an absolute no to lose weight.

For people with great enthusiasm to control or lose weight, diet supplements may sound great for instant results. But, these are probably not the right solution for weight loss.

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