6 Brazilian Seed Diet Side Effects

Brazilian Seed Diet Side Effects

Semilla de Brazil” and “Semente de Brazil” both translate to the “Brazil Seed” in English. “Semente de Brazil” is Portuguese, while “Semilla de Brazil” is Spanish.

Semilla de Brazil, the famous Brazilian diet pill, has recently created all the buzz in the Global markets and many have claimed it is the next big thing in the world of health supplements.

While this pill is believed to be helping millions in their weight loss diet, numerous questions and doubts still revolve around its effectiveness.

The side effects of Brazilian seed diets produced by their intake are controversial among diet professionals and nutritionists.

The Brazilian seed got its place in the market as an effective remedy for losing weight, but its consumption has often led to many medical conditions.

In short, it induces adverse effects on one’s health.

First, let us understand a little bit about what this Brazilian seed is.

Brazilian Seed – What is It

Brazilian seed, known by its scientific name as Bertholletia Excelsa, is part of a tree native to South America and is part of the Lecythidaceae family.

The tree is a part of the Ericales order, with other fruits such as blueberries, gutta-percha, tea, and currants.

What makes the Brazilian seed different from other trees is it reaches a height of 50 meters and has a trunk of at least one to two meters in diameter, which makes it the most massive tree in the Amazon forest.

Why Do People Consume Brazilian Seed

Many people consume the Brazilian seed (semilla de Brazil) for its health benefits. Semilla de Brazil contains proteins, selenium, and vitamins E and B. It helps people lose weight via natural consumption.

One needs to be aware of the risk and danger of consuming Brazilian seed, which is possible if the individual pays attention to the various danger signs that it shows.

Does the Brazilian diet pill work

From a myriad of weight loss solutions available on the market, Brazilian pills are probably the ones, but do Brazilian diet pills work?

These pills guarantee weight loss or at least some help to make the procedure easier. When combined with other alternative methods, there might be some astonishing results.

Be it creating the feeling of fullness, reducing the appetite, or making you burn more calories, weight loss can be a part of natural supplements.

Those who favor Brazilian diet pills promise quick and safe weight loss results. But, it seems that the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) is not in favor of the same.

The FDA has warned consumers to avoid such natural pills marketed under Emagrece Sim and Herbathin (Herbaslim).

These pills might be acknowledged as a natural dietary supplement for weight loss, but researchers have found traces of potentially active and addictive ingredients in these drugs.

The pills are known as natural supplements but contain:

Chlordiazepoxide Hydrochloride (HCL)

This ingredient is also present in the anti-anxiety medication Librium. It is only given on prescription, and taking it without professional recommendations can be dangerous.

Many people have stated that the pills resulted in anxiety, suicidal feelings, mood swings, depressed behavior, panic attacks, and more.

The controlled substances found in these pills can lead to severe effects, injuries, and much more.

Fluoxetine HCL

This ingredient is also present in Prozac, which treats depression. The specific substance is only available on prescription and given to people with medical reports.

The ingredients could lead to dangerous results when taken without precise supervision. It is taken only under the medical professional direction to avoid health risks.

People claimed to experience panic attacks, mood swings, gloominess, anxiety, and more side effects after taking such ingredients without expert instructions.

Brazilian Diet Pill- Do They Really Work?

Brazilian diet pills are available online, or you can quickly get these pills over the counter, which makes people believe that these are safe for weight loss and contain natural substances.

But, according to the FDA, such dietary supplements contain pharmaceutical compounds that may produce instant weight loss results but are dangerous later.

Unfortunately, millions of such products are available at stores and sold under natural dietary supplements, but they are unreliable.

These nonprescription drugs are highly addictive, and one becomes dependent on these pills.

Many people experience severe mood swings, panic attacks, chest aches, headaches, and anxiety while taking these pills.

Still, the pills are getting sold briskly in the market, online or over the counter, as these are hyped to produce incredible weight loss results.

Despite being labeled as NATURAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS, the Brazilian diet pills – Emagrece Sim and Herbaslim – contain non-natural compounds, which are antidepressants and stimulants.

And, yes, these prescription ingredients or controlled substances are not suggested as a natural technique for weight control or weight loss.

Whether these pills help to lose some pounds of weight or not, the FDA has clearly warned not to consume these unapproved Brazilian drugs.

These pills might produce some instant weight loss results due to active ingredients, but the presence of chemical compounds gives it a clear red flag.

Are Brazilian Diet Pills the Only Method for Weight Loss

NO! We all know that when it comes to losing some pounds, healthy eating, regular exercising, and dieting are the only real methods.

Everybody knows that weight loss requires a lot of patience and hard work, and of course, you need to skip some daily meals.

So, there is no logic to go for miracle-based natural dietary supplements promising rapid weight loss.

Going for chemical-based dieting pills is a way to make health risks a part of your life.

Undoubtedly, some people are desperate to lose unwanted weight in any way possible. And that’s how they call for troubles on their own.

Brazilian diet pills also contain a controlled substance – Fenproporex. This substance, when taken without an expert prescription, can produce an amphetamine effect.

The effect increases heart rate and can result in severe life-threatening troubles, too. Such chemicals produce profound effects on the body, including

  • dizziness
  • mood swings
  • blurred vision
  • suicidal behavior
  • sleeplessness (insomnia)
  • kidney issues
  • liver problems
  • Blood pressure issues, and many more

All these factors, when combined, make Brazilian diet pills an absolute no to lose weight.

For people with great enthusiasm to control or lose weight, diet supplements may sound great for instant results. But these are probably not the right solution for weight loss.

6 Known Brazilian Seed Side Effects

All foods that promise weight loss lead us to search for before and after pictures. If you are searching for “Brazilian seed weight loss before and after,” you may want to consider the side effects first. Here are six significant Brazilian seed diet side effects.

1. Risk of Selenium Poisoning

Brazilian Seed Side Effects

Brazilian Seed Side Effects – selenium poisoning

  • Selenium is an essential nutrient for human beings, and it serves some vital functions, including thyroid function, DNA synthesis, and the maintenance of the reproductive system.
  • It is also helpful in preventing cancer, giving neurological benefits, and reducing the risk of inflammation in the joints.
  • Consumption of one seed (5 g) from a high-Se area meets its recommended daily allowance; the recommended serving size of 30 g may exceed the allowable daily intake (400 μg) or even its toxicity threshold (1200 μg).(1)
  • In short, a single seed contains at least 91 mcg of selenium, 165% more than the amount recommended for an adult.

It is one of the significant Brazilian seed diet side effects to keep in mind while consuming these seeds.

2. Damage Due to Radioactivity



  • The amount of radiation in the Brazilian seed is many times greater than that found in other forms of food. This is partly due to the different root systems of the Brazilian seed tree.
  • The tree has an extensive network, which includes water filter roots and soil nutrients found more than in an average tree.

3. Hair Loss

Brazilian Seed Side Effects - hair loss

hair loss

  • One of the significant side effects of consuming Brazilian seeds is that your hair becomes brittle and dry, which makes it easier for the ends to break.
  • Later, the hair dislodges from the scalp, and if the person ignores their hair while consuming seeds, they are bound to overeat.
  • The worst-case scenario includes hair disappearing from eyelashes, chest, eyebrows, thighs, and other places on the body.
  • Remember that hair loss will occur within a few weeks of consuming the Brazilian seed diet in toxic or excessive amounts. You can stop the side effects after discontinuing the consumption of the seeds.

You should remember it as a Brazilian seed diet side effect before consumption.

4. Neurological Issues

Neurological issues

Brazilian Seed Side Effects – Neurological issues

  • Some side effects of consuming a Brazilian seed diet include nerve and brain tissue damage.
  • It can include irritability, apathy, fatigue, emotional instability, and dizziness.
  • Some other side effects of excessive consumption of selenium include loss of nails, respiratory issues, and redness of the face.
  • Worse case scenarios can include loss of sensation in the arms and legs, tremors in hands, reduced blood pressure, and sometimes even unconsciousness or death.

Please remember that one of the side effects of consuming the Brazilian seed diet also includes renal failure.

5. DNA Damage

  • Low exposure to the radiation from Brazilian seeds is treatable, but a higher amount of these seeds can change the cells in the body. It can lead to cancer.
  • About the high dosage of Brazilian cells, one would need to undergo radiation therapy to destroy the tumor cells.

It is the third Brazilian seed diet side effect that you should remember.

6. Issues with Digestion

  • Another issue with the consumption of the Brazilian diet includes problems with the digestive system.
  • For the uninitiated, it begins with the smell of garlic on your breath, a metallic taste, diarrhea, skin rashes, and stained teeth.

Frequently asked questions about Semilla de Brazil

Q. What is the right age to consume Semilla de Brazil?

A. There isn’t any specific age to consume this magic pill. Still, as recommended by medical experts, anyone above 18 can take Semilla de Brazil for their specific health and fitness goals.

Q. Can a person with a diabetic condition or hypertension issues consume Semilla de Brazil?

A. Semilla de Brazil is said to regulate your blood count levels, and hence, it won’t create any negative impacts on people with diabetic issues or high blood pressure issues.

Well, this is not it and you can consume it even after being under any medication.

Q. I did intake various weight loss pills and didn’t find them compelling. How can I be sure Semilla de Brazil will help me with my weight loss diet?

A. Consistency is the key, and one must follow a proper course of the Semilla de Brazil without interruption to find the best possible results from this magic pill.

Q. How long does it take for Semilla de Brazil to work?

A. If you ensure timely Semilla de Brazil consumption and consistency, you can expect visible results within 3 months.

You must also follow a proper dietary regimen while consuming low fats and carbohydrates to drastically improve the overall outcome of this effective pill.

Q. Why do I need to go to the bathroom more often while consuming Semilla de Brazil?

A. Besides making you lose weight, this magic pill helps detoxify your body. So, the intestines get cleaned during detoxification, resulting in more water flushing out from your body. Hence, you need to go to the bathroom more than usual.

Q. How early can I see the visible improvements in my waistline?

A. You must wait for at least a month to ensure the regular Semilla de Brazil intake. Moreover, the dietary regimen and proper sleeping schedule must also be followed to multiply its overall impact.

Q. Why do I need to weigh myself at the very beginning of starting with this pill?

A. It’s all about checking your progress and once you take the Semilla de Brazil, you must calculate the improvement while regularly weighing yourself.

Well, the body would flush out unnecessary water and toxins at the start but eventually, it will cut down that extra flab around, too.

So, stay patient while also monitoring your progress to measure its effectiveness.

Q. What are some other benefits (apart from weight loss) of consuming Semilla de Brazil?

A. Besides helping you in your weight loss regimen, Semilla de Brazil would also help you in combating various health issues like hypertension, constipation, high cholesterol levels, and joint pain. Moreover, it will also help in the healthy growth of your hair and nails.

Q. What about the side effects of consuming Semilla de Brazil?

A. Semilla de Brazil contains high amounts of selenium, which you must take medical guidance before starting its consumption.

Thirty grams of Semilla de Brazil seed contain around 544 mcg, which is 777% more than the permitted quantity for a normal human being.

Besides this, the seed is deemed highly radioactive by many and thus, you have to be careful before getting started with its medicinal course.

Q. Why am I experiencing slight pain in my stomach after consuming this pill for several days?

A. The pill works with its unique phenomena of first detoxifying your body and you may experience a bit of pain inside your stomach.


Before dieting, you should know about these six significant side effects of the Brazilian seed diet.

Consuming these seeds in moderation has certain benefits, but you cannot wholly ignore the side effects.

It’s always a good practice to consult your physician before proceeding with regular Brazilian seed consumption.

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