6 Brazilian Seed Diet Side Effects

Brazilian Seed Diet Side Effects

Brazilian seed diet side effects produced by its intake are a source of controversy among diet professionals and nutritionists.

The Brazilian seed got its place in the market as an effective remedy for losing weight, but its consumption has often led to many medical conditions.

In short, it induces adverse effects on one’s health.

First, let us understand a little bit about what this Brazilian seed is.

Brazilian Seed – What Is It?

Brazilian seed, known by its scientific name as Bertholletia Excelsa, is part of a tree native to South America and is part of the Lecythidaceae family.

The tree is a part of the Ericales order, which also has other fruits such as blueberries, gutta-percha, tea, and currants, among others.

What makes the Brazilian seed different from other trees is it reaches a height of 50 meters and has a trunk of at least one to two meters in diameter, which makes it the most massive tree in the Amazon forest.

Why Do People Consume Brazilian Seed?

The reason many people consume the Brazilian seed (semilla de Brazil) is its health benefits. Semilla de Brazil contains proteins, selenium, vitamin E, and B. It is useful for helping people lose weight via natural consumption.

One needs to be aware of the risk and danger of consuming Brazilian seed, which is possible if the individual pays attention to the various danger signs that it shows.

6 Known Brazilian Seed Side Effects

All foods that promise weight loss lead us to search for before and after pictures. If you are searching for “Brazilian seed weight loss before and after” you may want to consider the side effects first. Here are six significant Brazilian seed diet side effects.

1. Risk of Selenium Poisoning

Brazilian Seed Side Effects

Brazilian Seed Side Effects – selenium poisoning

  • Selenium is an essential nutrient for human beings, and it serves some vital functions, including thyroid function, DNA synthesis, and maintaining the reproductive system.
  • It is also helpful in preventing cancer, giving neurological benefits, and reducing the risk of inflammation in the joints.
  • Thirty grams of the Brazilian seed contains at least 544 mcg of selenium, which is 777% more than the recommended amount fit for consumption.
  • In short, a single seed contains at least 91 mcg of selenium, which is 165% more than the amount recommended for an adult.

It is one of the significant Brazilian seed diet side effects to keep in mind while consuming these seeds.

2. Damage Due to Radioactivity



  • The amount of radiation in the Brazilian seed is many times greater than that found in other forms of food. It is partly due to the different root systems of the Brazilian seed tree.
  • The tree has an extensive network, which includes water filter roots and soil nutrients found more than in an average tree.

3. Hair Loss

Brazilian Seed Side Effects - hair loss

hair loss

  • One of the major side effects of consuming Brazilian seeds is that your hair becomes brittle and dry, which makes it easier for the ends to break.
  • Later, the hair dislodges from the scalp, and if the person does not pay attention to their hair while consuming seeds, they are bound to overeat.
  • The worst-case scenario includes hair disappearing from eyelashes, chest, eyebrows, thighs, and other places on the body.
  • Make sure to remember that hair loss will occur within a few weeks of consuming the Brazilian seed diet in toxic or excessive amounts. You can stop the side effects after discontinuing the consumption of the seeds.

It is a Brazilian seed diet side effect you should remember before its consumption.

4. Neurological Issues

Neurological issues

Brazilian Seed Side Effects – Neurological issues

  • Some of the side effects of consuming a Brazilian seed diet include damage to nerve and brain tissue.
  • It can include symptoms like irritability, apathy, fatigue, emotional instability, and feeling dizzy.
  • Some of the other side effects of excessive consumption of selenium include loss of nails, respiratory issues, and redness of the face.
  • Worse case scenarios can include loss of sensation in the arms and legs, tremors in hands, reduced blood pressure, and at times, even unconsciousness or death.

Please remember that one of the side effects of consuming the Brazilian seed diet also includes renal failure.

5. DNA Damage

  • Low exposure to the radiation from Brazilian seeds is treatable, but a higher amount of these seeds can change the cells in the body. It can lead to cancer.
  • About the high dosage of Brazilian cells, one would need to undergo radiation therapy to destroy the tumor cells.

It is the third Brazilian seed diet side effect that you should remember.

6. Issues with Digestion

  • Another issue with the consumption of the Brazilian diet includes problems with the digestive system.
  • For the uninitiated, it begins with the smell of garlic on your breath, a metallic taste, diarrhea, skin rashes, and stained teeth.


These are the six significant Brazilian seed diet side effects you should know about before going on a diet.

Consuming these seeds in moderation has certain benefits, but you cannot completely ignore the side effects.

It’s always a good practice to consult your physician before proceeding with regular Brazilian seed consumption.

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