Homemade Walnut Milk Recipe | Helps Detox and Rejuvenate

3 Ingredients Homemade Walnut Milk Recipe

Get ready to meet the completely homemade walnut milk recipe that does not cause indigestion.

Who wouldn’t want to drink fresh milk every day? Actually, this is easier than you think. So, how does it? You will only need 3 ingredients.

This will give you a very natural flavor, as well as be easier and cheaper than buying milk from a grocery store. In this article, you will find the recipe for 1 serving of herbal milk that will help you stay young and detox.

Try making a fresh one every day, this will only waste 5 minutes a day.

Walnut Milk Recipe


Walnuts (1 cup)

Water (1 1/2 cups)

Stevia (Optional)


Chop the walnuts coarsely.

Put it in a bowl.

Fill with enough water to pass the walnuts.

Soak in this way for a night over.

Tip: To avoid dust and derivatives, cover it with cheesecloth while soaking the walnuts.

Drain and wash the walnuts that have been soaked overnight.

Put them in a blender.

Add 1 1/2 cups of water in it and mix for a short time.

Recommendation: Do not grind the walnut pieces completely.

Strain the mixture into a glass with a strainer.

The liquid remaining in the glass is homemade, additive-free, and natural walnut milk.

After straining the milk and pouring it into a glass, you can add some stevia to sweeten it.

Don’t Throw Away the Leftover Walnut Pulp

You mixed the walnuts with a little water in a blender, then strained it with a strainer and obtained your walnut milk. But the walnut pulp remained.

It’s smart not to want to throw them away! Because they are very valuable. We brought a great idea to use them.

Dry the soaked walnut pulp and use it in your dessert recipes or sprinkle some dark chocolate on them and consume them. They are so delicious!

How Does It Help Rejuvenate?

Walnut is the only tree nut in this regard. More specifically, they contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which slows down aging. Thus, aging is slowed down, cells are protected from damage and it helps to convert the nutrients in your body into energy.

How Does It Help Detox?

Homemade walnut milk is packed with antioxidants. By drinking them, you can help your body perform an internal cleansing process.

Consume 1 glass of freshly made homemade walnut milk a day and let the detox process begin.

Walnut Milk Benefits

Coping with Alzheimer’s is its great superpower. It achieves this thanks to the omega 3 it contains. In addition, walnut milk prevents Parkinson’s disease when consumed regularly.

It plays an important role in fighting heart disease. It also fights against vascular diseases.

It is detox effective and slows down aging, but an even more important feature is the feeling of satiety it will give you. Walnut milk, which helps you stay full for a long time, makes it easier to lose weight.

Finally, one of the superpowers of walnut milk is its ability to calm and relax you when you drink it after a stressful day.

To Sum Up

In this period, when there is an intense debate about whether dairy products are healthy or not, most people switched to plant-based dairy products, so it is great to make and consume plant-based milk, which is easy to make at home because it does not contain additives. It is also cheap and quite high in nutritional value.

So give this recipe a try. For those who do not want to use stevia, it is worth remembering that this milk does not have a distinctive dominant taste. It has a fairly neutral flavor. You can choose honey instead of stevia to sweeten homemade walnut milk.

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