Why Am I Gaining Weight While Trying to Detox? | 6 Key Reasons

Weight Gain During Detox

Read on if you think that when you try everything correctly and start your detox journey, things are going bad, and your body is starting to retain water. Perhaps you are making one of the following mistakes.

Why am I Gaining Weight While Detoxing?

Most of us have tried a diet to lose weight at least once. While some of us get help from a nutritionist, others have tried our methods.

As a result, when we do not have any disease, we try to lose weight. But this may not always yield successful results.

1. Could You Be Following The Wrong Diet?

When you see someone you know is losing weight amazingly, you may want to try their detox and weight loss methods.

But you should know that just as everyone’s fat-burning style and eating habits are unique, the diet that works for them should also be unique.

As a result of following the wrong diet, which is one of these reasons, our weight loss journey can end in disappointment. In such cases, the process of gaining weight, or perhaps even worse, may result in threatening our health.

If you have fulfilled all the diet requirements and your weight gain continues at the same speed, the best option to change your diet or find out if you have a health problem is to consult a dietitian.

2. You May Be Consuming Too Much Salt

When you start a detox application, the main purpose is to eliminate the water retention that accumulates in the body. Therefore, the swelling goes down and you start to lose weight.

One of the biggest causes of water retention is salt. If your taste buds are accustomed to a lot of salt, you may not realize your food has too much salt.

Try to cut it in half or even try to consume as little salt as possible. The result you get will vary drastically.

3. Are You Eating as Little Food as Possible?

Eating as little as possible during your detox is one of the mistakes made.

Eating increases your metabolic rate. To put it simply:

Imagine that your body is an intelligent being. If you starve it, it cannot predict how much and when its next meal will come. As a result, it hides what you eat and everything you have eaten before to protect itself and not be hungry.

Don’t be afraid to consume healthy home-cooked meals, vegetables, and fruits (in solid form, not as smoothies). They give you energy and your body starts to burn fat, unafraid of starvation.

4. Could You Be Neglecting To Drink Water?

Yes, we know you’ve heard this a lot because it works. Drinking water helps your detox. It prevents your body from holding edema. It increases the metabolic rate and, as a result, allows you to lose weight.

5. Could You Be Snacking Too Much?

You may have started a detox that you have done perfectly. But you continue to gain weight despite doing everything in the process.

Could you be snacking too much? It’s not about making yourself a healthy snack plate. For example, a piece of chocolate that you put in your mouth when you go to the kitchen to drink water, a few popcorns while watching a movie, or a beverage that you consume too much without realizing it.

Check if you have such a habit. And if that’s true, try creating an eating schedule and sticking to it.

6. Applying a Liquid-Based Detox

If you disable chewing, the calories consumed become unpredictable after a while. Since these diets usually consist of fruits, the sugar and calories taken exceed your daily needs. As a result, you start to gain weight. If you’re applying a liquid-only detox, limit it to 1-3 days and track calories.

Bottom Line

Detox has methods that should be applied as carefully as possible. Please note that if you do not know very well what you are doing, this can cause health problems. It is best to seek help from a nutritionist.

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