3 Exquisite Vegan Banana Smoothie | With Their Calories

In this article, we will share with you 5 vegan banana smoothie recipes that will provide the energy you need without the need for animal products or supplements.

Here Are 3 Vegan Banana Smoothie Recipes

You can make yourself a vegan smoothie of fruit, seeds, nuts and vegetables to get protein and fiber deliciously and healthily.

And when we add bananas to these smoothies, we get almost all the energy supplements we need daily. Before introducing the smoothie recipes, let’s go over a few tips and tricks to ensure your smoothie tastes great:

How Do You Keep The Consistency?

In our opinion, the smoothie consistency is as important as the taste. It should be both creamy and fluid but not too liquid.

Ingredients you can use to thicken the consistency: avocado, banana, oats, flaxseeds, chia seeds, thicker vegetable milk such as oat, soy, or almond milk, and peanut butter.

What Can We Do To Improve the Taste?

Some of us do not like the taste of vegetables and may want to change the taste of smoothies.

If the vegetable taste bothers you, you can use additional ingredients such as agave syrup, dates, ginger, coffee, cocoa, goat’s horn flour, vanilla, rice milk, and molasses.

Cold or Hot?

If you like smoothies, you’ll understand how important this is. Using slightly cold ingredients changes the taste of the smoothie for the better.

As soon as we take an ingredient out of the fridge, we should use it to get a more refreshing and shocking effect.

Therefore, we recommend that the vegetable milk or fruits you use should be cold.

For example, if you will use bananas, put them in the freezer and make your smoothie a few hours later. It will taste much better!

Nutritional Value and Calories

Of course, when you make a vegan banana smoothie, you make a much healthier choice than if you chose many other desserts and foods.

After all, how harmful can a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables be? The goal of these recipes is to increase their nutritional value while making vegan smoothies by taking into account many vitamin groups.

For example, you can include green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale or add omega-3 sources such as chia and flax seeds. If you prefer fruits with antioxidant properties, you can create excellent meals.

3 Vegan Banana Smoothie Recipes

  • Vegan Banana Smoothie Recipe (1,510 kcal per glass)

Vegan banana smoothie Recipe 1

Put 5 tablespoons of flax seeds in the bowl of a blender (or rondo) and run it at short intervals (if you run the blender for a long time without interruption because there is no liquid, the engine may burn).

Then add 2 ripe bananas, 450 grams of strawberries, 1 cup of coconut milk (or soy milk), 1 tablespoon of grape molasses (or 2 dried apricots/dates/plums) and mix until a thick consistency.

Open the lid and taste. If it sounds too unsweetened, add a little more molasses (or dried fruit). If it’s too thick, add more coconut (or soy) milk and run it again.

Transfer the mixture to 2 large glasses, place a few leaves of mint on it and serve.

  • Banana Smoothie Recipe: 2 (312 kcal)

Vegan banana smoothie

Second recipe

Put 2 tablespoons of oats in a deep bowl. Add enough hot water to cover it and wait until it softens.

Peel 1 medium banana and cut it into small pieces and put in the blender. Then add the oats that you have softened in the blender in hot water.

Make sure the oats are cold. Then add a cup of soy or almond milk. Add 1 teaspoon of maple syrup to the mixture.

Finally, by adding ice cubes, first, run the blender on medium, then fast setting and get a smooth mixture.

Take the smoothie you have prepared into the serving glass. Add ground almonds or walnuts.

Banana oxidizes very quickly. For this reason, you should consume the smoothie as soon as you prepare it or offer it to your guests.

  • Banana Smoothie Recipe: 3 (249 kcal)

Vegan banana smoothie

Vegan banana smoothie – third recipe

Chop 1 ripe, peeled banana and put it in your smoothie machine. Then add 1 cup of coconut milk, a tablespoon of oats, and a teaspoon of ground coffee.

Here is your banana and coffee smoothie ready. If you want to drink your smoothie cold, you can put 2 ice cubes in it and then start your machine.

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