Sugar Free Strawberry Jam Recipe

If you like jams then keep reading because this sugar free strawberry jam recipe will be the great start you need every morning. This jam is very easy to prepare and with an intense and healthy flavor. Follow our step by step guide to learn how to make it.

Sugar Free Strawberry Jam Recipe

Sugar Free Strawberry Jam Recipe

Sugar Free Strawberry Jam Recipe

There is nothing more familiar than strawberry jam on warm toast or as a filling to put on our desserts and between layers of cake. But what if I tell you we can recreate this routine with a healthier version where we don’t sacrifice the taste. In the contrary this will be the first time you taste the fruit in thoroughly without the additives and preservatives that take away the whole taste.  Frankly, It’s never been easier to consume fruit or share it with your loved ones who you want the best for. I will tell you that. There is no wrong time to have this treat. Frankly, the only issue you will run into is not having enough.

15 Minutes Sugar Free Strawberry Jam Recipe

A strawberry jam without the sugar, or the need of artificial sweeteners. With this recipe you won’t be giving up the delightful flavor or aroma of the fruit. And this sweet treat can all be accomplished, in no more than 15 minutes. Not to mention there will be no guilty feeling if you choose to have it twice a day or 3 times. There will be no judging, because all ingredients are natural and good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To prepare our jam recipe, we picked the simplest foundation which is using strawberries and dates. However, the variations are endless such as replacing the fruit and adding chia seeds or any of your favorites. Just know if adding any seeds you will need to increase the water in the recipe as seeds consume most of the water and we don’t want your jam to become a pudding. Now would we? In any way, just get out of your comfort zone and try get with our jam.


400 grams of organic strawberries (washed and cut in halves)

135 grams of organic dates (washed – seed removed and cut)

90 grams of water


Step 1:

In a heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium heat, place your strawberries, dates, water, and mash the fruits together to combine them. I find this process helps them to cook faster and thoroughly.

Step 2:

Bring the fruit mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally to make sure it doesn’t stick. Your fruit mixture will start to bubble, and slowly become of ticker texture. This is the sign your jam is close to being done.

Tip:  The quick test to know if your jam is done is to use a wooden spoon to mix your jam and removing it. Wait for it to cool down and run your finger through the spoon. If it leaves a clear mark then your jam is ready for cooling down.

Step 3:

When the jam is ready in texture, you can transfer them to your glass jar for it to completely cool down and be stored. Or, you also have the option to use a food processor and mix your jam for a creamier version without the chunks. This jam can be modified for any taste. Enjoy!

Nutritional Information:

Calories: 15

Net Carb: 2g

Fiber: 1g

Protein: 1g

Final Note

Every day, there are more people who choose to live healthier and choose products that are not processed while in the supermarket. And there are even more people who are willing to try recipes like this sugar free strawberry jam recipe where we look for alternatives to sugar. In any way, you will see how only using natural ingredients are enough to satisfy our sweet tooth and how quickly this can be accomplished. I dare you to compare this strawberry jam to a store bought one and see the difference. You will give yourself a pat in the back!

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