Keto Coconut Bread in One Step | 3g Net Carbs

After learning this keto coconut bread recipe, there will no longer be a reason not to try delicious keto recipes. All you need is 4 easy-to-find ingredients…

How to Make 4 Ingredients Keto Coconut Bread?

As bread lovers, no matter what diet we follow, we end up having trouble with bread not being there. As a result, many people admit to ending their diet after a while just because bread is not included.

When this is the case, we want to try homemade bread recipes suitable for our diet, but we also know that many of us do not dare to bake one.

Today we come to destroy this fear. Because we brought you a recipe that is as easy as boiling some pasta. Who knows, maybe this practical and quick bread recipe is the first step for you to become a bread maker like a professional.

It’s quick to prepare, the delicious smell coming out of the oven, the flavor you can feel while eating, the long-term storage conditions, and many keto recipes that it can be combined with… We are sure that it will be worth it.

Follow all the steps and create heaven. Here is the step-by-step 3g net carb keto coconut bread recipe…

Keto Coconut Bread Recipe (10 Servings)

Keto coconut bread

Keto coconut bread recipe in one step

Per Serving

Calories: 170

Net Carb: 3g

Total Fat: 16g

Protein: 5g


Egg (6, large)

Coconut oil (4.2 fl oz, melted)

Coconut flour (2 ounces)

Baking powder (Half a teaspoon)

Salt to taste

Recipe – 10min prep / 50min baking time

Start by preheating the oven.

Oven Temperature: 175 C / 350 F

Bring a large mixing bowl.

Put all the eggs in the bowl and beat them well.

Then add the coconut flour, baking powder, and some salt to the beaten eggs.

Recommendation: In this step, we recommend that strain the flour, baking powder, and salt with a wire strainer.

Mix all the ingredients well.

Now pour the melted coconut oil into a baking tray.

Recommendation: It’s a better idea to rub the oil all over the baking tray with a brush rather than shaking it out.

Pour the bread dough into the baking tray and then spread it evenly.

Finally, smooth the top using a spatula.

Put in the preheated oven and bake in a controlled manner for 50 minutes.

When the bread is baked, take it out of the oven and let it rest for a while, then slice as you wish.

Storage Conditions

Have you prepared your delicious keto coconut bread and want to keep it for later? If you want to keep it for 4-5 days, you can keep it in your refrigerator. But if you plan to store it for weeks or months, after slicing the bread, put it in the freezer and consume it comfortably for 2.5 months.

How Can You Consume a Few Slices of Keto Coconut Bread?

Keto coconut bread

Recipes that can be made with keto coconut bread

Coconut bread is the cornerstone of many extra yummy keto recipes. So if you have a slice of keto bread on hand, you can have great snacks and even meals.

Our favorite is the one made with white cheddar cheese. For this, make a deep hole in the middle of your bread in a small circle. Heat as much butter as you want in a pan.

Fill the hole in the middle of your bread with cheddar cheese and fry both sides.

The second option is: Fill the middle of the bread with an unbeaten egg in the same way as the first option.

The third option is to make yourself a pizza by topping your keto bread fried in butter with fried pepperoni, cheddar cheese, a few slices of green pepper, a thin slice of tomato, and any seasoning you want.

Grab the ingredients that won’t break your keto diet, bring a slice of keto bread, and leave the rest to your imagination.

Bon Appetit!

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