30 Day Vegan Meal Plan

30 Day Vegan Meal Plan – Overview

Would you go for thirty days without meat, dairy, fish, or eggs in your diet? You probably would if you want to lose the extra pounds and maintain good health. Going vegan is not an easy task, but it is worthwhile. 

In this article, we take you through a 30-day vegan diet for weight loss, but before we do, let us look at what is in it for you to ditch all the meat and dairy delicacies for vegan diets.

30 Day Vegan Diet for Weight Loss: The Undisputed Benefits 

If this is your first time doing the 30-day vegan diet challenge, there is no lie that it will be easy. You might even get to a point where you will want to give up because of the frustrations, disappointments, Emotional shock, and challenges.

However, you will also have moments of pure delight and a few surprises, especially when you start seeing the results of the change in diet.

4 Benefits you get from being a stickler to a vegan diet

1. Weight loss

The reduced calorie content of many plants compared to meat is one of the main reasons many people lose weight after switching to a completely plant-based diet.

Another reason is that eating vegetables is not always easy, and it can eventually replace the need to nibble mindlessly.

However, if you eat vegan junk foods, you may gain weight instead, so be careful what you eat.

2. Enhanced physical and mental energy

Dieting increases one’s physical and mental energy levels. Sugary treats and processed foods cause fluctuations in blood glucose levels and cholesterol buildup, leading to weight gain.

A vegan diet is healthy, and it has a positive impact on your lifestyle choices. 

3. Radiant skin

 A Vegan diet transforms the complexion rapidly. It is especially good for people with skin problems.

4. Enhances creativity in the kitchen

When the only ingredients you have for your meals are veggies, you learn to become creative.

30 Day Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss

If you follow a strict 30-day vegan diet, the results will amaze you. You will not only lose the extra pounds, but you will feel more rejuvenated, look more radiant and just feel good about yourself.

You might never go back to animal meat, dairy, and processed foods.

30 Day Vegan Meal Plan

30 Day Vegan Meal Plan

30 Day Vegan Meal Plan – Day 1 to Day 10

 1          Fruit and Veggies SmoothieMushroom and BroccoliStir-Fried Veggies with Brown Rice or Quinoa
 2          Banana Chocolate-Chip PancakesFruit SaladVegan Ground Beef
 3          Vegan Chocolate MilkshakeVegan-Packed BurritosFusion Paella
 4          Bowl of Cereal with Plant-Based MilkLentil and Barley SoupEggplant Parmesan with Quinoa
 5          Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Banana SmoothieJapanese Tempeh Nori Rollsrice noodles
 6Vegan EnchiladasBean BurritoPasta with White Beans
 7          Vegan Cake Vanilla/Chocolate CakeChickpeas, Spinach and Brown RiceCreamy mushroom risotto
 8          Muesli & Fresh FruitVeggie SandwichVegan Pizza
 9          Bean Avocado ToastTomato and Burrito SaladMushrooms
 10        Peanut Butter Mocha Espresso ShakeLeek and Greens PieSweet Potato and Mushroom Potpie

Good going! You have completed 10 days of a healthy vegan diet!

30 Day Vegan Meal Plan

30 Day Vegan Meal Plan

30 Day Vegan Meal Plan – Day 11 to Day 20

 11 Peanut Butter Breakfast BarsLentil Veggie BurgerGrilled Tofu with Vegetables
 12Banana PancakesVegetable SoupLentil Vegetable Loaf
 13        Peach Pie Breakfast ParfaitAsparagus and TofuChickpea and Veggie Curry
 14        Banana Smash OatmealHomemade Ravioli
 15        Vegan Mango-Almond MilkshakeVegan BurgerArtichoke Pasta and Pesto
 16        Mixed Fruit SmoothieButternut Squash and Cranberry Quinoa SaladBroccoli and Mushroom Stir Fry
 17        Salted Caramel Cashew Cacao Chunk SmoothieBrown Rice Stuffed PotatoesQuinoa Lentil Burgers
 18Vegan Vanilla Chai Protein SmoothieBlack Bean TacosGinger Garlic Tempeh Bowl
 19        Vegan MuesliVegan Protein PastaCurried Cauliflower Quinoa
 20        Triple-Layer SmoothieButternut Squash SoupTempeh Taco Salad with Quinoa and Guacamole

You have only ten more days to go, so celebrate the next days with the following healthy vegan recipes.

30 Day Vegan Meal Plan – Day 21 to Day 30

 21        Eggless Quiche with Silken Tofu and SpinachMixed Fruit SaladCauliflower and Chickpea Tacos
 22        Whole-Grain Toast with AvocadoSpicy Kale SaladSpinach Butternut Squash Lasagna
 23        Overnight Oats with Apple SlicesPortobello tacosMushroom Lentil Loaf with Garlic Cauliflower
 25Oat Chia PuddingVegan Mashed Chickpea Salad SandwichSmoky Spiced Veggie Rice
 25        Yogurt and Pineapples ChunksSlow Cooker Pumpkin ChiliVegan Potato Burger with sprouts
 26        Beetroot Brownies with Fresh JuiceWhole-Grain Pasta with Lentil MeatballsItalian Green Beans with Brown Rice
 27        Cheesy Vegan Tofu ScrambleBaked Sweet PotatoMaple Glazed Tempeh with Quinoa and Kale
 28        Almond muffins with Almond Milk ChocolateOat Chia PuddingChickpea And Spinach Curry with Brown Rice
 29        Acai Smoothie BowlFalafel WrapsSpaghetti with Charred Tomatoes and Peppers
 30Avocado Toast with Garbanzo BeansKale Salad with ChickpeasVegetable Paella with Brown Rice And Artichoke

20 Popular Vegan Snacks

30 Day Vegan Meal Plan

30 Day Vegan Meal Plan – Snacks

If you feel the need to snack in between meals, the following healthy vegan snacks are good for you.

Vegan Snack List

1. Protein Balls

2. Takis

3. Kellogg Strawberry Pop-Tarts

4. Doritos Spicy Sweet Chilli

5. Fritos Corn Chips

6. Vegan Cheese (No Butter Ritz Crackers)

7. Nature Valley Granola Bars

8. Smackers Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Unscrambles

9. Thomas Vegan Butter or Vegan Cheese Bagels

10. Clif Peanut Butter Crunchy Bar

11. Triscuit Roasted Garlic Crackers

12. Nabisco Grahams Whole Grain Crackers

13. Belvita Toasted Coconut and Cinnamon Brown-Sugar Biscuits

14. Famous Amos Peanut Butter Cookies

15. Lays Classic Potato Chips

16. Oreo Cookies with Zero Dairy Products

17. Strawberry, Brown-Sugar Cinnamon, or Blueberry Pop-Tarts

18. Celery

19. Assorted Fruits

20. Crackers and Guacamole

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Final words

There you have it- a 30-day vegan diet for weight loss. Veggie recipes are easy to make, low in cholesterol, healthy, and filling, and even though going all vegan might be challenging at first, it gets easier with time.

 The ingredients are readily available, and you will enjoy experimenting with different items to create the perfect meals.

Ensure that all your meals have all the healthy ingredients your body needs in your weight loss journey. Check out the website for other healthy recipes.

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