1000 Calorie Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder

Follow the step-by-step guide for an amazingly balanced-taste 1000 calorie shake recipe without protein powder.

Learn 1000 Calorie Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder

Have you ever thought about why you should choose this one out of thousands of 1000 calorie shake recipes? Let us start with that first.

This 1000 calorie shake gives you 40g of net protein without protein powder, just the way you want it.

It is wont to expose you to an extremely intense sweetness for minutes because it contains no honey and gets its sweetness only from bananas. Moreover, because we collide it with a couple of strawberries, it gains a balanced taste.

While you get tens of grams of protein, it allows you to benefit from the vitamins of milk, raw nuts, and fresh fruits and is made from only 6 easy to find ingredients.

You will love the easy drinking of this shake, which is a great accompaniment to your exercises.

Let’s skip to the step-by-step recipe to try this heavenly classic version of the 1000 calorie shake recipe without protein powder.

1000 Calorie Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder

1000 Calorie Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder – Step By Step Recipe

Calorie and Protein Values of 1000 Calorie Shake Ingredients

If you want to cut or add things to the ingredient list and want to stick to 1000 calories, you should know all the calorie values one by one. Here is the calorie list of the 6 ingredients separately:


We used 2 cups of milk for this shake. The calorie value of 1 cup of full-fat cow’s milk is 122.

2 cups of cow’s milk are 244 calories in total.

In addition, 1 cup of cow’s milk brings 8g of protein, while 2 cups of milk we use contribute 16g of protein to this shake.


We included one and a half medium bananas in this shake.

1 medium banana is equivalent to 105 calories, while 1 and a half banana is 158 calories on average.

In addition, one and a half medium bananas add 1.9g of protein to your shake.


We added 7 large strawberries to this shake, where we used frozen strawberries.

Each large strawberry adds 6 calories, while 7 large strawberries provide an average of 40 calories in your shake.

7 large strawberries provide 0.8g of protein for your shake. Although this is a very low amount of protein, they are breaks the sweet ratio of the shake and make it more comfortable to drink.


1 cup of oats adds a total of 307 calories to your shake.

It also adds 11g of protein to your shake.

Peanut Butter

While 1 tbsp of unsweetened peanut butter equals 100 calories, the 2 tbsp peanut butter we use adds approximately 188 calories to your shake.

Plus, 2 tablespoons of unsweetened peanut butter provides 8.3g of protein to your shake.

Raw Almonds

For this shake, we used 10 raw almonds for extra protein and crunchiness.

10 raw almonds equal 69 calories and add 2.5g of protein.

But you can also use high-protein nuts like cashews instead of almonds.

2 tbsp raw cashews, which you can use instead of raw almonds, add 3g of protein and 90 calories to your shake.

Yield: 1

1000 Calorie Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder

1000 Calorie Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder

For less sweetness, you can reduce the ratio of bananas and increase the ratio of berries. Feel free to cut strawberries from the recipe list for more sweetness. But do not forget to add ingredients with the same calorie, so as not to reduce the calorie value.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • Milk (2 cups)
  • Banana (1 1/2, medium)
  • Strawberry (7, large)
  • Oat (1 cup)
  • Peanut butter (2 tbsp)
  • Raw almond (10 nuts)


Slice the bananas and cut the strawberries in half.

Put the fruit in the freezer and freeze it for 30 minutes.

Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until you get a smooth consistency.

For a colder version, add a few ice cubes while putting the ingredients in the blender.

For the denser version, reduce the milk, and for the thinner version, you can increase the milk ratio or add a little water.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 1006Total Fat 38gNet Carbohydrates 120gProtein 40g

Bottom Line

You learned the protein and calorie values of all the ingredients in the shake. Now you can add or cut ingredients as you wish.

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