7 Day Keto Diet Meal Plan for Diabetics

Keto Diet Meal Plan for Diabetics

The ketogenic diet was developed nearly 100 years ago to treat epilepsy, and it has since been used for various therapeutic reasons, mostly pediatric neurological and metabolic diseases.

It has recently become a hot fitness trend for weight loss, and it is likely to benefit people with diabetes as well.

The main idea of this diet is to follow an of the low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein meal plan. In conditions of carbohydrate deficiency, the body is forced to look for other sources of energy.

The liver begins to convert fatty acids into ketone bodies, which become fuel for the brain and cells, hence the body burns fat and uses it as the main source of energy.

Keto Diet Meal Plan for Diabetics – Content and Main Ingredients

The consumption of carbohydrates is significantly limited – up to 20-50 g per day in the form of non-starchy vegetables and fruits. The ratio of fat to total carbohydrates and proteins is 4:1 by weight.

The acceptable amount of protein consumed in the keto diet is 1 gram per kg of bodyweight, which we get mostly from meat, seafood or cottage cheese.

Some high-fat foods can be consumed without restrictions: meat, lard, yolk, fish, unrefined vegetable oils, avocados, nuts and seeds, and whole fat dairy products, which include sour cream, greek yogurt, butter, cream, cheese.

In patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, the keto diet is said to lead to a decrease in glycated hemoglobin, rapid weight loss, good glucose control, a decrease in the number of antihyperglycemic drugs.

Although the long-term benefits of this diet over other high-carb diets are yet to be proven.

All these promising results can be achieved if you follow a balanced meal plan

Please make sure to receive a consultation from your physician before making significant changes to your diet. 

Keto diet meal plan for diabetics

Keto Diet Meal Plan for Diabetics - Overview

Keto Diet Meal Plan for Diabetics – Overview

Day 1


Scrambled eggs with spinach and asparagus

193 calories


1 cup of Low carb strawberry smoothie

182 calories


100 grams of Sour cream with parsley, celery, green onion

203 calories


1 bowl of Chicken soup with veggies – 183 calories

1 slice of white bread – 77 calories

1 slice of cheese – 113 calories

368 calories


Roasted peppers stuffed with cheese

227 calories

 Total Calorie Count: 1173 calories

Day 2


Chia pudding made with almond milk, strawberries, and half a banana

283 calories


1 cup of Zucchini chips coated in olive oil and 30 gram of parmesan cheese

316 calories


150 grams of Avocado salad, with avocado, tomatoes, green bell pepper, lime juice, cucumber.

124 calories


10 Shrimp with olive oil, broccoli, bell peppers, garlic, lime juice.

143 calories


10 macadamia nuts – 185 calories

Total Calorie Count: 1051 calories

Day 3


Poached egg with avocado and celery

405 calories


2 slices of watermelon

64 calories


Tuna sandwich

438 calories


Air pressured chicken breast in olive oil, roasted cherry tomatoes and asparagus

213 calories


10 Almonds

77 calories

Total Calorie Count: 1197 calories

Day 4


150 grams of full-fat greek yogurt with 10 blueberries

115 calories


10 Salted crackers

204 calories


200 grams Salmon fillet with roasted cherry tomato, carrot, and mashed avocado

436 calories


10 Mushrooms with cheese, pepper and green onion

178 calories


2 oz of coconut

259 calories

Total Calorie Count: 1192 calories

Day 5


Keto Sausage and cheese egg omelet

483 calories


10 Raspberries

10 calories


Turkey sandwich

324 calories


Meatballs in tomato sauce and high-fat cheese

256 calories


50 grams of Kale chips

72 calories

Total Calorie Count: 1145 calories

Day 6


2 Scrambled eggs with 2 slices of bacon

195 calories


50 gram of pumpkin seeds

223 calories


1 piece of peanut butter toast

279 calories


200 gram beef in olive oil with roasted cauliflower, salsa, asparagus, garlic,

1 slice of high-fat cheese

403 calories


10 olives

37 calories

Total Calorie Count: 1137 calories

Day 7


1 cup of granola(122 grams) with cottage cheese, nuts, 5 raspberries

596 calories


Guacamole with cucumber, carrot, zucchini.

135 calories


3 pieces of ham and cheese roll-ups

179 calories


Zucchini noodles with 10 shrimps, parsley, pepper, green onion, sliced cucumber

234 calories


10 pecans

103 calories

Total Calorie Count: 1247 calories


As with any diet, some precautions must be taken before starting a ketogenic diet.

  • This diet is not recommended for all obese and type 2 diabetes patients. Your doctor must monitor your diet.
  • Constant control of sugar readings is extremely crucial for diabetics, especially when starting a new type of diet. In case you’re prescribed insulin or hypoglycemic drugs,  you might need an adjustment of medications dosages since on Keto Diet there is a potential risk for hypoglycemia.
  • Don’t limit your drinking regimen. Due to the pronounced diuretic effect, it is important to drink at least 1 liter a day of water. You can freely enjoy water, tea and coffee daily, just make sure they are sugar-free.
  • You should also be aware of the keto-flu period. Your body goes into adaptation mode when you first start a keto diet journey, that’s why you are likely to experience temporary flu-like symptoms for up to 2 weeks.
  • Despite being beneficial in several ways, High-fat diets have one big controversial side effect, which is increasing levels of cholesterol. For that reason, constant check-ups for lipid profiles might be a good idea. To avoid unfavorable results, make sure to avoid saturated fats and include mainly polyunsaturated fats in your diet.
  • Pregnant women and those with kidney disease should avoid using this type of diet since according to experts it’s not considered to be safe.
  • If you wish to maximize the effects of diet and lose extra pounds in a shorter period it’s a great idea to add daily light to moderate physical activity.

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