7 Keto Cheat Day Tips

Keto Cheat Day – Overview

Some people find it difficult to resist the temptation to indulge in a cheat day when following a Keto Diet.

You may find yourself cheating from time to time, regardless of how committed you are to your eating plan at the time. 

Should you chastise yourself for giving in to the temptation? No, you should not! Even the most seasoned keto enthusiasts fall off the grid at one time or the other.

Even the most seasoned keto enthusiasts fall off the grid at one time or the other. What you can do, however, is make sure that you do not go overboard. 

How to Make the Best Out Of Your Keto Cheat Day

Keto Cheat Day

Keto Cheat Day – How to Make the Best Out Of Your Keto Cheat Day

It is okay to consume cheat meals while following a ketogenic diet and maintaining weight loss.

However, the severity and frequency with which you indulge in a keto diet cheat will undoubtedly affect your long-term progress. 

Follow the basic guidelines outlined below to ensure that you can enjoy your keto cheat day without causing yourself too much harm.

1. Dilute the Carbs

Dilute the Carbs

One of the best ways to ensure that you do not go overboard with your keto cheat meals is by making them more keto-friendly.

You can do this by adding more fats to your cheat meal, which helps you eat less because you will feel full more quickly.

Therefore, if you are cheating with that bread, spread more butter on it; dip your peaches into cream and cheese on your crackers. 

2. Cheat When You Are Full

Some people may want to go hungry or restrict their calorie intake to enjoy a cheat meal’s full taste and flavor.

While creating a calorie buffer can be an intelligent cheat-meal strategy, overcompensating for a feast by saving calories days in advance might backfire on you.

You are more likely to overeat if you cheat on a hungry stomach.

To minimize cravings, always eat a keto-friendly meal before indulging in your chat meal.

Eating a meal high in protein and fat also slows down the absorption of glucose into your blood, reducing the intensity of your insulin spike and hence minor damage to ketosis.

3. Cheat before or after a workout

Keto Cheat Day

Keto Cheat Day – Cheat before or after a workout

A carb-high keto pre-workout snack can be a great cheat meal. Your body will not store carbohydrates as fat if you eat carbs before or after your workout.

If you overindulge in carbohydrate consumption before a workout, your body will immediately use the carbs for energy needs rather than storing them as fat.

After an exercise, your glycogen stores are already low. Therefore, you need to replenish them.

If you eat your cheat meal during this period, most of the carbohydrates you consume will refill these reserves rather than adding them to your fat reserves.

4. Choose quality cheat meals over quantity

Many people want to get the most out of their cheat meals, so they opt for quantity over quality. If you have to cheat, at the very least, choose whole foods that are high in fiber and nutritious.

If this is not possible, reduce the amount of food you believe may be detrimental to your keto diet.

For example, if your choice of cheat meal is a fat pizza, you can swipe the larger crust for a thinner one.

5. Be Sure That You Want To Cheat

Keto Cheat Day

Be Sure That You Want To Cheat

If you are going to chat, you need to know yourself first. Are you sure you want to do it? How often do you plan on cheating? Do you want to cheat by eating small or larger meals/snacks? 

If you are having trouble making a decision, start keeping track of what you feel when you cheat.

This will allow you to have a better understanding of your tendencies better and plan a cheating routine more intelligently.

Establish clear guidelines for your cheat meal, including the time and type of food you will consume.

If you stick to a consistent schedule week after week, you will reduce the chances of going off the track.

6. Practice Mindful Eating

Maintain a clear awareness of the foods you eat while observing how they make you feel.

If you know every bit of food that goes into your mouth and the messages your body releases about taste, enjoyment, and satiation, you are eating mindfully.

Cheating with intention refers to the practice of taking pleasure in each mouthful of your cheat meal. Eat slowly and thoroughly, savoring each bite. Turn off all other devices and focus on the task.

Eating in a quiet environment is essential, as is paying attention to how the food makes you feel. It would be best to stop eating as soon as you feel full.

If you cheat mindfully, you will gradually realize how natural the food experience is for you.

7. Make Your Keto Cheat Day Moment Count

Keto Cheat Day

Keto Cheat Day – Make Your Keto Cheat Day Moment Count

Cheat days should not be regularly and you should make every effort not to indulge in them every time you feel like it. The fewer times you cheat, the less likely you will develop bad eating habits. 

While you are at it, make the most of the day and the meal you choose.

Do not waste your keto cheat day on any food you will not enjoy, or regret after eating, even if it is popular on social media platforms. Consume the foods that you miss the most.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous advantages to following a ketogenic diet, but it can also be overwhelming.

When this occurs, you may look to step out of your comfort zone and indulge in some cheat meals not permitted under the diet.

You may feel bad about yourself for doing this, but you are not alone.

Many people have that one special keto cheat day where they allow themselves the luxury of eating whatever they want without feeling guilty.

However, if you overdo it, you may find yourself out of ketosis and unable to continue your weight loss journey or attain your objectives successfully.

The guidelines provided above should assist you in getting it right.

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