10 Soft Foods to Eat When You Have Tooth Ache

Foods to Eat When You Have Tooth Ache

It’s crucial to take good care of your oral health. Whatever you eat reflects your health. Or else, it could lead to problems like experiencing toothache, bad breath, and other mouth problems.

Say, for example, you are taking your final exam in one of your subjects and suffer a toothache.

In such a situation, you will not be able to think straight. You got distracted by all the pain.

All you will think about is your toothache and the irritation you are feeling.

Bad breath can also embarrass you during social gatherings when you are partying, catching up with friends, are on a date, or even at a job interview.

Before going to the venue, you ate breakfast, and your mouth smelled bad.

When your job interview started, your employer got annoyed by the smell of your mouth, which pushed him to reject your job application. So many instances can show how important good oral health is.

10 Soft Foods to Eat When You Have Tooth Ache

10 Soft Foods to Eat When You Have Tooth Ache

Symptoms of toothache

The pain of toothache may range from mild to serve. Not just that, some may feel constant pain, whereas, from others, it may occur in certain instances. Some symptoms of toothache are:

  • Tender teeth
  • Pain while chewing the food
  • Bad breath
  • Sensitive response of teeth when consuming hot or cold food
  • Swelling around the teeth or the gum.
  • Bleeding around the gum

The symptoms mentioned above can occur when you do not care for your teeth.

Our teeth are under the attack of bacteria every time we eat, so if we do not brush our teeth twice a day with fluoride-containing toothpaste, the bacteria will cling to the teeth and make holes in the teeth’s enamel called cavities.

If the cavity is deep enough, the bacteria can also get inside the root of teeth, called the pulp. If the pulp gets infected, it causes other serious dental problems.

When to visit the dentist?

  • The toothache is very intense.
  • The pain refuses to go, even a couple of days after getting the tooth pulled out.
  • The gums are swelling.
  • Gums bleed whenever you brush your teeth.
  • The wisdom tooth is causing the pain.

10 Soft Foods to Eat When You Have Tooth Ache

The toothache also makes it impossible to enjoy regular food, especially if it includes chewing. You need to give your teeth and your jaw needs rest after a visit to the dentist.

Here are the top 10 soft foods you can devour when you have a toothache.

1. Mashed potatoes:

If you are in the mood to eat healthily, then you can go for mashed vegetables and potatoes that do not require any form of chewing.

Make sure that there are no lumps in mashed potatoes that accidentally land in your sore teeth to make matters worse. Also, keep it light on salt and spices that can trigger a toothache.

2. Cheese:

Cheese consists of probiotics and helps speed up the healing process. However, make sure to shred it into small pieces and add them to your meal to avoid the process of chewing.

3. Soup:

Soup is healthy and thick. It can feel up your tummy; guess what; you will not require chewing. You can add some healthy veggies as a garnish, but make sure to pound it smooth before adding to the soup.

4. Muffins/Soft cakes:

You can enjoy a soft cake or a light muffin for a change. They are as soft as cotton but be careful not to go overboard, or you may end up boosting the toothache.

5. Pancakes:

It is a famous English breakfast and a favorite of people with toothache. Not even a toothache is stopping you from enjoying a soft pancake with the sweet syrup as it just melts in your mouth.

6. Pasta:

No, there is no restriction on pasta when you are suffering from toothache. It is highly recommended to have cheesy pasta once in a while. There is no harm in it.

7. Pureed Meat:

Pureed meat is completely shredded meat that is apt from a person with a toothache. The result is a soupy chicken that requires just swallowing.

You can add some salt, pepper, and extra vegetables for nutrition.

8. Tuna or Salmon:

The carvings for seafood may occur at any time. So, why stop yourself and satisfy your seafood cravings with tuna or salmon fish without causing distress to your teeth?

9. Juice or milkshake:

All you need to do is to drink it; there is no requirement for teeth, so go for it. Here is the list of best milkshake recipes

10. Bananas:

Sure, you cannot eat a lot of fruits due to aching teeth, but bananas are soft and do not require not chewing.

They are filled with potassium, manganese, and other minerals and vitamins. However, it is best to mash it before consuming it, so it is easy to chew. Oatmeal banana smoothie would be a good one to try.


It is important to keep eating and be healthy after visiting the dentist. When you are taking the right nutrients, recovery will be fast. So stick to nutritious and healthy soft food. Good Luck!

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